Small Office Guest Room Ideas

Small Office Guest Room Ideas – Here is an overview of my guest room and home office. Sharing my thoughts on how to design a multifunctional room, especially if it’s small! I hope you have some helpful guest office bedroom ideas to design your own spare room.

This multifunctional transformation of the room was done by hand. I used a lot of IKEA products and furniture to make this set functional and affordable.

Small Office Guest Room Ideas

Small Office Guest Room Ideas

So my home office/guest room is about 11 feet by 11 feet. Our house is less than 1000 square feet and this house only has 2 bedrooms.

Home Office Guest Room Ideas To Help You Decorate

So this room is our only second bedroom with more features.

Take a tour with us and show you step by step how we remodel a spare bedroom and turn it into a guest room and home office.

But before that, let me show you a little bit so you can better understand what we are doing with the universe.

This space was preceded by a very dated spare bedroom on the top floor of a 1940s residence. It’s old but not charming.

Office Guest Room Ideas For A Cozy Temporary Sleeping Space

This photo is from before. Because this photo was taken during an open house, the photographer used a wide-angle lens to make the room appear larger.

Are you ready to see how I’m going to transform this room with all the ideas I share with you? Read on.

When designing multi-purpose rooms, I like to set cleanliness from the start so that the space feels more open and cohesive. Later it will be easier to add various functions to the room.

Small Office Guest Room Ideas

So for this guest room, I did a basic update on the old walls and floors before moving on to a major refurbishment.

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We removed the carpet to reveal the parquet underneath and covered the floor in a lighter color.

The lighter color helps to make the space appear larger, especially since the windows face north, which means there isn’t much light during the day.

The room was originally covered with vinyl wallpaper, which we tried to remove, but nothing good came of it. So we cover it with vertical boat circles, you can read my tutorial in this post.

I painted the Benjamin Moore Moonshine wall a light gray with yellow and green undertones. I even painted the window frames and drawers to give the room a more cohesive look.

How To Design A Stylish Bedroom Home Office

When designing a multi-purpose room, I start by listing all the functions that the room should perform. My room combines a home office, a guest room and a workshop.

First, the room was meant to be a home office where my husband and I could work on our own projects after hours or do our day to day work duties on work from home days.

It will be used as a guest room when we have guests – ideally up to 2 people.

Small Office Guest Room Ideas

Finally, a workshop or sewing shop, since I like to sew from time to time, I want my sewing machine to be available.

Blissful Guest Room/office Combo: Before & After Design Photos

Next, I need to determine something more important: what features of this room do I use the most?

It is impossible for one space to perform 3 functions at the same time every day, so you need to be smart and choose.

It’s not easy to fit three functions into an 11 x 11 room, so I prioritize based on our daily needs.

Since we don’t have guests that often, I decided the space should be 60% home office, 20% guest room, and 20% workshop.

Small Home Office Ideas

The next step was to come up with all the key pieces of furniture needed to fulfill these functions, and the most difficult was to choose a bed for the guest room, as it took up the most space and was expensive.

Since guest rooms have 20% priority and my room was small, I definitely didn’t want a large double bed to take up most of the space, so I opted for a sofa bed.

So while I’m at work, I’ll use the sofa bed to relax; when guests come, I can open it and it becomes a full bed with a mattress.

Small Office Guest Room Ideas

In fact, we had to send back the first sofa bed we bought because the mattress was too hard to sit on. When it came time to use it as a sleeping pillow, we had to fold the back pillow, which created an uneven sleeping surface.

Best Guest Bedroom Ideas

Instead, we opted for a sofa bed with a mattress on top so that the surface would be more even when used as a bed.

We ended up buying IKEA called FINNALA. Color is beige. It is interesting to note that the colors on the website appear lighter and warmer than the ones I received. In fact, it is more like a soft light gray.

I also added a wall light for a living room feel so it can be used as a table lamp when people are sleeping here or as a reading light when we use it as an office.

It’s always nice to have a side table next to the seating that people can put their drinks on. I made good use of this side table from West Elm under the sofa. When we use this room as a guest room, we simply move it to the bedside table.

Space Savvy Home Offices That Utilize Their Corner Space

We actually slept there for a week while I was painting the window sill in the master bedroom.

By the way, I hide large flat items like cutting mats under the sofa! There are also some large files. If you have a sofa that is low to the floor, this is a great place to store things – remember, you have things tucked away in there!

I added a gallery wall above the sofa bed. Since it is primarily used as a home office, I wanted it to be inspiring and fun.

Small Office Guest Room Ideas

Most of the prints have been collected over the years, some from my own print shop, which you can view here.

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Our space is limited. To save space and get the most out of my home office functionality, I decided to build a built-in desk.

This allows me to move the table against the wall to make room for the sofa bed. Another advantage of built-in wardrobes is that you can have lots of storage drawers.

On the right, I built a smaller and lower table to use as a sewing table. This is due to limited space for windows and cabinet doors.

This is my sewing and needlework table. But sometimes when I need more space. I will use my desk as a desk.

Nursery Guest Room Ideas

I have a video post with a built in table, so if you’re interested, check out this DIY table build tutorial.

Having built-in storage is a great way to add storage space while keeping it tidy as it fits perfectly into the space. Alternatively, you can paint it to match your walls, as I did here.

I added a dedicated floating shelf above the table to add more storage but mostly just to spice it up.

Small Office Guest Room Ideas

Our house is very old so we can’t hammer in nails, in fact we have a lot of weird angled nails in our house. So now these floating shelves are mostly for decorative purposes, I don’t put heavy things on them.

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Now let’s talk about wardrobe design ideas and how to make it versatile so that it matches with the living room and office.

Firstly, I use it to store my sewing and craft supplies since I have a lot of hobbies. I don’t take up too much space in the main crafting room, so I basically need a closet for all my trinkets.

I kept the coat rack on purpose so that when it was used as a guest room they could still hang clothes on the bar. I also added wooden storage boxes.

I have a wardrobe makeover post where I share my DIY process and all the details. You can read about my wardrobe update here.

Small Space Living Ideas

I created this beautiful piece of art to give it a calm and dreamy vibe. You can find it in my printers.

I decided to go for light shades instead of curtains. I got this White Roman shade from Pottery Barn.

Since I have a gallery wall and there is a lot going on in this small space, I decided to try using simple shades.

Small Office Guest Room Ideas

I just love how the vertical lines mimic my vertical walls. I think this light fixture is perfect for guest rooms and home offices.

Home Office + Guest Room

I am very pleased with the result! It is very comfortable as a home office and when we sleep here it is comfortable enough for long hours of sleep. and start doing

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