Office Spare Room Ideas

Office Spare Room Ideas – We have many needs in life, but there is only so much space at home to meet them. If you’re lucky enough to have a living room, give it multiple functions and make it a place to work and entertain. Saving simple things is easy – find out how.

It’s easy for a living room to quickly become a dumping ground for all your junk. However, if you don’t need a full-time home office (or guest room or lounge area), the key is to create a space that can easily transition from one function to another. Our room makes perfect use of a ceiling fan, but you can apply our tips to any room shape.

Office Spare Room Ideas

Office Spare Room Ideas

Give your guests extra room and they’ll have a nice, quiet place. Turn the sofa bed into a bed, make a rug and put the coffee table in bed mode. To create hanging space and add a few hooks for extra storage, take advantage of the ceiling hanging by hanging minimal cords on decorative leather straps.

Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas To Make It A Multifunctional Space

Even if you don’t need your own office, you can take advantage of a designated area to file payments or fill out paperwork. Save space by placing a small table behind the sofa, and keep most of your essentials in a closed closet. When the desk isn’t in use and you’re not lying on the couch, turn the reading lamp on to get some light for reading.

Having a place for your creative endeavors motivates you and makes it easier to follow your passion. As an aspiring artist, all you need is a light (it can be hung on the wall when not in use), a trolley for supplies, and a place to dry and display your work.

If you want to relax, you can go to your vacation spot for some privacy. A comfortable couch is key to relaxing with a cup of coffee, especially when filled with plenty of pillows and soft throws. A private library of your favorite books can take you away from the world, while Zen decor and soothing music bring you back to center.

We love it when our customers get creative with our products. Do it! However, please note that altering or modifying the products, reselling them or using them for their original purpose will void the merchantability guarantee and your right to return the products. If you’re running out of space at home, consider creating a multi-purpose space by combining a home office/guest room to accommodate overnight guests. This space can be a guest room that you use for occasional guests or to store unused waste. With a little tidying up, this space can be transformed into a very functional and attractive space.

Spare Room Ideas: Tips For Small And Large Rooms

Most of us need an office in our homes, and it’s a great way to use up human space while hosting the occasional guest – or creating a cozy place to sleep! It may seem like a difficult task to solve, but Murphy beds and daybeds are one of the best solutions.

Check out the amazing office ideas below that we’ve collected to get you started. Below each image is more information and a source for the designer. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below which of these office ideas inspire you the most and why!

1. This trendy multi-functional space in a Los Angeles home has a guest bedroom/home office. An abundance of natural light brings the outdoors in and creates a sense of openness. All carpets are custom made. The walls are lined with 1/2″ thick plywood. On the sofa, artist Uta Rittke paints a beautiful picture. The dimensions of the room are 7′ x 8′ and the table is approximately 7′ x 2’6. (via Soul House Design)

Office Spare Room Ideas

2. A custom built bed in a modern home office/guest room in San Francisco. It fits a 54 x 75 mattress. The room also has a built-in desk and functional built-in wardrobes for tissue and stationery storage. A glass door leads to the entrance hall. (via Tamalpai Construction Company)

Office Guest Room Ideas

3. A small condo uses the second bedroom as an office and occasional guest room. Modernica Case Study A day bed can be used to accommodate an overnight guest. The stable table top is made of solid oak, accented with a separate world chair by HumanScale. The boat was designed by Ferris LLC in Washington, D.C. Room 9’x9′ with track WAC lighting. (via Patrick Brian Jones PLLC)

4. This classic home office doubles as a colorful living room. Built-in wardrobes offer functionality and storage space. (via Katie Ryder)

5. Ottawa condos have beautiful and stylish offices and guest rooms. The bed is hidden behind an integrated storage wall, which can be divided into a comfortable guest bed. (via i4 details)

6. A room of 168 square meters is used for sleeping, reading, sewing, writing, drawing and relaxing. The space is creatively designed to utilize every corner. One with two closets turned into a small office. The pottery used to store sewing materials and other craft utensils. (via Feel and Hedgerow)

Functional And Inspiring Spare Room Ideas To Try

7. A small and empty space becomes a functional home office and occasional guest room. The vision for the space was to create a tasteful and stylish environment that reflected the owner’s Nigerian heritage. (via Donna Rosen Interiors)

8. The home office/guest room has a custom built-in Murphy bed and desk. A walnut base has been added for a custom look, while the oak shelf provides plenty of space for accessories. (via Jula Cole Design)

9. This traditional-style home office and guest bedroom are in this Toronto, Canada condo. This room has lots of natural light from the windows overlooking the lake. (via Jackie Glass Inc.)

Office Spare Room Ideas

10. Floor-to-ceiling open shelving provides ample storage space in this cozy home office from Edward House in No Valley, California. A small alcove offers space for overnight guests. (via Niche Interiors)

How To Create A Home Office In Any Corner Of Your Home

11. This stunning living space in New York is a library, study/home office, and occasional guest room. The space features built-in bookshelves and a wall-mounted reading lamp to create a clean and timeless aesthetic. (via Best & Company)

12. This custom home office in Naples, Florida features a Murphy electronic zoom bed. Behind the closet are these unique bed snakes! There is plenty of space for a functional and stylish office on the exit. (Via Great Room Murphy Beds)

13. A stylish black and white themed office/guest room with bookshelves and a Murphy bed. (Dan Interior Design)

14. This space-saving modern home office doubles as a guest room. Corner tables with shelves above and below are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Murphy beds are used to accommodate overnight guests. (via Private Living)

Small Home Office Ideas For Limited Spaces

15. Spacious office space with closets and a Murphy bed for guests. White cabinets make this room light and airy. A large area rug underpins the room while the Murphy bed folds down to protect the hardwood floor. (via California Closet)

16. A modern home office in Sydney, Australia has a hidden Murphy bed. Cool steps lead up to the roof. Wall paneling of the bookcase adds visual interest and warmth to the space. Integrated storage solutions add functionality to this compact space. (via Justin Law Architects)

17. Instantly turn your home office into a guest room with a Murphy bed. This wonderful dual purpose room has mahogany cabinets and Shaker style hardwood doors. For visual contrast, there are also doors with frosted glass. This unit has a Murphy bed, computer desk space, and cabinets and shelves for storage and accessories. (via House of Transformation)

Office Spare Room Ideas

18. An early 20th century Victorian home in San Francisco has this study, a comfortable sleeping place for overnight guests. This area has a dedicated work surface and wall shelves for files and accessories. Finished on a budget, this space offers cost-effective solutions for both functionality and relaxation. (via De Mesa + Architecture)

Spare Room Ideas To Make The Space Stunning

19. Home office/Murphy bed has clean lines and plenty of built-in cabinet space for functionality. A window seat provides a comfortable place to relax near the table. Multiple open shelves are used for accessories to add personality to the space. (via Closet for Life)

20. An urban studio apartment in London is only 25 square meters! This highly functional space is used as an office, hall, and bedroom. Mirrored cabinets keep the interior clean and tidy and provide a more spacious look. A 180-degree hinge allows the door to open

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