Small Dining Room Office Combo Ideas

Small Dining Room Office Combo Ideas – Converting a dining room into a home office can be a perfect solution for a convenient workspace at home – especially if you don’t need a dining area. This was the case for a new client who needed a new, different place to work and play. Read on to see how our designer cleverly transformed this dining room into a functional workspace and more!

An unused room remained because the client had a large living room that could accommodate a dining table. However, he needed a private place to work. Every interior design project comes with its own unique obstacles to overcome, especially when converting a dining room into a home office. In this case, the designer was asked:

Small Dining Room Office Combo Ideas

Small Dining Room Office Combo Ideas

Pro tip: Let your favorite design style guide your interior transformation. Not sure what it is? Then take our free interior design quiz to discover your unique decorating style today! Home office inspiration

How We Created A Home Office Guest Room

Client inspiration images of home office design ideas focusing on masculine, modern spaces. It also had hints of a mix of industrial and rural with an overall contemporary feel. Most of the arrangements had lots of wood, some metal elements, good lighting and interesting accents. All rooms were very functional with a clean look and sleek furnishings. It was clear that the client was after a stylish room that served its purpose.

The client began the online interior design process by filling out a quick questionnaire to transform the dining room into a home office. This useful information made it possible to select not one, but two suitable designers to provide custom-designed mood boards. While both presentations caught the customer’s attention, it was Rajna S’s concept that really won her over.

Her proposed look focused on transforming the dining room into a home office with an inviting feel that continues to serve all the different functions of the client’s needs. Additionally, her ideas included a curated home office that would perform well during job interviews. Overall, the design was exactly what the client was looking for.

The design successfully meets the client’s desire for a harmonious space that flows seamlessly and blends with the rest of the home. From the walls and floor to the furniture, the office’s color palette follows the same style as the rest of the living room: pure white accented with light ash gray tones.

Home Design Ideas For That Tricky Guest Room And Office Combo

The room is centered around a solid U-shaped oak table with a matching storage console and matching cabinets. These wooden elements just add rustic industrial style and textural interest to the room. The layout is based on an antique rug in a blue color.

Above, a shaded drum chandelier stands out as well as lends a soft glow to the room. Floor-to-ceiling curtains not only make a room look bigger, they also offer noise reduction and blackout features. In this way, room lighting and sound can be easily controlled and a better working environment is created.

Meanwhile, black accents in art prints, curtain rods, and embellishments provide much-needed contrast. These pieces make a carefully placed corner gaming chair look like a piece of design.

Small Dining Room Office Combo Ideas

In the other corner of the home office, an elegant recliner and side table provide a comfortable place to relax or greet a visitor who wants to sit and chat. To complete the design, some potted plants and succulents give the room some fresh air.

Home Office Decor Ideas + Designs For A Creative Work Space

The dining room, which became a home office, was a cold, empty space devoted to gathering around food. Still, it had the right foundation and style to quickly transform into a workspace without major remodeling. In the end, Rajna managed to offer a well put together yet functional office space.

Every online interior design project includes an exclusive shopping list filled with exclusive business deals. And even better, the free white glove shopping concierge service takes care of all ordering, tracking and delivery, saving you time and money!

Even if you don’t convert a dining room into a home office, the design considerations are still relevant. If you want a similar space, check out some of our favorite pieces inspired by this design:

Office Interior Design Services: Top 10 of 2023 22 Great Home Office Inspiration for a Cool, Productive Space 10 Modern Office Design Ideas for an Inspirational Workplace The room includes our first wall demo and creating a DIY feast for the office and electronics storage.

Best Home Office Ideas

As in “No One Corners the Baby” (a reference to the eighties movie), no one locks Erica to the table.

No matter how hard I tried to create my own custom workspace (“mo office” – like when I was designing a mudroom/office combination), when it came time to write a blog post or edit photos/videos, I always found it myself. He walks towards the dinner table. Not only was my dining room better lit, I felt a lot less restrained and a lot more inspired while working there.

However, the problem with this arrangement is that my blogging equipment (camera, laptop, tripod, etc.) is starting to completely occupy the “eating” aspect of the space. Simply put, I was too lazy to clean up my work mess in time for family dinner, and as a result, our formal dining room became my official office.

Small Dining Room Office Combo Ideas

Even though I had plenty of time to fix my work mess, there was nowhere to hide my shiznit because we have really little closet space (and no spare bedroom) in the 1980s handyman countdown.

Home Office Ideas: Turn A Spare Room Into Your Dream Workspace

Then one day, when my husband started his first wall demo (extending our dining room entrance from the foyer), I had a revelation when pushing our dining room furniture against the wall to protect it from drywall dust. was gone

Considering that the dining room basically serves as a corridor to our kitchen, the traditional arrangement of dining furniture with a dining table in the middle of the room has always made pedestrian traffic feel cramped. Pushing the furniture towards the focal wall made the space feel great. But how can we make this new arrangement more intentional and specific?

When my husband and I started making measurements for our built-in dining table, we made sure to turn off one of the available power outlets – this one for my laptop (and any other electronics that might need charging). Making the best home for ).

To account for the new furniture arrangement, I needed to find a light fixture (with a loose rope or a loose chain) that I could swing from the center of the room to the new dining table position. In the image above you can see how the string has been changed to fit the new layout.

Cool Small Home Office Ideas

I also have an exposed electrical outlet next to the counter in case I need to charge my laptop while using it.

Not only did this free up traffic flow, it maximized the functionality of this room. In many ways, the “formal” dining room seems like an outdated concept.

After pushing the wall back 12 inches on either side of the original opening here is the entrance to the dining room….

Small Dining Room Office Combo Ideas

While 2 feet doesn’t seem like much, it made the space feel much more open and inviting (not to mention brighter).

Dining Tables That Can Double As Desks

And as you may have noticed, I recently painted the rest of my house (living room, foyer and hallway) to match the dining room and kitchen (using Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly lace).

And to fully appreciate how far this restaurant has come since the 1980s, take a look at the “before” filmed when we first moved in…

Although it took almost five years to fix this place (at least for us), it was totally worth the wait…

Thank you all so much for starting another week of my bullshit. If you found this post helpful or inspiring, please share it with a friend or on social media (thanks for supporting my small business).

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I love it!! The dining room looks great and the new grand opening looks so inviting!! Bright, functional spaces are my favorites! Path!

Erica, nothing is official in your dining room. Comfortable and inviting. I recently bought a bench for my dining table and it gave me a lot more room to move around. It is much more comfortable and much more functional than the chairs we constantly move. I also love your chandelier.

Thank you so much Mary! It seems we are on the same wavelength – not only with design, but also with music ;). xoxo

Small Dining Room Office Combo Ideas

Like you, I use my dining table as an office!! I love how yours turned out. Small changes can equal big changes. good job 🙂

Smart Ideas For Putting A Desk In A Living Room

Glad I’m not the only one who prefers the dinner table, man. Thank you very much

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