Office Guest Bedroom Combo Ideas

Office Guest Bedroom Combo Ideas – In this post I’m going to share our new home office guest room combo. This room is ideal for two workspaces and a sofa bed for guests.

We just welcomed another little love into our family. We have to rearrange our room a bit to accommodate another nursery. We have a four bedroom house; My master, old bedroom, home office and guest bedroom.

Office Guest Bedroom Combo Ideas

Office Guest Bedroom Combo Ideas

In addition to the nursery, my husband and I work from home, so we definitely need a home office. My current home office is (

Guest Bedroom Ideas To Impress

, ) was too small for both of us, so we decided to use this space for the nursery and our bedroom for the new office.

The only problem was that we needed a guest room and possibly a place to practice. So at this point we felt like we were out of room.

We only have one room left to arrange everything. Here are a few things we kept in mind when designing our space. You may also consider the following;

The first thing we asked ourselves was, do we really need a hotel room? Is this space suitable for our family’s needs?

Guest Room Office Ideas: 10 Ways To Achieve A Smart Layout |

The first thing to consider is how often you will be hosting guests. Do you have guests in your home several times a month? In this case, you may need a guest room.

In our case, we often meet guests. Maybe several times a year, if we are out of town and someone is sitting at home. Because of this, we don’t want to remove the guest space entirely.

We find it’s better to create a room that serves multiple purposes than to dedicate an entire room just for guests.

Office Guest Bedroom Combo Ideas

You can shop all the products from our office guest room designs at the end of the post.

Bedroom Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

Now we’ve decided that a guest room works best when it serves multiple purposes. We need to know how to combine our home office and guest room.

If you have a large enough space, you can arrange a complete bedroom set and a nice table. Our space is too small to accommodate both functions at any given time.

We decided that a better option would be to use a sofa bed. This allowed us to have a nice office layout, lots of flooring and sofas to relax on. When we have occasional guests, we can pull out the full size bed from our couch and have plenty of room to walk around.

We picked the Godwin 69″ Square Arm Sleeper for its modern look and compact size. The sofa itself is very comfortable. Our guests have no complaints about the comfort of the bed. We have added beautiful mattresses for extra comfort.

Office Guest Room Ideas For A Cozy Temporary Sleeping Space

Godwin 69″ Square Armrest / Home Office Rug / Wall Art / Black Print Camel Cushion / Window Throw Pillow / Throw Pillow with Strap Zipper /

After we decided to combine the office with a guest room, we had to decide how we would fit both in one office.

There are several different ways to set a table for two; An L-shaped desk, a short desk with two workstations, two separate desks on opposite walls, or two separate desks facing each other.

Office Guest Bedroom Combo Ideas

Since the space required for the sofa bed requires removal, we decided to install an L-shaped table.

Office Guest Room Ideas For A Versatile Space

This allows us to have our own individual workspace. Since the office is on the perimeter of the room, it leaves enough space to pull out a sofa bed.

After deciding on an L-shaped table, we decided that instead of hiring a builder, we wanted to build it ourselves. I’ll share all the details of how we customized our offices in a separate post. You can see the link below.

IKEA Alex Desk Hack / Gold Drawer / Bronze Desk Lamp / Beach Wall Art / Scribble Art Print / Window Shades

I mentioned in this post that not only do we need a home office for the two of us and space for occasional guests, but we also need exercise space.

Tips On Creating A Nursery Nook In A Guest Room

Depending on our design, we could fit the ellipse in the corner. We have plenty of space to exercise because we use a sofa bed instead of a traditional bed.

I’m very pleased with how this space turned out. We can take our fourth room and really improve its purpose. It is now a multi-functional space, well positioned to perform all the functions we expect.

Below are all the links to purchase this post. Some items are no longer available, but I have linked similar items. Similar things are observed. Not everyone has a big house and if you are facing the problem of lack of space, combining the space is a good idea to solve it. We’ve already shown you how to incorporate a home office into the bedroom, living room, and kitchen, and today I’m going to share another popular combination: the guest room and home office.

Office Guest Bedroom Combo Ideas

There are two ways: a smooth transition without any division of space or to visually separate areas with design and furniture or color. You can choose a comfortable bed for the sleeping area or, in case of severe lack of space, choose a convertible sofa that turns into a bed if necessary. Let’s see all the examples.

Versatile Home Offices That Double As Gorgeous Guest Rooms

If you have enough space in the guest room, spoil the guests with a real bed and visually divide the working and sleeping areas. Choose a desk in a different shade, place it against a wall away from a window or bed. Another cool idea to divide these areas is to step above the bed and place a desk under it. If you can’t spend a lot of space in the work area, go to the window, which is no less functional than a regular desk.

A quiet and airy guest room with outdoor seating and a beautiful white and antique black desk

The guest bed and home office are wrapped in orange, which cools the space

The guest bedroom is a home office space with bookshelves and a wooden desk nearby for comfortable work

How To Organize & Design A Home Office/guest Bedroom

A minimalist guest room with a bed and a desk next to a window is spotless and spotless

If your guest room is too small, you should replace the bed with a convertible sofa that does not take up much space, but at the same time provides enough space for sleeping. Like a table, it can be a windowsill or a built-in shelf. If the room is small, there is no need to separate the space in any way, and there are many combinations that allow the bed and the table to be placed very close, the desk can be used as a night table.

A convertible sofa instead of a bed and a glass table for a small space next to the window

Office Guest Bedroom Combo Ideas

A guest room with an elegant bed by the window and a glass and metal desk

Before And After: How We Created A Functional And Intentionally Designed Office And Guest Room Combo On A Budget

A guest bedroom with two convertible sofas as sleeping areas and a shared home office by the window

A quiet and airy guest room with a comfortable sofa bed and a desk by the window

A small space for sleeping and a stylish desk and chair for a home office

A small but clean home office with a wooden desk near the window and a gray sofa that doubles as a bed.

Office Guest Room Ideas For A Stylish Hybrid Space

An airy and bright space with built-in shelves and a desk and a small sofa that converts into a bed. . This space can be a spare room that you use for occasional guests or to store unused clutter. With some cleaning, this space can be transformed into a more functional and attractive room.

As many of us need offices in our homes, it’s a great way to use your space on a day-to-day basis while also accommodating the occasional guest – or providing a great place to sleep! Accomplishing this task can seem daunting, however, Murphy beds and beds are the perfect solution.

Check out the awesome home office ideas we’ve put together for you below to get you started. Below each image is more information and a background of the designer. Don’t forget to let us know which of these home office ideas you love the most and why in the comments below!

Office Guest Bedroom Combo Ideas

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