Small Living Room Office Combo Ideas

Small Living Room Office Combo Ideas – Many of us work from home today, which has its pros and cons. If you have never had a dedicated home office, and you want to create one, but there is literally no space, you can look for it in one of the rooms, although the bedroom is the most popular option, I want to share another popular way: a home office in one room.

A small workspace in a home office or living room is a good idea: you save space, you get a large and comfortable room (living rooms are often the largest rooms in the house) and more communication, it can be both. Pros and cons. How to integrate and naturalize your living room workspace?

Small Living Room Office Combo Ideas

Small Living Room Office Combo Ideas

If you don’t have much space in your house and you live in a studio apartment, this idea might work for you: combine a work space and a dining area right in your living room. Choose a large comfortable table and a few chairs in a style and color that match your living room, and use this space for eating and working. Multifunctionality never goes out of style!

Small Living Room Ideas To Maximize Your Space

A neutral reception room with built-in bookshelves, a cream sofa with black cushions and a large table next to it.

Stylish modern living room with gray furniture, IKEA storage units, potted plants and a table with chairs for work

A neutral living room with a cream sofa, a mini bar and a window that doubles as a dining space and working space.

Cool contemporary living room with gray furniture and stained furniture, long elegant table and black chair for working

Guest Bedroom Office Combo Ideas — Belfort Buzz Furniture And Design Tips

If you don’t have much space for a home office corner, use any corner you have – a tight space behind the sofa, a small corner in the living room or the wall in front of the sofa if you don’t have a TV. You can place your desk near a window (especially if it’s a natural niche bay or bow window) or choose a wall-mounted or built-in if you have that option. A console table doubles as a narrow desk, or if you don’t have a suitable console or need more space, you can buy a separate desk for the space. Again, when it comes to furniture, choose something that complements the room to blend the spaces together and not separate them too much, which will give your room a more impressive look. Get inspired!

Boho living room with gray sectional, elegant chairs, green corner table, artwork and macrame

Bold living room with plywood storage unit on wall, butterflies, blue furniture, warm red table behind sofa, bright red fabric

Small Living Room Office Combo Ideas

Bold maximalist living room with bold window niche, pastel and neutral furniture, bold gallery wall and workspace

How To Organize & Design A Home Office/guest Bedroom

A charming living room with IKEA furniture, a soft and small table behind the sofa and a plywood chair are good.

A sleek neutral room with comfortable furniture, a white table by a bay window, and neutral fabrics

Coastal living room with bold blue accent wall, cream furniture, pouf, table and chairs with blue touch

Colorful eclectic living room with unique furniture and workspace with table, open shelves and cabinets

Stylish Family Room Design Ideas

Contemporary eclectic living room with gray sofa, round tables, striped chair, gallery wall and white elegant desk

Contemporary gray living room with comfortable furniture, vintage desk, wall-mounted shelves and chair

Contemporary living room with console table, small corner workspace, built-in shelves and desk

Small Living Room Office Combo Ideas

A cozy farmhouse living room with vintage furniture, a fireplace, a cream sofa, a wooden trestle desk, a chair and a cool piece of art.

A Gallery Of Home Workspace Tips

A living room with neutral furniture and shelves, a small workspace in the corner with a desk and leather chair

A luxurious room with elegant furniture, a long narrow table behind the sofa and a leather chair for working

Minimalist living room with gray sofa, elegant table with open storage, leather chair and sconce

A modern chic living room with a navy accent wall, neutral furniture, a wall-mounted TV, and a concrete pillar that separates the workspace from the living room.

Bedroom And Office Combo Room Design

A modern gray living room with bright accents and a small work area in the corner behind the sofa is a good example of how to use this poor space.

Modern industrial living room with gray sofa, purple accents, concrete ceiling, elegant table and comfortable work chair

A modern living room with a gray sofa and bright pillows, a small home office by the window and floating shelves

Small Living Room Office Combo Ideas

Modern living room with gray sofa, elegant chairs and low table, elegant corner table and chair and beautiful artwork

Office Guest Room Ideas

A modern neutral living room with a workspace by the window, a cream sofa, a blue pouf and statement potted plants

Neutral Contemporary Living Room Rock Stylish Idea With Comfortable Table And Sofa Side Chair

A neutral living room with nice furniture and artwork, a window desk for two and cool blue chairs are lovely.

Neutral modern farmhouse living room with cream sofa, simple desk, console table, woven chair and neutral lamp

Built In Desk Home Office Ideas You’ll Love

The Nordic living room here is airy and calm with a gray sofa, white storage furniture, white table and brass stools.

Modern living room with gray sofa, mirrored gallery wall, staircase, glass trestle desk and vintage chair

A very modern living room with a gray sofa and a low round table behind the sofa and a glass desk next to the window.

Small Living Room Office Combo Ideas

Refined living room in neutrals, contrasting dark furniture, dark table and cream chair, floor lamps are very nice

Amazing Home Office Ideas That Double As Cozy Guest Bedrooms

A modern living room with neutrals, refined with delicate furniture, a sleek metal table and cream chairs is stunning.

A sophisticated vintage living room in neutrals with a navy velvet sofa, a beautiful table, beautiful chairs and a statement plant

A Scandinavian living room in pastels and neutrals, with a small work space in the corner, floating shelves and a wall-mounted desk is cool.

Scandinavian living room with neutral furniture, black table by window, monochromatic gallery wall, TV

Living Room Color Schemes For A Cozy, Livable Space

Scandinavian space with IKEA furniture, beautiful small table behind sofa, vintage metal chair and lamp

Stylish mid-century modern living room with black sectional, floating shelves, low table and window table

A stylish modern living room done in neutrals with a vintage fireplace, chic and comfortable furniture, a small corner work space, floating shelves and antlers.

Small Living Room Office Combo Ideas

Stylish Nordic living room with gray sofa, metal and wooden table, metal chair and black retro lamp

Small Home Office Ideas (with Photos From Real People)

Vintage living room with mint blue walls, built-in fireplace, vintage oversized table and chairs, and stack of baskets for storage

A living room with modern furniture, colorful art, books and rugs, and a corner desk to work on

The welcoming room is charming with a yellow sofa, a work area by the window, a beautiful gallery wall and potted plants.

A beautiful glass desk behind the sofa is a beautiful idea to find a small home office and use this awkward space.

Cloffice Ideas For Remote Workers Short On Space

Beautiful living room with wooden accent wall and brown sofa, chic desk with blue chair behind the sofa

Attractive modern living room in neutral and bland woods with a stylish desk and navy chair by the window

We use cookies to provide you with a better experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are happy with it. Today I’m revealing my modern farmhouse dining room remodel, including our first wall demo and the construction of a DIY banquette for office and electronic storage.

Small Living Room Office Combo Ideas

“No one puts a baby in a corner” (named after an eighties movie quote), and no one locks Erica to a desk.

Ideas For A Home Workspace In Your Living Room

No matter how hard I try to create my own personal work-space when it’s time to write a blog post or edit photos/videos (like the time I designed “mophis”- a mudroom/office combo), I’m always alone. . Lured to the dining table. Not only does my dining room have better lighting, but I feel in control and more inspired when I work there.

The problem with this arrangement, however, is that my blogging equipment (camera, laptop, tripod, etc.) starts to completely take over the “dining” side of the place. In other words- I’m too lazy to clean myself up

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