Cool Things To Make With Wine Corks

Cool Things To Make With Wine Corks – Every time you make a wine frappe, you end up with some leftovers, like an empty wine glass and a piece of wine. Instead of throwing away those wine pieces, you can use them for DIY projects to decorate your home. Keep reading below for tips on how to use up those leftover pieces, and come back next month to see how you can use up those leftover wine bottles!

These cookies are made from cut up wine racks and are a great option for reusing your leftovers. Perfect for home bars, parties and more. Click here for a tutorial.

Cool Things To Make With Wine Corks

Cool Things To Make With Wine Corks

Although you should use the entire bottle of wine when making one of our wines, there are times when you need to seal your bottle for later, and these cute wine bottle sticks do the trick! The tutorial can be found here.

Reasons Why Wine Corks Are Making A Welcome Comeback

This is one of the more elaborate projects on the list, but this easy video will have you making wine cellar chicken coops in no time. Plus, we’re sure the birds will appreciate it!

Wine corks and wooden boards are made from the same material, so this is one of the more obvious ways to use up your leftover scraps. Give it a personal touch with a custom frame for the eye – a comfortable yet functional board. Detailed instructions can be found here or for a simple cork board check out this link.

Forget spending a ton of money on picture frames, this quick and unique project will allow you to display tons of photos in your home. Check out this easy tutorial here.

There are many different options of wine wall art for display in your home, but here are a few of our favorites. Add a personal touch to your wall with a wine cork monogram to hang in your home. Try this simple version here, or if you’re feeling extra creative, you can make one from scratch by following these instructions. In addition to monograms, you can also use this ombre heart design or this heart frame to hang or place on a shelf. The possibilities are endless!

Insanely Creative Things To Do With Popped Corks

Do you need extra desk or shelf space? Try filling in the blanks with one of these easy-to-assemble decorative balls. This project requires only a few ingredients and makes a great addition to any room.

One of the easier projects on our list, these wine candle holders are perfect for decoration or to use as a centerpiece during a party. Click here for an easy tutorial.

This craft is perfect for creating and remembering beautiful memories. See here how to make it.

Cool Things To Make With Wine Corks

One of our favorites on the list, this necklace craft is perfect for saving money and space.

Diy Wine Cork Backsplash

This simple craft is perfect for weddings, holidays or parties and click here for easy instructions.

Hopefully you have a lot of wine bottles lying around because this is one of the most rewarding crafts on the list, but when it’s done, you’ll be left with a beautiful wreath that can be used all year round. . Once finished, add a personal touch with your favorite ribbons or flowers. Design Improvised and Living Savy both have simple step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow. Choose your favorite design and start creating!

We want to see your handiwork! If you make something on our list, or make a piece of wine craft that is not on our list, take a photo and share it with us on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see your creations! You can now breathe a sigh of relief…my tutorial on how to make an amazing wine sculpture with newspapers and wire hangers is finally here. This weekend I needed to wind down, so Boo and I hung out in front of the TV with a coffee table with bits and pieces. I let Boo choose the project, and of course he chose the BIGGEST of all land animals: the giraffe. Fighting a monster or a bird will be much easier!

First we started with the wire clothes hangers…bending them into the shapes needed for the body, legs and neck. Using newspaper and packing tape, we “enlarged” the shape of the body:

Wine Cork Crafts: 20+ Clever Upcycle Ideas

This step is completely optional…..but Boo wanted to add dry textured wall seam tape to the image as her contribution. It helped to glue the pieces together, but I think we can skip this step:

Once the frame of the sculpture was complete, I used hot glue to begin attaching the wine pieces to the body of the giraffe. I started with the main body and slowly worked my way to the neck and legs:

Once a large piece of wine glass has been created, squeeze the wood glue liberally between the pieces and allow the piece to dry and set. The wood glue dries the same color as the paint, so you can be as messy as you want. It was a big deal for Boo… nice mess. He loved watching the wood glue come out of the way as he melted the cracks:

Cool Things To Make With Wine Corks

It is so strong that all the wood glue holds it together. The color of the glue also united everything:

Wine Cork Crafts You’ll Actually Use

If you’re stuck, check out some of my other posts on wine stamps:

Simple and creative living in #smalltownusa Bryson City, NC. Renovation of the 1960s farmhouse and old train station. Thanks for reading! More in my section about. You clink a piece, pour a glass and immediately ask yourself: “What can be done with the pieces of wine and empty bottles?” With the rise of social media sites like Pinterest and Etsy, we’re seeing all kinds of wine glass and cork decorations out there. If you’re at all into arts and crafts, these projects can result in really interesting home decor that keeps junk out of landfills and gives your home an extra decorative boost.

Check out some of these craft ideas to get creative next time with friends, family, or just by yourself. These make great gifts, so keep them in mind for birthdays and holidays!

Sort your cards by color and style to turn them into a piece of art that you can hang on your bar cart, hang on the wall, or place anywhere around the house for decoration. Cut the cards, grab some glue and start designing your masterpiece!

Wine Cork Hacks: Clever New Uses For Old Corks

This simple upgrade turns your leftovers into sophisticated wine stoppers. You just need to lift each of them with a bright button or drawer.

Turn your collection into a romantic platter, perfect for serving wine and cheese on a lazy weekend in the garden.

Make a cute sign and attract some feathered friends to your yard or garden with this beautiful feeder. All you need is a few holes drilled in the glass and a board at the bottom.

Cool Things To Make With Wine Corks

Create a classically beautiful and very expensive centerpiece with some stencils and silk cream. Pick a favorite quote and you’re good to go.

How To Make A Birdhouse From Recycled Wine Corks

Whether you have a nautical themed room, or just want a bit of a relaxed vibe, these beautiful bottles are an easy addition.

Yes, there is a way to make desserts even more delicious. These napkins are easy to make and add dimension to your table.

Pendant lamps add a beautiful glow to any entertaining spread. Mix and match glass stones to complete your decor.

An old wine bottle or just another item in your vintage vase collection: No one needs to know the difference!

Sweet Magnolia Way: What To Do With All Of Those Wine Corks?

There are MANY tutorials out there (and many different looks) for this beautiful and hard wine glass upgrade.

We regularly offer special classes where we paint on empty wine bottles and then fill them with lights! They are lovely to make and place around the house to create a practical atmosphere.

We also offer painted wine glasses! Enter and paint TWO special useful works of art on a real wine glass! If one of your big hobbies is drinking/experiencing/learning about wine, you will go through a lot of wines over time. Instead of throwing them in the trash (or compost if you’re a savvy recycler like us), keep the scraps and turn them into something decorative or even useful! If you search “what to do with wine” you will see hundreds of websites with crazy projects. Here are my top 10 favorites that can actually be made at home with minimal crafting experience!

Cool Things To Make With Wine Corks

1. Classic Cork Board – You really can’t go wrong with a cork board with wine corks. Find a frame you like (or make your own), decide on a pattern, grab a glue gun and glue pieces to the back of the frame. If you search the internet for “cork board” you will find it

Diy Wine Cork Pumpkin Tutorial

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