Office Escape Room Ideas

Office Escape Room Ideas – Free escape room puzzle ideas and tips to help you build an escape room from scratch. These ideas make setting up an escape room quick and easy, so you can create escape rooms for kids or adults at home, school, office, or community center.

From invisible ink to tangled cords to hidden nooks and crannies, here are tricks to creating escape room problems out of common household items.

Office Escape Room Ideas

Office Escape Room Ideas

Be sure to change the designs to match the theme of your room. Online websites like Canva can help you customize the results to match your game.

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Writing in Invisible Ink is a great puzzle in the spy escape room and works on other themes. The only ingredients you need to mix half a secret spy ink are lemon juice and water.

Hold the paper up to the light to read the letter. Be sure to put a lamp, candle, or lamp in the room so that the problem solvers can hear the message. For best results, read the message first to make sure the letter is legible.

To say a secret message, you can use your finger to write on a mirror, picture frame, or window. The oil from your finger will transfer to the glass and the message will remain hidden until the solution of the puzzle adds moisture. Or provide electric kettles or laundry baskets, set up toilets and work stations, or use instructions to order participants to immediately enter the bottle.

One of the best places to hide a key is inside a balloon. Simply put an item or message in the unfilled balloon. Then fill the ball. The players will need to throw the ball, so make sure there is something sharp and a signal that the players need to make the pitch.

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This tip is perfect for a carnival or party hall, but you can also incorporate balls into other areas. For example, maybe a mad scientist uses balloons as a test for an electric fire weapon, or maybe a kidnapped hero is gifted with balloon flowers for a recent achievement.

One of the suggested ideas for a free DIY escape room is to pack scissors. Players must use scissors as part of the next key, and the combination or key to open the lock must be part of the previous key. For example, players may need to cut a rope as part of a puzzle or puzzle, but first they need to open the scissors.

To escape the inn rooms must look for clues, because puzzle experts can give hints but not real instructions. Of course, giving a direct answer to the key spoils the fun, so add some extra difficulty:

Office Escape Room Ideas

Many people have a watch with a dead battery or a broken watch somewhere in the house. Otherwise, dollar stores usually sell inexpensive watches or clocks that you can use for this activity. Just use the space on the clock as a lock, then put the clock in the room next to the special key that says something like “I need to crack the code, but I’m out of time…”

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Many people use book safes as a way to store valuables, and you can use a free book as a place to hide puzzles or keys.

First, buy a book from a bookstore or thrift store, preferably. Then open the paper with a penknife to punch a hole or remove the last paper. You’ll want to keep at least the first few pages so the book can be downloaded properly. Keep the paper safe together. Then, put your key in the head, secure the front cover in place with double tape, and put the book in a bookcase or bookshelf.

Popsicle sticks are cheap, like edible candy bars. To get a delicious secret key, paint your code on a popsicle stick with food coloring, dry it, and hide the text by making popsicles, chocolate bars or packages. Participants must eat the food to find the secret message.

This key is based on the players quickly realizing that they need to light the candle because the wax has to melt in a short amount of time before the opponent can find the key.

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Make candles, melt wax from old candles or get expensive candle supplies. Pour ¾ of the wax into the pot with the wick and leave to cool. Then put the key, add the remaining wax, let the candle harden and leave it in the room.

Or put something in the bottom of your pot and make one part of the candle. Paper can burn, so it’s better to choose practical things like shutters or pictures instead.

Although most locks require a key or combination of numbers, some locks can be opened with a word. We recommend getting at least one of these puzzles in your game and hiding the combination of letters in the word puzzle or book key.

Office Escape Room Ideas

If you can’t find the letter lock during your game, use the number lock and find a secret code that converts the letters into numbers.

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Locks are a great place to hide badges because they have a place to put pictures or words. You can even hide a message or image behind a photo. If you don’t have a lock, buy cheap pendants on Etsy. To show the players that decoration is the key, match the design to lock the piece of art in the room. Or place the bag in a jewelry box locked between necklaces and jacket rings.

A vase is a great place to hide clues because you can cover the key with water, sand, marble, or a combination of materials.

First, hide your keys in a container, like a small device, to prevent them from being damaged. Then put something in the bottom of the vase and add the filler. Above something with flowers or feathers. Be sure to have a bucket handy so players can empty the contents without making a mess.

This puzzle is great for art and history baffs or eagle-eyed and curious. First, choose a photo or a famous photo or a personal family photo and copy it. Then choose something else to add to the photo, such as an additional person. Write the advice behind the clip. Then click to add your original image, place the photo in the frame and hang the photo somewhere in the room.

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Mazes make great puzzle and escape games. To create your own maze, use the online generator or download the printables. Most coloring books include a maze or two, so check the book aisle of your local dollar store for a great selection. For interactive puzzles, type the letters in the correct order, players have to rush to find the next key.

Most people have a cover hanging from their laptop, gym bag or closet, and almost everyone has a lock on their phone. Just repeat the unlock code on your phone and hide the combination inside the escape screen. Consider setting up your wall as a photo or email so that users can immediately see the request. After all, you don’t want players to access your private information!

First, double check that none of your players are fluent in your chosen language. Be sure to remove phones and smart devices so that trainees cannot use translation functions to quickly interpret messages. Instead, players use two dictionaries to interpret instructions. Translation takes time, keep the text message. To further help the players find the right words, give hints, such as separating the pages of the dictionary, showing the words, or writing the required numbers as something else.

Office Escape Room Ideas

Using scissors or scissors, twist the letters. First collect the paper. If you have a home office, put the contents in the box. Otherwise, you can cut the paper by hand. Note that if you use scissors, you don’t need to cut the paper like a machine. Next, write your letter and tear it up. Make sure to separate the letters so they are easy to see, for example by using a slightly different color of paper or cutting the edges with a craft. Don’t forget to click on the players to match the letter!

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Most shirts have a secret pocket on the front. If you have a secret coat, use the hidden pocket as a place to hide the keys. First, put something in a secret pocket, then hang the coat over the curtain, behind the chair, or put the coat on the floor. So let’s give players an idea of ​​what they should know

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