Small Office Space Ideas Ikea

Small Office Space Ideas Ikea – Unusual and unused spaces (such as corridors or under the stairs) can be put to good use when you work from home. You will be surprised at how many smart solutions you can integrate to create the workspace you need.

Some of us fit an entire room into a home office. But with an office chair that can easily be tucked away, a narrow desk and wall storage above, there’s room for a workspace in almost any unused space. Or even two.

Small Office Space Ideas Ikea

Small Office Space Ideas Ikea

In a small space, you need a compact desk to make a workplace possible. But just because it’s compact doesn’t mean it can’t have extra features – like built-in drawers and a beautiful, sustainable top made from sustainable bamboo.

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Do you want generous, well-distributed lighting in your workplace? This pendant lamp provides fine, glare-free lighting and has a simple design that suits most styles.

A row of memo boards and a picture border make your space more functional and personal. Perfect for important notes – or for art, photos and other decorations.

Even if you work from home, you still need to be prepared to play outside occasionally. Keep your belongings ready by packing them in a practical bag on the hook – perhaps the smartest storage solution ever. From house to high-rise! Congratulations on expanding your business. Find out how the Troton system easily adapts to the changing needs of your office with multi-purpose furniture and practical units that you can easily combine.

With this double-sided notice board, you can write notes and reminders on one side and post things on the other. It is easily mounted on a desk and acts as a partition to create privacy between work areas.

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This smart, lightweight drawer unit stores small valuables – such as purses, phones and important papers – in a lockable drawer and larger items – bicycle helmets and heavy bags – on a shelf below.

Take this practical storage unit with wheels wherever you need extra storage space. Or a temporary extra seat for quick meetings with colleagues! The bamboo top adds a warm, natural detail to the room.

With tables and boards that are easy to move, you can quickly design and adapt hidden rooms, floating areas or other interiors that best suit your needs. In addition, the design allows for space-saving storage between sessions.

Small Office Space Ideas Ikea

Not only are these cabinets double-sided, they offer open and closed storage that can be accessed from both sides. They also double up as ideal room dividers too – especially with an extra board.

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Troughton desks are suitable for both working from home and coworking in open offices. A-shaped legs maximize space and minimize obstructions. Add suitable chairs and your new office space is complete. Here is an inspiring work from home that makes the most of a small space. With smart storage solutions, a comfortable chair and matching furniture, you can create a space that is both stylish and super organised.

Matching furniture in beautiful grey-turquoise tones elevates the style of your home office. With tons of drawers, you’ll never run out of space to organize your stationery and notes.

If you sit better, you work better. The beauty of this office chair is that the integrated lumbar support provides extra relief for the back. Just add a floor protector to keep your floors happy too.

Make the most of a narrow wall by building a custom storage rack. Here we cut the Tranhult shelf in two parts and attached them with Sandshult brackets. Boxes and magazine collectors keep the mess under control.

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No more tangled cables while charging. This multitasking work light charges your phone wirelessly while providing great lighting on your desk. The smart design of the desk ensures that cables are out of sight, which ensures a neat and tidy work area.

This versatile board not only organizes your papers and folders and reminds you of your tasks – it can also serve as an inspiration board. Hang your favorite photos and memories to keep you motivated throughout the working day.

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Small Office Space Ideas Ikea

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