Small Business Room Ideas

Small Business Room Ideas – Last year I sold my first physical handmade product. It’s great, but I know I could do better with the packaging. Isn’t there something magical about a face sent with love? When the packaging is creative, professional and reflects the brand, it adds value to the product. Plus, it’s a great way to engage customers. Here are some cute packaging ideas for small businesses.

This is the product I use to help my community make unpacking an unforgettable experience. The goal is to represent my brand and maximize my time. I thought it was easy and fast to use.

Small Business Room Ideas

Small Business Room Ideas

My product is a DIY kit for a mini macrame rainbow wall hanging. To do this, you will need some parts to make crafts. I thought I could label each item for better and easier assembly.

Office Design Ideas For Small Business Office Design Ideas For Small Business Wallpaper

I carefully wound the required amount of thread. I then used a Cricut Explore 3, an Eblack pen and Smart Paper sticker cardboard in white to create labels to join the different colored yarns.

I created custom labels in the Cricut design space. I used the font DTC fluffy socks. After entering the font, make sure to change the operation from “Cut” to “Draw” and select “Pen”. This causes the label to be pulled from the pen. Pretty cool, right?!

To choose the shape, I chose a square shape and sized it to fit my project (click the shutter button to adjust the height and width).

After creating the font and shape, I highlighted both and selected “Insert”. This is how the word is written and then the label is cut around it.

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Sticker cartons are a new product for me. I have to tell you, it was so quick to have the Cricut label, cut the label, then I peeled it off and put it right on the yarn. It’s close enough to stay put, looks cute and marks every color in the right spot. I was impressed how streamlined the process was!

Then I used Blush Cardstock Standard Grip Machine Mat 12×12 to cut out the rope label. I want them to hang loosely, so plain cardboard is a good choice. Pink is my brand color, so it’s a great way for the packaging to reflect my vision.

To create it, I clicked on “Image” on the right and looked for tags. There are many cute options and I chose one that was simple and matched my vision. I then used the same font as the yarn label for the words on each tag.

Small Business Room Ideas

After designing and cutting the tag, peel it from the mat and tying it to the rope and cotton twine is a snap! Now it is easier for my clients to get the right rope and thread to complete the craft.

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I also made a label for the felt ball using sticker cardstock and the same steps as this label.

Sticker cardstock is so easy to use! Since the back is close, it acts as a tape to keep the ball felt in the bag during transport. Plus, it’s super cute.

The last label I designed for the outside of the package. I love the idea of ​​creating excitement as soon as the package arrives!

Tip: When making several different items, change the color of each item in the Cricut design space to the color of the item you are using. This makes it easier to use the correct cardboard or vinyl with each piece when cutting.

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So there’s my cute small business packaging idea. It was really nice to use the Cricut to cut everything out and draw the labels. I printed and cut everything out, so the next time I send out a craft kit, I’ll have everything ready.

Thanks to Cricut for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. This article contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Small Office Design Ideas – 10 Ways to Make Your Office Efficient in 2022 September 13, 2018 February 21, 2018 This article contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here. 38.3K Shares Pins Share These 10 creative small office design ideas are an easy way to make your office efficient and stylish! Related: Home Office Setup Ideas for an Effective Printing Center So … Exciting news – I’m hoping to have office space for my blog and interior design consulting business in the near future!! It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve been thinking (a lot) about how to decorate this front office… It’s going to be small (about 10’x12′ space), so I know how to use the space. efficient and really maximize its functionality. Looking for inspiration, I thought it would be fun to share 10 of my favorite small office design ideas with you. These 10 offices are highly functional and each has specific design elements that make them efficient. I hope that those of you who have a small office, at home or at work, will be inspired by this room design and get ideas on how to make your office space more efficient. Enjoy, friends! 10 Small Office Design Ideas 1: Pocket Doors Image via Country Living With pocket doors you can set up a room without worrying about where the door opens. That’s valuable real estate in a small space! Try installing pocket doors instead of traditional doors to save space, and for added style, paint them a bright color! Related: 26 Small Home Office Must Haves! Idea 2: Bookcase Behind Desk via Houzz If you’re hoping for a two-sided table for meetings or conversation, adding a bookcase to the wall behind the desk frees up much-needed space. Try painting the walls bright colors to make the room cozy, then use cute patterned wallpaper behind the bookshelves to make them pop! Related: How to Create a Small Room See Big Idea 3: L-shaped Table Image via Xuping Little Notebook Another way to create a two-sided meeting table is to install an L-shaped table. This allows you to have two workstations, one for computer work and one for meetings. If you can do this in your room, it’s a great use of space! Try mounting shelves to the wall for extra storage. Idea 4: Hidden Storage Image via Southern Living If your small office is part of another room in the house (ie bedroom or kitchen), then hidden storage is a great option to create a beautiful space. address Try keeping your printer or files in a traditional cabinet for style and efficiency! Idea 5: Cork Board Wall Photo via Camera Link I love this cork board wall idea! Chalkboard walls are a big trend right now, but I always struggle with “messy” chalk. This cork board idea is great because it can replace a whiteboard or blackboard (with notes) and an inspiration board. Don’t have a wall small enough to work with or don’t like cork? Try just the top half of the wall with cork boards, then add boards and battens! Idea 6: A Little Holder Above Your Desk Photo by Amy Peltier I’m a big fan of paper files and I love this apartment therapy idea of ​​installing a row of file holders above your desk! It gives you easy access to the files you’re currently using, and it looks great. You may also like: How to hide important clutter at home. Idea 7: Folding Table Photo via Scrapbook Update Have you all seen the amazing Murphy table available today? This is a great way to have a table in a very tight space where you don’t want to sit forever. The drawing table above folds up against the wall when not in use and looks like a chalkboard hanging on the wall! Idea 8: Cable Office Image by HomeGoods Kitchen table is always trendy, but I love how it sits in this little nook. Many homes do not use such small corners or only display unnecessary furniture. Why not make it a functional office? Idea 9: Bar Cart Storage Photo by Every Girl I’ve always loved these bar carts from IKEA, so when I saw this idea of ​​using them for table storage, I was so excited! Not only does it look great, it’s also on wheels so you can move it around easily

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