Simple Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

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Simple Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Simple Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Sure, there’s a minimalist look, but too many blank white walls can make her home feel unfinished and lackluster. But filling the walls can be an expensive task, especially if you have a lot of space. Instead, she considers DIY wall decorating ideas that are not only fun, but also affordable and easy.

Best Living Room Wall Art Ideas And Designs For 2023

These are our favorite wall art ideas that are so cool no one will even know you made them yourself.

Want a wallpaper option without the high cost? This beautiful room features one wall loosely painted (yes, seriously) to create a tinted geometric pattern that adds a lot of depth to the space. The result is similar to wallpaper, but cheaper.

If you want an idea that’s easier to do, this room has a halftone shell wall that you can create even if you’re not an artist.

Choose contrasting colors for big impact (for example, a bold hunter green or soft navy pink), or choose subtle colors in the same color family to create texture on your walls.

Gorgeous Family Room Inspiration

Most home decorators will tell you that a bouquet of fresh flowers is one of the best ways to spruce up your home before guests arrive. Take this idea to the next level by using plants as wall art. This great look proves that filling an empty wall with flowers or plants not only brightens up a space, but also looks amazing and unexpected.

If this gallery wall made you stop in your tracks, you’re not alone. There are not enough hanging vases, shelves and plants. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to add texture and depth to an accent wall without covering it up with art or posters.

This idea is on the more advanced end of the spectrum, but painting a wall mural isn’t just for kids’ rooms. This colorful wall may require some skill for a simple checkered line design, but it’s well worth it.

Simple Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Here’s another gallery wall that’s hard to miss. It’s not just the bold and original colors that you love, the designs on the tape are enough to transform any room. Mplong Wall Art 3 Pieces Of Framed Decorative Paintings Abstract Simple Orange White Blue And Other Color Blocks Wall Art Canvas Prints Wall Decor Gifts Size 16

There are pros and cons to wallpapering a room, but when you see a space like this, it’s hard to deny its impact. Although wallpaper can be a bit more advanced than some simple DIY devices, building a large wall in your office, bedroom, or dining room is a great way to change the look without worrying about DIY skills.

We all love the perfect gallery wall, but if you want to switch things up, consider a themed wall, like a travel-inspired wall. We love the idea of ​​hanging artwork or cards inspired by a trip you’ve taken (or a trip you can’t wait to take) to remind yourself of those fond memories every day.

A perfect blend of functionality and beauty, this living room sideboard is elegant enough to serve as a stand-alone piece of art, while also serving as storage. If you haven’t tried wood at home, consider choosing this versatile material on your next shopping spree.

See DIY expert mode. This wall hanging is a great inspiration to learn how to make macrame and start creating beautiful wall hangings. If this stunning design is a bit advanced for the new macrame enthusiast, try hanging different colored threads on a hook or stick to create a similar look with little effort.

Best Wall Art Ideas For Every Room

You go surfing You play a musical instrument Use your hobbies as wall art. Hang the surfboards or hang the guitars on the wall. Not only will you be able to access them easily when you need them, but you will also decorate your space with your personality.

Do you always complain about the lack of a closet? Here’s an easy solution that does double duty. Create a shoe wall. You can display your favorite pairs like art and free up space in your small closet.

Take baskets or rattan baskets and hang them on the wall. You can choose a large piece to draw attention or create a gallery wall with pieces of different sizes. The effect adds texture, economical, and gives off all the boho vibes.

Simple Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Are you lucky enough to be well built? You can dress it up and add pop to your walls by doing some painting. We love the pink shelves on this white bookcase that liven up a neutral wall.

Beautiful Diy Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

Frame your favorite family photos and use them to create a giant gallery wall. It’s perfect for a staircase or a big blank wall that needs something big.

If you are artistic, make a large rug and use it. Not only will it add color and texture to your walls, but you won’t have to find a frame for it!

Who needs a frame? For an industrial effect, ditch the frame and attach metal clips to the wall to hang your art. It also makes it easy to share images of your choice.

Display your hat collection as wall art. You will get storage space and decorate your walls. Create a large gallery wall or hang a few of your favorites.

Diy Wall Décor Ideas Anyone Can Try

Create your own accent wall with chevron wood paneling. As in the room in the photo, you can choose to do the whole wall or just a part. Paint it white to match your walls or paint it to add contrast.

Books can be used as wall art. Rethink the traditional bookcase and pack only your favorite book (or two!). This will eliminate the need for additional furniture and help prevent the walls from looking bare. If you’ve been staring at a bare wall in your living room for a long time trying to decide what to do with it, one of these six bedroom wall décor ideas should help!

Do you have a big, bare wall in your living room like mine? I don’t think all bare walls should be decorated, but I feel like this wall needs something. I do not know what! After searching for inspiration, I’ve rounded up six of my favorite bedroom wall décor ideas to share!

Simple Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

To the right of the bare wall in the photo above, you can see the solution I used to decorate the largest wall of the four in our room: the art gallery wall! I used ten framed artworks in an equally spaced frame that surrounds our TV and media console:

Wall Decor Ideas

Sources: TV console (similar) | Cigar (satin bronze) | A white textured pillowcase with old fig rug | pairs of flats | art prints | Book: The Collected Home Book: Style Emily Henderson | Book: Dogs

My artwork is in 18″ x 24″ matte bronze frames; You can’t buy my exact frames separately (my art ships pre-framed), but they are very similar and come in the same size, or check to see if you have it. They don’t need to be too big.

The same window-shaped gallery wall can also be used on the large wall behind the sofa without having to remove the center frame to accommodate the TV. You can also create a more eclectic looking gallery wall like the one in our home office. Check out our tips for creating your own!

Another great option for the walls of a large room is to hang two or three whimsical pieces of art;

Andover Mills™ Styled Classy 3 Piece Metal Wall Décor Set & Reviews

I love this look and the prints on the back are beautiful! For a cheaper option, see if you can make your own for a small amount. I think it’s a good idea to take a series of shots with one continuous image, like a beach house style:

A large rug is a great living room wall decor idea because you can fill a large wall with just one piece and add color and texture to your space! You need to be careful how rugs are hung, as certain rugs can give your room an overall feel.

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