Office Spare Bedroom Ideas

Office Spare Bedroom Ideas – In this post, I will share our new office guest room. This room is fully furnished with two work areas and a sofa bed for guests.

We recently welcomed a little love into our family. We need to rearrange some of the bedrooms to make room for another nursery. We have a four bedroom house; Primary, master bedroom, home office, and guest room.

Office Spare Bedroom Ideas

Office Spare Bedroom Ideas

Along with the nursery, we need a dedicated home office because my husband and I work from home. My current home office (

Ideas For Your Spare Room

, ) was too small for all of us so we decided to use this space for a nursery and a guest room for the new office.

One problem is that we need a guest room and possibly a gym. So at this point, we realized we ran out of room.

There is only one room left for everyone. Here are some of the things we considered when designing the space. You may also consider these;

The first thing we ask ourselves is, do we really need a guest room? Is this country worth it for our family’s needs?

Home Office Ideas: Turn A Spare Room Into Your Dream Workspace

The first thing to consider is how often you host. Do you have guests over several times a month? In this case, you need a dedicated bedroom just for guests.

In our case, we receive visitors from time to time. Maybe twice a year, if we go out of town and have another house. For this reason, we are not interested in removing the guest spot entirely.

We’ve found that rather than dedicating an entire bedroom to guests, it’s better to create a room that serves multiple purposes.

Office Spare Bedroom Ideas

You can shop all products from our guest room design at the end of the house.

Living Room Office Ideas For Your Wfh Desk

Now we decided that a guest room would work best if it served multiple purposes. We need to figure out how to connect our home office and guest room.

If you have enough space you can go with a complete bedroom set with a nice desk. Our space is too small for two activities at any one time.

We have decided that the best option for this is to use bedsheets. This allowed us to have a nice office layout, plenty of floor space, and a sofa for the living room. When we have occasional guests we can pull the full bed out of our couch and still have plenty of room to move around.

We went with the Godwin 69″ Square Arm Sleeper for its modern look and compact size. The sofa itself is very comfortable. Our guests have no complaints about the comfort of the bed. We have added a comfortable mattress for added comfort.

Ultimate Masculine Home Office Ideas

Godwin 69″ Square Arm Sleeper / Home Office Rug / Wall Art / Block Print Camel Pillow / Windowpane Throw Pillow / Throw Pillow with Tassel Sipper /

Once we decide to combine office guest rooms we need to know how to fit all of us into one office.

There are different ways to set up an office for two people; An L-shaped desk, an extra long desk with two workstations, two separate desks on different walls, or two separate desks facing each other.

Office Spare Bedroom Ideas

Since our space needed to accommodate a sofa that required pull-out clearance, we decided to go with an L-shaped table.

Kylee’s Home Office Guest Room Makeover

This allowed each of us to create our own workplaces. The table is on the perimeter of the room leaving enough space for the sofa bed to move out.

Once we decided on the L-shaped table, we decided we wanted to build it ourselves instead of hiring a builder. I’ll share all the details on how we customized our schedule in a separate post. You can find the link below.

IKEA Alex Desk Hack / Gold Drawer Pull / Brass Treasure Lamp / Ocean Wall Art / Art Print / Window Display

I mentioned earlier in this post that not only do we need a second home office and space for occasional guests, we also want a gym.

Amazing Home Office Ideas That Double As Cozy Guest Bedrooms

Because of our system, we were able to fit the ellipse in the corner. When we use a small bed instead of a traditional bed, we have enough space to exercise.

I am very happy with how this place turned out. We were able to take our fourth bedroom and really develop its purpose. It is now a multi-purpose space that has been thoughtfully designed for all the activities we want.

Below are all the ways to shop this post. Some items are missing but I have included similar items. Similar things will be observed. Not everyone has a big house and if you are facing the problem of lack of space, it is a good idea to solve it by combining spaces. We’ve already shown how to set up a home office in the bedroom, living room and kitchen, and today I’ll share another popular one: a bedroom with a home office.

Office Spare Bedroom Ideas

There are two ways to go: change no part of the space or look to separate the two areas with design and furniture or colors. You can also sleep with a comfortable bed or if space is limited choose a convertible bed that will be a bed if needed. Let’s see all the examples.

Sara & Mac’s Office/guest Room Reveal

If you have enough space in the guest bedroom, spoil the guests with real beds and visually separate the working and sleeping areas. Choose a table in a different shade, place it next to a window or against a wall away from the bed. Another good idea to separate these areas is to make a high level for the bed and put a table below. If you can not spend a lot of space in the work area, go to the window sill, which is no less practical than a regular desk.

A quiet and airy guest bedroom with lots of white and black tables and chairs to stand out

The guest bed and home office are connected by the use of orange, which cools the space

A guest bedroom with a home office with bookcases and a wooden desk by the window for comfortable work

Guest Room / Office Combo Makeover

A small guest bedroom with a bed and desk by the window is perfect and perfect

If your guest bedroom is small, you should change the bed for a convertible bed, which does not take up much space but at the same time provides enough sleeping space. As for the table, it can be a window seal or can also be included with shelves. If the room is small, there is no need to separate the areas in any way, and there are many things that allow the bed and the table to be carefully placed, the table can be used as a sleeping place.

A chair that can be turned into a bed and a glass table with a window for a small space

Office Spare Bedroom Ideas

Stylish black bedroom with glass window and metal desk for work

Create An Office In Your Spare Room

A room with two sofas that can be converted into a sleeping area and a home office by the window

A quiet and airy guest bedroom with a comfortable bed for sleeping and a desk by the window

A small space with a bed that can be used as a sleeping area and a beautiful desk and chair for a home office

A neat little home office with a wooden desk by the window and a gray chair that could be a bed

Combining A Home Office And Guest Bedroom In A Small House

An airy and light space with built-in storage and a desk with a small sofa that turns into a bed

We use cookies to improve your experience and support our mission. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies Get Privacy Policy If you don’t have enough space in your home, consider creating a multi-purpose room by combining a home office/guest room to accommodate your overnight guests. This space can be a bedroom you use for occasional guests or to store unused items. With some cleaning, this space can be transformed into a very functional and interesting room.

Many of us need offices in our homes, what a great way to get daily use out of the space, while being able to accommodate the occasional guest – or provide the perfect place for a catnap! This task may seem difficult to accomplish, however, Murphy beds and bunk beds are some of the best solutions.

Office Spare Bedroom Ideas

Check out the best home office ideas we’ve collected for you below to help you get started. Below each photo is additional information and the source of the designer. Don’t forget to tell us which of these home office ideas inspire you the most and why in the comments below!

Bedroom Office Ideas: Creating A Home Office In A Dual Use Guest Room


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