Office/dining Room Ideas

Office/dining Room Ideas – Last! My home office is finished and I’m ready to share this living/dining room makeover with you! You can click here and here to see what this room looked like a week ago… I’m still in awe of how much this space has changed! Words cannot describe how happy I am to have received this piece of mine!

I’ve been thinking about making this room my studio for a long time. I finally found the energy and time to go for it and change that part of the house that we weren’t sure about at my workplace. This room is so big that I split it into two separate workspaces. Today, I’m sharing the part of the room I use for my video work. Tomorrow I will come to show you the other side of the office where I am writing this post!

Office/dining Room Ideas

Office/dining Room Ideas

I have a lot of stuff and gear so I put storage images on all the walls to store all my stuff! If you follow my blog on Instagram, you know that you just spent four days assembling two sets of tables, four cabinets and two dining sets from IKEA! I won’t lie, it’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it!

Small–dining Room Ideas We’re Kind Of Obsessed With

I’m not a big fan of clutter so I always try my best to have something practical. I found these cute white and gold office supplies at Target and I know they will be coming home with me!

I wall Gravity 4005-1B | Painted by and Alper. You can find it at Lowe’s. It is a perfect gray color. Clean and beautiful… out of all the grays I’ve used in the past, this is my favorite! Green, blue and white are the colors I use to decorate the house. I use modern floral patterns to add texture. I made these cute pillows and curtains that I found at my local JoAnns…you can’t go wrong with vintage! to me! Now, what most of us want is a chance to lean back! When Raymore and Flanigan talked about working together, I knew I wanted to give Rachel and Jeff this makeover to turn their dining room (which they don’t use) into a home office and distance learning space.

I took the first photo last year when we first visited Rachel and Jeff’s house to redo their son’s room. I knew the valves had to come off! Time still looks like furniture, now something useful for their family!

I always start with a plan! It helps to see if everything is going well. And I made the design below in March!! Then COVID hit and we had to deal with it.

Small Dining Room: 14 Ways To Make It Work Double Duty

All major parts by Raymour and Flanigan. I have worked with them before and love the style and budget options for everyone! Plus free shipping (on select items). They also have a museum you can go to if you are on the east side.

We keep the house very clean. Rachel still painted it when they painted their family room, and she really wanted to keep the wall light. So we left it at that. The walls are Benjamin Moore’s White Cloud.

The bag adds a pop of color and breaks up all the heat. I made a little bag like they had in the first room! I often tell people to go bigger, but you want the bottom of your plant to be exposed and room to breathe around it. Find an area rug here, we made a 5×8.

Office/dining Room Ideas

These book bags are so cute and remind me of Rachel. Look at the hardware details and the lights inside them!! We made two on either side of the window.

Small Dining Rooms That Save Up On Space

Tip – Use old books, jars and baskets to design your book! Most of these wallets are secure. Even books tended to use them as background “art”.

The same goes for the bookshelves on the other side. Everything is inside. I love spending time in the Eternal Palace!

I put useful things and glass jars in paper bags for storage and decoration! Even practical things can be beautiful!

One of my favorite changes that can update a room is new lighting. Kevin transformed an old light with this chandelier!

Cozy Country Style Offices That Bring The Rustic Charm

When COVID started I ordered everything properly and forgot about this little area. Luckily, we have the same closet from before in our entryway sitting in our basement awaiting a new home. It’s perfect here! Now, they can organize all kinds of things here.

On the opposite wall, I ordered some digital downloads from Jenny’s Print Shop and printed them at Staples. Then easily divide them in half. Precious works of art!

Use the scroll to hang two fun school pictures on the wall for notes or quotes. When we were in Texas a few months ago, I found a document. One of the crates on the floor contains a modem, a perfect hiding place.

Office/dining Room Ideas

This area is the best place to put the printer and paper to see this small scale. And this table lamp is probably one of my favorite lamps, made of cement, nice. A book was placed under it and something taller was added.

Gallery Wall Ideas For Every Room Of Your Home

Their family loved how it turned out! And the end is 100% better than before because it works for their family.

Buy Raymur & Flanigan here. And if you’d like to see the rest of their homes and all the homes we’ve built, you can find their master bedroom here , Luke’s bedroom , Patrick’s bedroom , the dining room here , and the family room here !

Subscribe to my newsletter and get a chance to answer your design questions live or on the blog! Yvette Marquez of the blog Muy Bueno not only fills her home with delicious and authentic Mexican recipes, but also adds tradition and style by preparing it. Spending quality time with family while eating good food inspired the blog Muy Bueno. See how Yvette combined her dining room with her everyday work space with help from Home Depot.

Hello, I’m Yvette from Muy Bueno and I’m excited to share my office and two-person dining room with The Home Depot Blog!

Dining Room Converted To An Office — Tag & Tibby Design

As a food blogger, I have collected many things – dishes, silverware, linens, textiles, cookware and small appliances to name a few. Not to mention my Mexican pottery collection and thrift.

Finally I came up with the idea of ​​turning our used room into an office/studio/space/dining room.

This is the first picture of the room. The room was filled with large pieces of furniture and the room was dark and rarely used.

Office/dining Room Ideas

Now I have two offices with a nice living room and a dining room, which uses flexible panels to turn an ordinary office into a daily use for device storage, studio space and dining room.

Ideas For Our Living Room/dining Room/office Please!

By planning and choosing furniture and adding decorations that work in both rooms, I now have a multi-functional space.

Built-in bookcases keep the room warm, accent chairs can be moved to the head of the dinner table, and office supplies sit neatly on my bar table.

Look at this dining table! Did you know Home Depot carries home plans and furniture? This dining table is my new desk and is a great addition for photos on video shoot days. When we have an office, the desk can be turned into a dining room.

Home Depot furniture is popular, the prices are incredible, and the quality and customer service are excellent. Most of his furniture can be purchased online and shipped to your home or home improvement store with free shipping.

Most Inspiring Coastal Dining Rooms

This room has never had good lighting, but thanks to an intrepid craftsman, a beautiful chandelier hangs from our 18-foot ceiling. I had no idea that light could have such a big impact. . But it really draws your eye to the ceiling height and makes the space look bigger.

In the building where the real magic is made – see this entire archive. These homes were built by a furniture maker and installed by a mechanic.

Built-in features allow plenty of space to display my favorite items and tons of hidden storage. These structures are designed, but can be customized using shaker base cabinet, wood, nails, screws and crown molding. MDF can also be used for an economical option.

Office/dining Room Ideas

A good trick when it comes to a traditional look is to use flat wood screws and wood filler to tighten the nails and holes. Make sure all eggs are properly packed and stuffed.

Team Domino’s Work From Home Ideas Will Make Your Makeshift Office Chic

I bought these black stripes for a steal. They are attached to the cabinet and wrapped in black tones

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