Photos Taking Up Space On Iphone Even With Icloud

Photos Taking Up Space On Iphone Even With Icloud – Sometimes we make questionable choices when buying technology, and buying a base 64GB iPhone is one of them. iPhone storage fills up quickly. Then we go to the Photos app and delete some old photos to find out that we have a problem – iPhone photos are taking up space even after deleting them all in different ways.

If you can relate to this situation like many people on the Internet, don’t worry. We know why this happens, and we want to share our findings with you. Plus, we’ve got eight ways you can save some storage. Let’s first understand why it happened.

Photos Taking Up Space On Iphone Even With Icloud

Photos Taking Up Space On Iphone Even With Icloud

So when we look at the Photos app on the iPhone, we think of it as the app that stores all the photos we’ve taken, downloaded, and taken. Although this is true, it is not the whole story.

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The Photos app isn’t just a ‘photo library’ app. It’s a complete directory of all the photos on your iPhone. Some of these cannot be viewed individually, these are thumbnails, saved photos and all photo data on your iPhone.

Therefore, your Photos app seems to be taking up space even after deleting all the photos.

Although this seems to happen most of the time, sometimes small bugs can cause them to fill up the space in the Photos app even after deleting, or you forgot to put the deleted photos in ‘Recently Deleted’ first. The folder you need to delete to actually remove it. Let’s start with that.

Here are eight ways to solve the problem. As we said before, let’s start by removing the recently deleted folder by following all the other tried and tested methods to solve the problem.

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Thanks to the recently deleted iPhone folder, we saved many times to avoid accidentally deleting some files. But on the other hand, it is common to forget that the photos on our iPhone are not actually deleted when we delete them. Then, the store will load and you’ll see a big number next to the Photos app in the store menu.

Sometimes, delete photos already as hidden files on your iPhone. They are tied to the date they were deleted. This happens when there is a pause while trying to delete your photos. So if you go the previous day, you can review some pictures. Now, try to delete it again.

Step 3: Turn off the browser to ‘automatically set’ This will allow you to change the date on your iPhone.

Photos Taking Up Space On Iphone Even With Icloud

Step 4: Tap the date to change, and change it back to the previous date. Once you’ve done that, you can go back to the Photos app and remove a few photos if something appears.

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While iCloud is a great tool to back up and protect your photos, sometimes syncing photos takes up a lot of space in the Photos app. While the reason is not clearly explained, try to turn off the toggle for iCloud syncing. However, make sure to use this option only when saving all your photos.

Using the improved storage mode in the Photos app helps you save low-quality photos internally to save space. As long as the photos are in original quality, they will be uploaded to iCloud. If you’re an iCloud user, using this feature will prevent the Photos app from taking up too much storage space.

In the Files app on iPhone, some photos you downloaded from Safari will not appear in the Photos app. However, when you view the storage menu in Settings, they show the amount of storage held by the Photos app. So, try deleting some photos and images from the Files app to see if the photos take up less storage.

Restarting the iPhone ends the current user session and starts a new session. In this way, you can get rid of bugs already in your iPhone, including those that cause iPhone photos to take up space even after you delete them all.

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If many users find that iPhone photos are taking up space even after deleting them all, Apple will take this into account. They will release another iOS update which will help users to fix the bug. So, make sure you are on the latest version of iOS on your iPhone.

If any of the above methods do not work to solve the Photos app storage issue, you can try to reset the iPhone. This means that all your location, home screen background, privacy settings and more will be back to default. Here’s how to do it

Tip: Before you go ahead and reset your device, check out our detailed guide to understand what happens when you reset your iPhone.

Photos Taking Up Space On Iphone Even With Icloud

Step 5: Now, tap on ‘Reset All Settings’. If you’re ready, enter your password and click ‘Reset All Settings’ to confirm.

How To Free Up Storage Space On Your Iphone

So, that’s all you need to know about how to solve the problem of taking up space even after deleting all the photos on the iPhone. However, if you have additional questions, see the next section below.

You can use the Select button in the iPhone Photos app to delete multiple photos at once.

Deleting photos is the way many people free up storage space on their iPhones. So, it’s annoying when the Photos app remains in storage even after deleting it. We hope this article will help you solve the problem.

However, if you do everything mentioned and you still find that the Photos app is taking up some storage, then so be it. As long as it doesn’t take up a lot of storage, say more than 4-5GB, it’s not a concern.

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Supreet is outgoing and tech savvy and has been a joy to be around since childhood. Now he’s doing what he loves best – writing about technology-driven technology. He is a former mechanical engineer and has worked in the EV industry for two years. Have you recently faced the challenge of taking photos somewhere on iPhone even in iCloud? How do you deal with the problem? This article will discuss the causes of this problem and the methods you can use to fix it.

Photos Taking Up Space On Iphone Even With Icloud

Why do photos take up space on iPhone even in iCloud? How can you solve this problem? As an iPhone user, you may want to back up your photos to iCloud to free up space on your local storage. This is because the iPhone camera recording often takes high-quality photos that take up a lot of storage space.

How Do I Resolve Storage Discrepancies?

Even if you save your precious photos to iCloud, you may find that they still take up space on your iPhone. This article tries to answer all your questions and give you detailed guidance on how to solve the problem. Read on to find out which medicine is right for you!

The first reason for this problem may be the accumulation of duplicate photos on the iPhone storage. These can be photos that have already been uploaded to iCloud or that have appeared more than once in your local storage. Another reason for this problem could be if you have deleted a photo, but it is still in “Recently Deleted”.

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