Small Home Office / Guest Room Design

Small Home Office / Guest Room Design – Looking for smart home office room ideas? Or maybe you are wondering how you can turn your room into a living room?

Since it’s a room layout and flow pro, I have compiled up to 7 types for you to choose from. From here today!

Small Home Office / Guest Room Design

Small Home Office / Guest Room Design

We have limited space (some might call it zero) for guest beds, let alone all guest bedrooms. Sure, we have a bedroom downstairs, but we want it to be an office!

Beautiful Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces

And instead of creating another internet list that makes you scroll through “99 different ideas for office beds,” I have a simple list for you.

Don’t waste your (or mine) time! Sorting is the most effective way to find what’s right for you!πŸ€—

The ability to occupy an entire office with a large bed (or two in this case) is not a “luxury” that most of us have. (I put it in quotes because I immediately think of having a huge room to clean, and then I’m not sure it’s luxury. My own definition of “luxury” to me includes including things like “low maintenance” and “easy”. clean.” πŸ˜„)

But taking 50-75% of the rooms and the guest bed is the right choice, so I put it in.

Small Home Office Ideas For Limited Spaces

Get a bed that matches your office bed, like this or this white one! Takes up less space and still sleeps for two!

This is often the second “easy fallback” option that people think of when setting up a guest office where they’re trying to save space.

And it’s a perfectly good choice if you need (and will use) a couch in your office!

Small Home Office / Guest Room Design

Sofas for other purposes, or they’re still too big (because let’s face it, sofas – even when compact – still take up a lot of space!), one of your perfect picks. still below!

Modern Home Office Ideas

If you don’t have room for a sofa, try a pair (or two!). In fact, I once considered this for my living room… I imagined two upholstered chairs with a table in the middle so we could spend the day as a seat… but when guests arrive, we have two chairs for them. ! (But in the end we did.)

An easier, smaller option than a full sofa is to buy upholstered furniture, which you just fold up and sleep on!

Here’s another popular choice! And while they’re pretty, in my experience bed linens (most of them anyway) are actually less useful than a bath towel.

Why? I do not know. It’s possible that because they’re usually a bit taller and deeper than the saddle, they don’t convince you to sit on them. For many years we had an armchair and

Shared Home Office Ideas: How We Created A Functional & Productive Space

. I think our kids thoroughly enjoyed it because they could climb on it and play with it (we have it in our playroom), but even then they don’t use it very often. It…

(Honestly, I need to tell you how I sell used furniture and get our money back! It’s on my list, but that board has about 187 ideas… maybe more.)

First of all, it really depends on your region. It is very good in some rooms. Usually when you have higher-than-normal ceilings plus a room with large windows that let in good natural sunlight all day, it feels like a bright and airy place!

Small Home Office / Guest Room Design

However, when I closed my eyes and consulted the designer’s vision in our small room with 8β€² ceilings, he cried.

Small Home Office Ideas: 11 Ways To Create A Work Space Anywhere

No, the large Murphy bed was not a good choice in our room and would not fit into a very similar room.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have it! If you have the space, height or simply love it, go for it!

PS: If you have a particularly large space that you’re trying to divide (i.e. separate the guest bedroom from the desk area, a Murphy bed can be a great design strategy for separation). regions, like the example below)!

For a cramped office, I like it because it’s simple and straightforward! 😊 There are no sofa beds or sleighs and “beds” to choose from. It will not come with a pre-made bed or futon; It can be super soft or hard – however you like it!

Best Home Office Decor Ideas 2021

It can be a window seat or a simple construction against the wall. Just work with the space you have!

Of course, it can suit one person or a few kids, but if you are just entertaining random friends or just looking for a special place for the kids to sleep during an onsite family gathering yours, it’s a working solution!

(Plus, it makes for a great read when it’s not being used as a bed! I love sleeping on this comfy bed by the window!)

Small Home Office / Guest Room Design

This is our number 1. We have absolutely loved the roller bed in our office living room for over seven years!

Inspiring Ways To Repurpose A Spare Bedroom

Why? It folds into the wall like a console and provides a comfortable double bed!

My original idea was to use the top of this roller bed to fold laundry, but I didn’t. Since it’s visible from our entryway, we usually stick fresh cuttings into a vase here. (Or just use it as a place to randomize things all the time, because that’s real life. Tables are useful!)

Why don’t we make a Murphy bed? Although I dream of having a bed (before I properly analyze our room)…

…When I really started thinking about my design work, I felt it was too tall and too small!

Guest Bedroom Ideas: Essentials For A Welcoming Design

But this bedroom wardrobe… People will pass by it all the time and not know that it’s nothing more than a regular console. And I love it!

I still can’t help but include the wonderfully handcrafted bed that fits this category! (But of course you can’t buy it at the store.)

How we set up our office living room (and other great things we added to make it a 3-in-1 purpose room), check out our office living room layout !

Small Home Office / Guest Room Design

Hi, you found us!!!πŸ˜„ Nice to meet you! We are Matt & Jess, a husband and wife team that helps you create space and time to do what you love! We’re here to help you transform your life through your home (and gain confidence in every decision like a pro)! Not everyone has a large home and if you are facing the problem of lack of space, extra space is a good idea to solve it. We’ve shown you how to combine a home office with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen, and today I’m sharing another popular combination: a guest bedroom with a home office.

Guest Bedroom Ideas For A Cozy, Inviting Space

There are two ways to do it: a smooth transition without dividing the space, or visually separating the two areas using design and furniture or color. You can also choose a sleeping area with a comfortable bed or, in the case of too little space, choose a sofa bed that becomes a bed if necessary. Let’s see all the examples.

If you have enough space in the guest bedroom, provide your guests with a real bed and divide the work and sleeping areas. Choose a different shaded desk, near a window or a wall away from the bed. Another good idea to divide these areas is to create a top for the bed and place a table underneath. If you can not use too much space in the work area, choose a window sill, which is no less useful than a regular desk.

The guest bedroom is quiet and airy with many white colors and striking black furniture

The guest bed and the home office are tied together in orange, creating a cool feeling for the space

Guest Room Ideas That Will Wow Your Visitors

The guest bedroom has a home office with a bookshelf and a wooden table next to the window for easy working

Small guest bedroom with bed and table by the window perfect and seamless

If your bedroom is very small, you should replace the bed with a sofa bed, which does not take up much space but at the same time provides enough space to sleep. As for the table, it can be a window sill or even a built-in shelf. If the room is small, there is no need to divide the space in any way, and there are many combinations that allow the bed and table to be placed close together, the table can be used as a bedside table.

Small Home Office / Guest Room Design

Sofa bed instead of bed and glass table next to the window for small space

Multi Purpose Guest Room

The bedroom has a stylish bed by the window and a glass and metal desk


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