Office Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Office Decorating Ideas On A Budget – I’ve promised to share pictures of my new office for what seems like an eternity, so I’m so excited to finally be able to say it’s my little place.

Kidding aside, I can’t even begin to tell you how great it is to finally have my own business. There was no extra room for a separate office in our three bedroom home, so my old workspace was fun. Feel in the middle of our room. It worked for a while, but after my husband quit his job last April to be a stay-at-home dad, we realized that sometimes we need some space.

Office Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Office Decorating Ideas On A Budget

After several months of frustration, Chuck politely suggested that it might be time to find office space, and in August, I rented a small space in a downtown building about a mile from our house.

Small Home Office Makeover // 10 Budget Friendly Decor Ideas

I was totally excited at the prospect of building my own space, but I was also excited about the cost of buying a room full of furniture. The first thing I did was create an inspiration board with ideas for how I wanted my space to look:

I haven’t had time to search Craigslist forever, so I did this: I took a little trip to IKEA! Because the space is so small (and the nearest IKEA is about 2 hours away), I first made a scale floor plan (well, check it out I made a small scale floor plan – sometimes it’s good to marry an engineer), then I made furniture templates that I thought I’d get. (Sizes are listed online) After making sure everything was in order, I made a list and went to IKEA. Moving two flatbeds full of furniture by myself was quite a challenge, but with a little help from a very nice staff, I was able to load everything I needed into my trusty Tahoe. In total I think I spent about $750 at IKEA for 2 desks, a printer cart, a supplies cart, a bookcase, 3 bookcases, dining chairs, curtain rods, a filing cabinet, Spend for a wall clock and some picture frames.

Of course, the main reason this furniture is so cheap is because you have to assemble it yourself! Seven! This was a great project and another reason why I am so grateful to such a talented man! My assistant Colin’s wonderful husband also came to help with the assembly, which made things so much faster!

Once the furniture was in place I was ready to accessorize and to be honest it took a while. I fell in love with this Robert Allen cake piñata fabric after seeing it on Pinterest and got what I wanted for my curtains. I installed one set in a short time, but the second set took almost 5 months! The beautiful rug I got from was one of the most expensive pieces of the entire project for just $200 (no longer available in 5×8), but it covers a lot of ugly brown rugs and makes the room look like that. A bright and happy place, well worth the money.

Affordable Home Office Finds

Other DIY projects for the space include sewing a cozy strip of mint (used a lot on cold mornings) and making a fabric-covered tray for an ottoman accent. I also painted the faces of my filing cabinet with chalkboard paint, it turned out really cool! For the bulletin board, I used spray adhesive to attach the fabric to an old cork board, then coated the whole thing with Mod Podge and painted the frame.

Each of my daughters painted me an oil pastel painting for their new office, and I loved them so much that I had them framed in my IKEA frame. I also found a place to hang my ribbon board artwork!

To make room on the second desk, I created some cute motivational printouts and then taped them to inexpensive boards for super cheap and easy wall art.

Office Decorating Ideas On A Budget

The lamp and desk calendar were found in customs at Target, the orange and green boxes were purchased from the Container Store (on sale), and other accessories and furniture were collected around my house. In total I spent about $1,200 on furniture, fabrics and office supplies.

Home Office Decor On A Budget

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And my job is to find practical solutions to everyday problems. Find out more about what we do here. Let’s face it: Some people love working from home, while others hate it. Home office decorating wasn’t something we all thought of when we started this year, but let’s face it, decorating our home office is now more important than ever.

Diy Office Decorating On A Budget

And if you’re not in the “I Love” category, did you know that working from home makes the situation worse?

When you’re surrounded by home office decor (or lack of decor) that doesn’t motivate you to do a piece of work.

Yeah, I know… some of you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking how shallow that statement is.

Office Decorating Ideas On A Budget

When you work in a well-equipped, comfortable and scary place

Home Office Decor Ideas + Designs For A Creative Work Space

So, whether you work from home full time or plan to work remotely for a short time, here are my top tips for creating a great home office, no matter the size of your space or the cash in your bank account.

If working from home is temporary for you, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on a home office workspace that will deteriorate in a few weeks or months.

No, you don’t need to dedicate the whole room to your office. Illuminating the corner of an existing space is great for a home office. Chances are, if you only need a temporary workspace, this is the perfect place for you.

This is exactly what my friend Brittany from Brittany Goldwyn did – she has a small table in the corner of her living room. I love how it keeps this corner fresh with a white/light wood table and lots of beautiful plants!

At Home Office Decorating Ideas On A Budget (2023)

I don’t mean physically “big” stuff – I mean big-ticket stuff. For example, do you have a small desk that functions as a desk that could one day be moved to your child’s art room? Or have you finally put it in your room for the next game? If you’re looking at furniture, at least consider another place in your home where you can use it.

Could your new office space double as a homework space for the kids? Or could you add a small table to your guest room so visitors can store their belongings when they arrive? Choose a place in your home where this desk can be used for other purposes if needed and create your home office there.

My friend Tasha at Kaleidoscope Life (fun fact: she inspired me to start blogging years ago) has a great mixed craft room and office with a long desk that can be used for multiple events if she uses her cricket or her kids’ schoolwork. art projects.

Office Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Ok, it may not be entirely possible or reasonable as long as we practice proper social distancing, but during normal times I recommend sparing places like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Check out the deals on tables, bookcases and chairs.

Boho Office Decor

For example, my friend Hillary is crazy about saving money. Here’s a look at Hillary’s home office – some things are expensive (but you never know).

Don’t want to buy used products? No problem. Then go to IKEA (or order from IKEA has so many great things that are perfect for the home office

Style For example, here is one of my favorite desks that IKEA sells – $25! I actually have this table in my daughter’s bedroom. We did it with this fun (budget-friendly) chair.

My friend Lindsay used a lot of IKEA stuff from Shrimp Salad Circus in her home office… and it’s great! It even added a table (I didn’t know IKEA was selling it until I saw the blog post).

Office Ideas Relaxing Office Decorating Ideas Office Decorating Ideas On Budget Work Office Decorating Ideas On Budget Home Office Decorating Ideas On Budget Office Decorating Ideas For Chea Government

There are many easy ways to explore your new office space; many

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