Powder Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Powder Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget – ! So today I’m going to share what’s been hiding behind the secret door in our foyer and give you the details on our $90 basement renovation. My goal was simple: I wanted a nice and clean finished room (and to finally get rid of the really old wallpaper).

Wainscot or board & batten (I also felt I had enough of what was going on in the foyer). New decor (used what I had on hand) and a vintage gold mirror (still looking, can’t find it online yet for a reasonable price). I envisioned a beautiful antique natural wood cabinet finished as a vanity, but still. I haven’t found it yet. I also decided on a light gray paint (Olympic Gray Ghost) that I already had in our stash.

Powder Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Powder Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Here are my picks for the really bad wallpapers of 2005. Wallpaper, of course, is the most important event that created this room. I give myself points for trying to get out of the box at that point.

Small Bathrooms Brimming With Style And Function

Before:  We removed the old floor and installed a new Pergo Outlast+. And the old wallpaper had to come down.

Wallpaper Removal: We removed the wallpaper using a shark steamer, fabric softener and a plastic scraper. If the wallpaper is stubborn, I use this tool that punctures the wallpaper and smooths it with a wet cloth (1 part water, 1 part fabric softener). Then scrape it off with a plastic scraper. But this time the wallpaper came off easily without damaging the wall.

Once it was completely finished, we removed the toilet and pedestal sink so we could finish the Pergo Outlast + flooring (to see our entire Pergo flooring project, click here). We then added moldings that were painted white around the room to cover the gaps between the floor and the wall.

I lightly sanded any unevenness on the walls and then painted the entire room with Gray Ghost satin paint from Olympic Paint & Stain. I stuck to my color palette for the entire half bathroom of the house. I try to use colors that complement each other throughout the house. Here’s how gray fits into our overall color scheme.

Diy Small Bathroom Vanity

After finishing the walls, I painted the door black using Heirloom Traditions Paint Iron Gate. Then I decorated it with decorations I had at home.

Updating my room these days is pretty easy. This is partly due to the budget, but I like the simple finishing of the rooms. In retrospect, I think bathrooms need attention every few years, and I’m guilty of neglecting them for far too long.

Above: Wall mirrors (unknown, year || Candles from Homegoods – probably won’t last, but I’ll throw them in now || Wall decor from Arhaus Furniture, bought years ago

Powder Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

To see where our home improvement budget was spent, visit the home detailing the years before and after. You can shop each room to see where I bought all my products.

Ways To Give Your Powder Room The Ultimate Makeover

The rest of the bathroom improvements will be posted on the blog this week along with a few other projects we’re working on finishing up. Hope you’ll stop by – we’ve got a new floor option (a floor you can cut with scissors) that we think you’ll love.

Jeanette is an Ohio-based designer and DIY expert who cares about simple projects that add value to your home. It focuses on affordable interiors that are timeless, accessible and beautiful. Furniture varnishing, sanding, painting and budget room renovation are his specialties. Jeanette has been a guest on the Rachael Ray Show, WCPO Cincinnati Lifestyles and has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, Men’s Health and numerous home and garden publications.

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Powder Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

25+ Fourth Quarter Accent Centerpieces I love using pillows as a way to embrace decorating style. Really me…we just did our powder room on a very tight budget and I’m so excited to share the powder room with you!

Small Powder Room Ideas: 9 Ways To Style This Tiny Space |

Today I’m going to share how we decorated our powder room on a budget and give you some ideas on how to inject some personality into your powder room without breaking the bank.

When we moved into our house in 2014, the powder room was beige with a pedestal sink and a mirrored base cabinet.

When we moved in, we painted the walls gray to match the paint we chose for the entire main floor.

We ended up replacing the pedestal sink with a larger vanity thanks to a Home Depot sale and I found a nice mirror at Target to replace the ugly one.

Powder Room In Foyer |

Even though it’s a bathroom that everyone uses a lot – both my family and the guests who visit – we didn’t pay much attention to it.

Of course, at some point I thought it would be a good idea to wallpaper two accent walls in the bathroom.

But we left the space alone for a while, even though it wasn’t my best decorating decision.

Powder Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

We finally got tired of seeing the powder room in weird, uneven shape…and decided it was time for an update.

Ideas: Add Style To A Small Bathroom

As with most of the decorating we do here, we wanted to keep the project budget friendly.

Here’s a look at what we changed in the room and how we were able to update the powder room on a tight budget, all while packing a lot of personality:

There are many ways to add drama to a powder room, but my favorite way to add drama to many rooms, large and small, is to add wallpaper.

Powder rooms tend to be dark rooms since most don’t have windows and I wanted to add some wallpaper to help brighten up this small space.

Stunning Powder Room Makeovers

Here’s a peek at the spray paint I used to update the lamp:

Not only is it fun and exciting, but it also makes sense because my husband and I took a honeymoon trip to Italy – and visited the Amalfi Coast.

If you’re wondering, “Does peel and stick wallpaper work in the bathroom?” The answer is … yes. mainly. But there

Powder Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

In the case of our powder room, paper towels and cardboard were good choices since this bathroom is waterproof.

Powder Room Design Ideas (photos)

I personally wouldn’t use wallpaper in a full bathroom that has a shower, as the moisture can cause the wallpaper to eventually peel off the walls.

However, I’ve never tried clear wallpaper in a full bathroom, so I can’t say for sure that it will work and last over time.

It is now a very attractive room and the style fits seamlessly into the rest of our home.

Here’s a breakdown of estimated replacement costs, just to see what can be done on a relatively small budget.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas To Make Your Space Shine!

I have not written the price of a new one here, as we bought it a few years ago. But everything we used for this renovation is below: Looking to give your powder room a new and updated look? It’s time to give this small space in your home what it deserves!

A powder room, also known as a half bath, is a small space that is often overlooked when it comes to home decor.

The powder room in our home is the main guest bathroom. Therefore, it was important for me to make this space beautiful and functional.

Powder Room Decorating Ideas On A Budget

When we first walked in, it seemed boring and basic. But with some design planning and simple DIY projects, we were able to turn it into a beautiful and functional space that we love.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Best Tiny Bathroom Designs |

By making a few simple updates, you can turn your small table into a stylish and inviting place for you and your guests.

10 Tips for Decorating a Small Powder Room That’s Stylish and Functional1. Start with a new coat of paint

In small powder rooms, it’s important to make full use of all natural light. Consider choosing light and neutral paint colors to reflect light and make the room appear larger.

To decorate our powder room, we chose to paint the walls a light gray. The specific paint color we use is Valspar Hazy Stratus.

Stylish Powder Room Renovation Modern Coastal

We decided to go a little darker with the paint color to add some contrast to anchor the boat.


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