How To Organize Clothes In Small Closet

How To Organize Clothes In Small Closet – While we were building a new house and moving to our lake cottage in the next few months, we had to downsize many areas of our home and life to fit everything into a smaller space. Had to reorganize. Although there is still ample square footage in the cabinet, we have moved from each having our own 40″ PAX with built-in drawer space to sharing the access cabinet. Besides, the linen closet is too small, and the bathroom vanities also have less storage space than we are used to. So, we can store sheets/quilt covers/towels/medicine in our master bedroom closet.

With so much functionality in such a relatively small space, I’ve had to get creative with organizing my storage and solutions, and today I’m sharing five tips for keeping organized and organized in a small, accessible closet. For multi-purpose storage.

How To Organize Clothes In Small Closet

How To Organize Clothes In Small Closet

The first step is to recycle your old clothes and other items you need to store and clean – keep the items you need, love and use. Don’t hang onto things out of guilt or necessity (if you need more help with this idea, check out my 10-week editing challenge here).

My Major Closet Overhaul (with Video!)

When we were ready to move in we disposed of our clothes, linens and toiletries. Then, when we actually got going, I did it again. Sorting out the things I don’t wear, use or out of date has made a huge difference in allowing me to fit everything into the smaller storage spaces in the cabin. .

I reviewed it and made a bunch of dresses from the mix, which is especially important when working with small storage. I will donate all of these clothes to a local thrift store.

Actually, we haven’t done that, but it’s a strategy I’ve used in the past that I know some of my friends use. Throw away items that are separate from “winter” or “summer” and keep them until the season when you really need them and switch things up. This can save a ton of space in your closet(s)!

It was a big change for us. When we first walked in, there were piles of boxes in the closet and everything was very cluttered and cluttered. Bought several cubical units for sale (one sits in our “cleaning closet” which helped control clutter and gave me a great way to organize my extras (linens, towels, and medicine etc). The cabinet also opened doors and made sure everything . . . had a place. Know So nice to have.Before I tackled this closet, it was a complete disaster…

Genius Tips For How To Organize Baby Clothes (+ Stuff)

A few years ago, when I shared my first PAX closet (in our old lake house), a reader suggested using these hangers to free up closet space. I had never seen them before, but soon saw boxes of them at Costco and decided to make the switch. Unlike the old plastic hangers you had, these hangers make a huge difference in your closet storage space. If you’re short on hanging space, I highly recommend giving this a try!

You can see these neat hangers in use below – they really make a big difference in the amount of stuff you can hang in a small closet.

This seems to be the same mantra I repeated over and over again during my 10-week organizing challenge. Take everything out. Divide the clear into similar groups. Then, select baskets or bins to group similar items for storage. Don’t go out and buy boxes and baskets until you know what you have and what you want to keep! Our clothes are usually found in gray baskets on the top shelf, but I have grouped a few pieces in my cube unit. I used small containers for medicine and had limited access to clothing. Everything works and is hidden by boxes and baskets and is neat!

How To Organize Clothes In Small Closet

Before organizing this closet, it was a jumble of boxes and clutter above and below our hanging space.

Can You Really Organize A Closet Without Buying Anything?

I can’t tell you how convenient it is to have this area of ​​our cottage neat and functional! I’m excited to tackle a few more lockers and clean up around our new place before school starts after Labor Day. No matter what kind of school you go to, August is the perfect time to get things organized. If you want to tackle your whole house, check out my ten week organization challenge – thousands of people have taken this challenge and loved it!

Today some of my friends are sharing their wardrobe and closet organizing tips too! Be sure to check out their posts by clicking the links below each image.

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If you’ve been around this blog long enough, you know our house isn’t that big. We live in a three-bedroom townhouse, and although we love it, we have to be very careful about how we use our space. I try to think of it as a positive thing because it encourages us to reduce clutter and be selective about what we get into our homes.

Closet Organization Ideas

I always feel like our master closet could be improved. Tony and I share only one thing, and it’s not always a big deal. It had a typical builder grade single shelf + rail combo, and I knew there had to be a better way to organize a closet than that, so we set about upgrading it!

I learned a few things in the process, so I thought I’d share in case you’re confused about all those little closets.

After years of living in a tiny townhouse, I’ve learned tons of tips and tricks to help you organize when space is tight, and I’m sharing my favorites in this quick guide!

How To Organize Clothes In Small Closet

Oh, how I love chaos! A few weeks ago I went through all my clothes and got rid of anything that didn’t fit or was old. (The clothes I wore in high school and university 10-15 years ago are no longer “in”. Who knew?! 😉)

How To Organize Your Closet

I bet I got rid of over half the clothes I owned by the time I was done reviewing everything.

That’s a lot of empty hangers! That first step was very rewarding, and you know what I learned? Dressing is easy

Getting rid of all the pieces I never wore helped a lot as only the “good stuff” was left. The only option left for me was clothes that I liked and that fit me. Earn!

2. Make a list of things you need to do in your space and then choose the tools to make it happen.

How To Organize Your Closet Effectively To Find Your Items

As I often do when trying to organize a space, I hopped on Pinterest to see some of the things other people had done. oooh-ed and aaaah-ed to all the pretty clean closets. However, I realize that the owners of those closets have different needs and spaces than I do. I had to find what we needed.

After looking at our “stuff”, I knew we had to have room for pants, shirts and shoes. I needed space for some clothes and long items. I have a few sweaters and t-shirts that I like to stack instead of hang, and we also keep some board games and small suitcases in this closet. It was a tall order for such a small space, but I knew we could make it work, so I started looking for the right parts to make it happen.

Honestly, when we started down the road to organizing this cabinet, I thought we could tear out the existing bookcase or do something ourselves, but when we discovered the ALGOT system at IKEA, we had to rethink our original plan. (Actually, this is not a sponsored post by IKEA. We absolutely love this cabinetry!)

How To Organize Clothes In Small Closet

It met all our needs and was really affordable. I don’t know if we can buy enough wood and materials to build ourselves as much as we can afford.

My Top 10 Best Organization Tips For Small Closets

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