How To Start An Event Styling Business

How To Start An Event Styling Business – Businesses large and small around the world turn to event planners when they need help organizing an event. If you’re interested in learning how to start an event planning business, here’s what you need to know.

Think of an event you’ve been to recently. Maybe it’s a wedding, a family reunion, or a birthday party for someone you know. What did these events have in common? All planned by an event planner!

How To Start An Event Styling Business

How To Start An Event Styling Business

An event planner helps make sure all the details go smoothly, so the host can enjoy their time with the guests and not have to worry about food or drinks or knowing where to go. Everyone is probably confused, but what if there was a way to make the event better and more fun for all guests?

Corporate Event Planning Checklist Used By Top Event Pros

In addition to planning large events and fundraisers, one of the primary responsibilities of an event planner is to help people coordinate their schedules with the host or organizer. For example, a potential client might need someone to help them plan their anniversary dinner or big birthday party.

This person hires you as an assistant to make sure everything goes according to plan, from booking a venue to booking entertainment to making sure everyone knows what to expect.

Another example might be a business owner who is moving and needs help organizing a housewarming party (usually one of the most popular events for planners). This person will help you hire caterers, DJs and make sure everything runs smoothly with ordering food and drinks.

So now that we know what is involved in event planning, let’s see how to start your own event planning business:

What Is The Best Major For Event Planning?

Plan Ahead: The first step to owning an event planning business is to plan ahead, as in month to month. It takes a lot of time to come up with new ideas for themes and locations that haven’t been done before. Your planning process should take as much time as the event to make sure everything goes perfectly.

For example, if you’re having a Thanksgiving-themed party, make sure you don’t have another one planned for the same day. Consider options like hosting it on another holiday or weekend instead of Thursday. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need several months to send out invitations and spread the word about your event, so guests have enough time to clear their schedules.

Create a website: Someone looking for an event planner or assistant will search online first. You should have an attractive website with all the information needed to get people interested in hiring you. Make sure your website includes samples of past work with testimonials from satisfied clients.

How To Start An Event Styling Business

Make sure your website looks good and works well on all devices (since most people browse through their smartphones or tablets).

How To Start An Event Company

Know your niche: Having a niche in mind is essential when starting an event planning business. The last thing you want is to be all over the place with your event. If you try to please everyone, you will fail to please everyone. People who specialize in their area of ​​interest are more likely to hire a planner.

For example, if someone wants a high-class wedding, instead of hiring the cheapest one, they call the 5% most expensive planners who also do weddings. Your best bet is to socialize with potential customers and find out what types of events they typically host so you can focus on those instead of everything else under the sun.

Know the trends: For your business to be successful, you need to keep abreast with trending events and new ideas. Things like Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts are great places to find new ideas and stay ahead of the game (literally).

Be creative: There are multiple ways to grab people’s attention, but nothing says “unique” more than creativity. It requires a lot of thinking outside the box and some practice to perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment with things.

How To Start An Event Planning Business In 8 Steps In 2023

Remember those Pinterest or Instagram accounts we mentioned? They can double-check your portfolio so clients know what kind of work you can produce.

Decide how much you will charge for your services: Pricing is always a difficult step when starting a small business, but considering that you typically earn 75% of the contracted fees makes this decision difficult to execute.

You can also choose to get different packages that give you more flexibility in working with clients.

How To Start An Event Styling Business

Be sure to join a local association: Joining an organization can help boost your credibility, especially if other event planners are members. Companies will also schedule networking events that allow you to meet people in the industry who could be potential clients/mentors/employees.

Professional Event Planning Checklist Templates ᐅ Templatelab

Network: One of the best things about being part of an association is meeting like-minded people who can provide valuable guidance and feedback on your business ventures. Make sure you attend every networking event possible, talk to everyone you meet and don’t try to overvalue yourself – work to provide value to others.

It’s always good to have a business card with you if you have a chance to meet someone.

Plan sample events: Find a few places willing to test your skills as an event planner before taking on the big assignment. This could be anything from planning a wedding or birthday party for a friend or organizing a fundraiser for a local nonprofit.

Use these events to gain experience and build your portfolio so potential clients can see your work style.

Working A Day Job While You Start Your Event Planning Business

Have fun: If you don’t have fun doing what you love, there’s no way you’ll be successful anyway. Whether you enjoy the creative process or manage everything behind closed doors, event planning should be something that excites you, because why would anyone want to do something they hate?

All work and no play makes running a successful event planning business quite difficult, so be sure to take some time to see how other companies run their operations and attend events as a guest before jumping into this crazy industry full-time!

It’s always good to have a business plan ready before diving into a new adventure, as it will guide you if things don’t go according to plan. Creating a business plan is not difficult and there are plenty of free resources on the internet.

How To Start An Event Styling Business

Running your own business is always difficult, but there are some advantages to working for yourself. Not only will you have complete control over the entire process, but the skills you’ll learn will help you in your future career.

How To Start An Event Planning Business With No Money

If event planning isn’t your thing, at least you have enough experience to transfer elsewhere.

The Ultimate Guide to How to Start an Event Planning Business Mike Korev Updated May 17, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to How to Start an Event Planning Business Last Modified: May 17, 2023 by Mike Korev

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How to Start an Event Planning Service Want to become an event planner but not sure how to start your own event planning service? Learn how to start this business in our step-by-step guide.

Some people derive personal and professional joy from making big events and special days better for their attendees. If you’ve got the hosting itch, and you love solving complex problems and making big days run smoothly, you may have a future as a professional event planner.

But whether you want to work alone or with a small team, starting an event planning service is no small task. Today, let’s explain step by step how to start an event planning service.

How To Start An Event Styling Business

Event planning is the art (and sometimes science) of event conception, planning, coordination and execution. When a large, important event needs to run smoothly, it’s time to call an event planning service or coordinator.

The Event Planning Checklist Used By Top Event Planners

Event planners are critical service providers who can ensure that event production and execution runs smoothly. They perform these functions for trade shows, senior events, non-profit events and more.

Event planning is very important to ensure the above and other major events run smoothly, especially to entertain the most important guests.

Planning weddings and other events in the event industry requires good communication skills. Additionally, a bachelor’s degree in public relations or a related field may be helpful, but is not absolutely necessary. Let’s take a closer look at these types of jobs

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