Small Space Office Guest Room Ideas

Small Space Office Guest Room Ideas – The rooms are quite luxurious, especially in this day and age where maximizing space is the norm. However, let’s say you are one of the lucky few to own a room. In this case, it makes sense to create a functional room for personal use, where you spend only a fraction of your time.

While guest rooms are often smaller in size, we have some great ideas for layouts that maximize the extra space and maximize everyday use. We’ve listed a few alternative uses for guest rooms, regardless of size. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Small Space Office Guest Room Ideas

Small Space Office Guest Room Ideas

Entering 2020, we are spending more and more time at home. Everything from socializing with friends and family to getting work done has moved online. Here, your guest room can be a real lifesaver.

Small Guest Room Ideas That Are Larger Than Life

All this extra space makes for a great home office. With distractions lurking in every other corner of the house, it can be difficult to get work done in other, more common areas of the house, such as the kitchen, living room, or family room.

Plus, there are tons of modern office furniture designs online to ensure your workspace will blend in seamlessly with your existing living room décor.

A beautiful, functional desk with lots of drawer space, like the gray Owen desk in Living Space, which has two drawers for storage and one drawer for papers and doesn’t look cluttered.

Now, with the advent of the desk, we need to have a kick chair that blows those boring, bland leather chairs out of the park. The Pennell Wayfair task chair makes it easy.

Designer Guest Bedroom Ideas And Essentials

When space is at a premium, every inch of space must be used to its full potential. For a nursery that doubles as a living room from time to time, go with classy furniture that doesn’t look too childish at all.

Our stylists often recommend moving away from baby or nursery themes in favor of a more transitional style. No matter what furniture you choose, toys, stuffed animals, and children’s books will add to the look.

We love adding a daybed like the Urban Daybed & Trundle from West Elm for a change. During the day it can be used as extra seating and a great space for a bench/couch. When you have guests over, the sofa bed can comfortably accommodate four guests. It is available in a dozen different colors to match your room design instantly.

Small Space Office Guest Room Ideas

If you need extra storage space (and let’s face it, we all do, 90% of the time), the living room is a great space to store all that extra stuff. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the décor of the room. You just need to choose wisely what furniture you buy.

Guest Room / Office Combo Makeover

With so many great under-bed storage options, you no longer have to rely on flimsy plastic tubs that aren’t as durable or look good. We really like the Neve Upholstered Storage Bed from Wayfair. This piece is a perfect example of how you shouldn’t sacrifice style for extra storage space. The bottom drawer is a nice addition, along with the lovely upholstered headboard and nail trim.

Another great idea for a small guest room is a freestanding wardrobe which can easily be added to existing wardrobe space and maximizes all the extra vertical space in the room. This is an inexpensive storage solution for small spaces. There are many options for under $100 for this type of safe. We recommend Kleppstad from IKEA.

Chances are you don’t have regular guests having a bed in your room 24/7. If you really want a functional room, choose low-profile bed furniture. Well, you can still have a home office with stylish artwork, a full-sized desk, and even built-in bookshelves.

Is it a secret? Having a rollaway bed can instantly transform any room into an intimate and elegant living room.

Guest Room Office Ideas: 10 Ways To Achieve A Smart Layout |

To be honest, the Murphy family isn’t what it used to be. Metal frame beds always look old and clunky. Today, you can find so many creative solutions that you don’t even have to buy different pieces of furniture.

Choose from Alegra Queen Murphy Urban LLoft Furnishing Bed with Desk and Double Side Panels. When closed, there are plenty of drawers on either side for storing pillows, blankets, files and more. There’s plenty of room for a writing desk, so you don’t have to worry when you have to put the bed down.

A standard yoga mat is two feet wide, and a little over five feet wide—and that’s all the room you’ll need if you want to stretch well. When you’re done exercising, the yoga mat can be stored quickly and easily. Just roll it up and put it in your wardrobe.

Small Space Office Guest Room Ideas

Pro tip: A yoga mat can be used as part of your décor. Place it on an all-purpose shelf and yoga mat mat, like this one from FineWineCaddy on Etsy, and it never looks out of place.

Amazing Home Office Ideas That Double As Cozy Guest Bedrooms

Another exercise addition that doesn’t take up much space is mini dumbbells. You can easily put it in a desk drawer or store it in a locker under the bed. All you need now is your workout clothes and some energizing music to get your heart rate up.

A guest bedroom doesn’t have to be designated as a bedroom in your home. Think outside the box and develop other areas of your home that can serve as living areas. We’ve seen our designers create beautiful relaxation spaces in sun rooms, lofts and every extra space in between.

If you think it’s time to clear out some boxes in the attic and finally start making use of the space, get inspired by this attic space.

By using a comfortable sofa that converts into a bed quickly, we give our guests ample space to stay and rest. The sofa frame is the bed, flanked by bedside tables and a night lamp. A full-length dresser and featured chair combine functionality to create a lovely nook area for reading a book, getting ready for the morning, or simply relaxing.

Small Bedroom Ideas To Maximise Style

There is a small table area across the room for two people. Slight variations in tones and materials used on this side of the room create a visual barrier that invites guests to relax. But it’s still a productive workspace when you need it.

Try to choose a scheme or theme that matches the rest of your home’s decor. Keep the same color palette and start adding different decorative items to match the look. This is an easy trick for creating a cohesive, beautiful space without spending a lot of time thinking about the details.

The living room can be a very functional space. Check out the tips we shared above to make your living room more functional. Murphy beds and sofa beds are perfect for turning an office or media room into a bedroom when the need arises. Try using a small, movable table that is not austere, which can quickly be adapted to accommodate overnight guests. Keep it simple and choose furniture that speaks for itself, giving you more storage space and versatility.

Small Space Office Guest Room Ideas

Even the smallest guest room should have space in the bedroom or closet for storing clothes and belongings. A comfortable bed with pillows and sheets and a small bedside table with a lamp are also necessary. Next, consider small details like having a visible trash can, and convenient power outlets for phones and other electronics.

Best Small Bedroom Ideas On Pinterest (2021) + Small Bedroom Hacks

Whether they have direct access to the bathroom or not, you will have to add towels and basic toiletries to their room. Water bottles or glasses are another thoughtful addition to a room.

We want to help you maximize the space in your guest room! Contact a designer today to start your project. You will have unlimited access to personal design tips and a 3D view of your room. Our team of expert designers will help you make the most of your living space – whether it’s a small or large bedroom design.

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Best Guest Bedroom Ideas

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