Things To Do With A Spare Room

Things To Do With A Spare Room – Whether you’re thinking about expanding your family, creating a meditation area, or even a home office, having the luxury of an extra room is a task that can seem daunting at first. Whether it’s a small guest room or storage room, it can sit empty so we’re here to help you turn it into a functional space full of energy.

If you’ve been blessed with a spare room but don’t know what to do with it, let us help. Here we share tips, tricks and advice to help inspire you and make use of an unused room!

Things To Do With A Spare Room

Things To Do With A Spare Room

While this may not be for everyone – like apartment dwellers, but if you have a basement, garage, or addition, you can turn it into a bar/lounge for guests.

Home Office Ideas: Turn A Spare Room Into Your Dream Workspace

Make it more intimate with mood lighting or add furniture that brings life to the room and create a unique and perfect atmosphere that your friends will love to hang out. It can be as simple as creating a countertop, adding a face, high chairs, and there you have your little wood area.

If your room is on the small side and you’re not a fan of working from the dining room table or bedroom, create your own home office space. Regardless of size, most small spaces will fit tables and chairs but it’s important to use vertical space and install shelves for books and important documents to keep floor space open.

Neutral tones will work well here because you don’t want something so cozy that you can’t do any work, but if it’s too cold the room won’t suit you.

Just like a home office, you need enough desk and chair space and again, vertical space here is essential for your books and study materials. Maybe you can add an armchair for extra comfort if you need to read because we all know that reading at a desk can be uncomfortable and ultimately counterintuitive.

How To Fill Empty Corners In Rooms

A room like this would be perfect if you have kids because the study room can be used for a dedicated homework space. If you have more than one child who needs to use the room or, if space allows, you can add more than one table.

The most common way people use a spare room is as a place for guests. This is great if you live far from family and they want to visit, or if you’ve invited friends over and you want to make sure they have a place to stay.

Maybe you plan to expand your family one day and want to keep the room as a bedroom, then a guest room might be the way to go. Guest rooms are a great way to use color schemes and design ideas that you may be afraid to use in your bedrooms or living spaces. Be brave, be creative!

Things To Do With A Spare Room

Another option allows you to have a study room and guest space. If the space allows, you can add a table and chair as usual for the study area and use the vertical space for any equipment, from here, add a day bed or sofa bed that can be changed and used immediately if the guest’s situation arises. . . Or the family has to wait.

How To Redecorate Your Child’s Bedroom Once They’ve Moved Out

Many sofa bed options these days offer significant comfort and ensure you don’t compromise on style. Choosing the right furniture here means that you can make the most of the room, making use of the space and by leaving the floor bare and using the wall space, you ensure that the room does not feel cramped.

A great idea for a spare room, especially if it’s creative, is to turn it into a special room for your creative vice president. Whether you want to be a designer, a traveler or just enjoy sewing as a hobby, machines, clothes, mannequins and all the little things have to go somewhere. Why not build your own sewing company?

If you want to write your next best-selling novel, turn your spare room into a place where you can lose yourself in literature.

If you’re an artist or a passionate photographer, this is the perfect opportunity to get your hoop, all those tools, and go crazy!

Four Ideas For What To Do With Your Spare Room

If you are more adventurous, this will be a place of peace and quiet and solitude. Whether you enjoy scrapbooking, knitting or going full DIY and creating lamps or furniture, this is the time to do it.

In this creative space, you can use as much space as possible with the many storage solutions available to keep all your essentials and pieces.

Maybe you don’t need a guest room or even a studio and you’re a book writer. We call our dreams come true for bookworms? Your own library!

Things To Do With A Spare Room

Easy to install, you can line the room with matching shelves or bookcases and turn your spare room into a world of books that will be the envy of all book lovers. Add a nice couch or chair for those nights when you want to curl up with your favorite story.

Spare Room Ideas

If fitness is a big part of your life, why not add it to your home life too! Regardless of the space, if you have a spare room, at least you have enough space for a piece of equipment or other floor exercise equipment.

Invest in a treadmill to get those steps in after a day at the office. Keep those weights in the corner of the room and you can get a daily dose of healthy exercise.

Putting a large mirror on the wall and buying a mat for floor exercises will also be more productive than sitting in a room at a loss!

If you have small children and your spare room is not their room, this is a great opportunity to clear out your entire house and turn this space into a playroom and children’s area. Replace the floor with foam padding, add a small arts and crafts table and some storage space for their toys and you’ll have plenty of room for parenting.

How To Style The Perfect Guest Bedroom

This not only allows them to have their own independent space but also teaches them about zoning so they know they can’t create a mess in all the other rooms if they set up their space.

What is a good idea if you are raising a child? Or are you a big kid at heart? Game room and activity area. You can entertain visitors in a unique way every time.

A pool table can be added and a coffee table can be purchased to keep if you want to turn it into a table tennis, board game area or drinks as the night goes by. If you’re into board games, invest in a shelf because no one wants to trip over anything on the floor.

Things To Do With A Spare Room

If you’re feeling fancy and are a movie buff, turn your spare room into your home theater. It’s a high investment when it comes to budget but if you’re a big film and television person, it will pay off.

Spare Rooms And What To Do With Them

A large TV screen or projector on the wall, surround sound and a comfortable chair or even speakers will help turn your spare room into a wonderful home theater. If you want to go all out, add a popcorn machine for the ultimate cinematic experience!

It is a dream for many people but if you make one it can become a reality. Use that extra space and turn the room into your dream dressing room or walk-in closet. This is a good idea especially if your storage space is not available or if you only want to keep your clothes in the closet for a while, this room can be the place where you store all your clothes.

It can be very simple or more complicated if you want to do it yourself, but adding a large wardrobe and vanity can also go a long way to creating your dressing area.

For efficiency and functionality, or if you have kids and the laundry is just growing, it’s not a bad idea to turn your spare room into a laundry/utility room, although depending on where the room is located, you may need to look inside. . Plumbing and Maintenance.

What To Do With That Spare Room By Albie Knows Interior Design + Content Creation

However, it means that this part of everyday life has its own place and it does not smell the house and it does not take up space anywhere else. If all is well, put your device down, your storage area on top of it and you may find you have more space left.

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