Office Guest Room Design

Office Guest Room Design – Guest rooms are very luxurious, especially in this day and age, where maximizing the space you have is the norm. However, assume you are one of the lucky few with an extra guest room. In this case, it makes sense to create a functional room for personal use, because it occupies only a fraction of the time.

While guest rooms are typically small, we have some great ideas to take advantage of the extra space and maximize the layout for everyday use. We’ve listed some alternative uses for guest bedrooms that work regardless of size. And we are sure you will love it.

Office Guest Room Design

Office Guest Room Design

As the year 2020 approaches, we are all spending more time at home. Everything from meeting friends and family to working has moved online. And this is where your bedroom can be a real lifesaver.

How To Design A Multipurpose Office Guest Room

All that extra space makes for a great home office. With distractions lurking in every other corner of your home, it’s difficult to work in other areas of your home that are considered more mundane, such as the kitchen, living room, or family room.

Additionally, there are so many trendy office furniture designs online that your workspace can blend seamlessly with your existing living room decor.

A beautiful, highly functional desk with plenty of drawer space like the Owen Desk in Living Space Gray has two storage drawers and a file drawer to keep documents and essential knick-knacks out of sight.

Now, with the statement desk comes the responsibility of getting the chair to blow the dull, boring leather office chair out of the park. The Pennell task chair from Wayfair does this very easily.

How To Create A Multifunctional Guest Bedroom Office Combo

When space is at a premium, every inch you can maximize is critical. For a nursery that sometimes doubles as a living room, use stylish furniture that doesn’t look childish.

Our designers often recommend moving away from a baby or toddler theme for a nursery and opting for a more transitional style. Toys, stuffed animals, and children’s books will complement this look, no matter what type of furniture you choose.

We love the idea of ​​bundling a daybed like West Elm’s Urban Daybed & Trundle for a change. During the day, it can serve as an additional sitting area and a great sofa/sitting room. When you have guests over, the daybed fits up to four people comfortably. Available in over ten different colors, it will instantly match the design of your room.

Office Guest Room Design

If you need extra storage space (let’s face it, we all need it, like 90% of the time), the guest bedroom is a great place to store all the extra stuff. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your bedroom decor. You just have to be smart about the furniture you buy.

Guest Room Décor Ideas

With so many great bedside storage options, you no longer have to rely on tiny plastic tubs that aren’t durable or aesthetically pleasing. We’re totally in love with the Neve Upholstered Storage Bed from Wayfair. This section is a great example of how you shouldn’t sacrifice style for extra storage. Drawers under the bed are a nice added feature, along with a lovely upholstered headboard with tack accents.

Another great idea for a small guest bedroom is a freestanding wardrobe that can easily be added to existing closet space and maximizes all the extra vertical space in the room. It’s an affordable storage solution for small spaces. There are many affordable options for cabinets like this one for under $100. We recommend Kleppstad from IKEA.

You probably don’t usually have guests sleeping in your room 24 hours a day. If you want a really versatile room, choose secret bed furniture. Well, you can still have a home office with stylish artwork, a full-sized desk, and built-in bookshelves.

Is it a secret? Having a pull-out bed can instantly transform any space into a private and elegant space.

The Guest Room/office Becomes The Guest Room/office/music Room

Seriously, Murphy’s bed ain’t what it used to be. Metal framed beds are so long that they look old and shabby. There are so many creative solutions that you can find today that you don’t have to buy different pieces of furniture.

Get the Allegra Queen Wall Bed with Double Sided Table and Built-Ins from Urban Lloft Furnishings. When closed, you have several side drawers for storing pillows, blankets, documents and more. There’s enough space to fit a desk, so you don’t have to worry about rolling down the bed.

A standard yoga mat is two feet wide and five feet long, which is all the room you need if you want to stretch properly. When you’re done exercising, the yoga mat can be stored quickly and easily. . Roll it up and put it in the cupboard and you are good to go.

Office Guest Room Design

Pro tip: Yoga mats can also be used as part of your decor. Put it on an all-purpose shelf and yoga mat mat from FineWineCaddy on Etsy, and it’ll never look out of place.

Bedroom And Office Combo Room Design

Another great exercise accessory that doesn’t take up much space is a small dumbbell. You can easily tuck it away in a desk drawer or store it in storage under the bed. All you need now is your workout clothes and upbeat music to get your heart rate up.

A guest bedroom does not have to be designated as a bedroom in your home. Think outside the box and develop another area of ​​your home that can serve as a guest bedroom. We’ve seen our designers create beautiful relaxing spaces in sunrooms, lofts and all the extra spaces in between.

If you think it might be time to unpack some boxes in the attic and finally start using the space, get inspired by this attic guest bedroom.

Using a comfortable sofa that can quickly turn into a bed, we have added a beautiful place for our guests to spend the night and relax. The sofa is also framed as a bed with a bedside table and a night lamp on the side. A full-sized dresser and accent chair paired with a backrest create a beautiful nook area for reading a book, getting ready in the morning or relaxing.

Office Guest Room Ideas For A Stylish Hybrid Space

In another room, there is a small office space with enough capacity for two people. Slight changes in the colors and materials used on this side of the room create a visual barrier that allows guests to relax and unwind. However, it’s still a very productive workspace when needed.

Try to choose a scheme or theme that matches the rest of your home’s decor. Keep things the same color palette and start adding different decorative elements to suit the theme. It’s an easy trick to create a cohesive, beautiful space without spending too much time thinking about the details.

The guest bedroom can be a very functional space. Check out the tips we shared above to make the living room more functional. Murphy beds and daybeds are great for turning an office or media room into a bedroom. Try using a small table or folding table that doesn’t stand out, so you can quickly adapt the room for overnight guests. Keep things simple and choose light furniture that gives you more storage space and versatility.

Office Guest Room Design

Even the smallest bedroom should have closet or closet space to store clothes and accessories. A comfortable bed with pillows and blankets and a small bedside table with a reading lamp are also important. Then think about small details like visible trash cans, convenient power jacks for phones and other electronics.

Small Space Living Ideas

Whether or not they have direct access to a bathroom, you should always add towels and basic toiletries to their room. Water bottles or glasses are also another thoughtful addition to your guest bedroom.

We want to help you maximize your bedroom space! Connect with designers to start your project today. You’ll get unlimited access to personalized design suggestions and see your room in 3D. Our team of expert designers will help you make the most of your living space, be it a small or large bedroom.

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