Travel Agency Office Interior Design Ideas

Travel Agency Office Interior Design Ideas – 21 workshops, 5 private offices, 2 large conference rooms with integrated media, 2 workshops / events, many formal and informal collaboration areas, new tables.

Over the past 5 years, the company has experienced exponential growth and is considered the largest privately held management company in the market through services and employee leadership. The client wanted to revise their role as they expanded to another area and wanted to develop a more open and welcoming work environment.

Travel Agency Office Interior Design Ideas

Travel Agency Office Interior Design Ideas

The office expansion continues into the new 2nd floor, which was intended to be a more relaxed, open design that promotes collaboration and closer communication between teams. We designed the best spatial solutions for the project and incorporated them into movable glass, which allowed us to open up the space and open up the conversation space. Large Wall Art Traveler Tourist Agency Travel Room Decoration Decal Ig4307 Pink

In addition, soft chairs are placed around the perimeter of the room for casual seating options. Then the meeting space for business meetings, which can now accommodate up to 3,000 more people than the previous space, allowed the entire office to be lit by opening up a whole row of windows to the interior of the office. They folded back movable walls in the hallway to create a welcoming space for remote employees to visit, and gave them a beautiful private workspace with lots of light and the tools they needed to work.

In the new ground floor area, they managed to separate the accounting department from the customer service, dividing a large open space with movable walls, providing a noise barrier and a kind of privacy without obstructing a beautiful view and a very clear and guarded office. open .

Ariana Smetana, Design Director, -Best in Design – Top Texas Talent by Modern Luxury Texas Magazine in the category: “Best Office” for Western University Travel Agency.

10 workshops, 4 private offices, 1 large area with integrated equipment, open reception, 1 room / closet, new floors, lighting, custom murals and wall safes.

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Project; One of Western University’s longest running businesses has just completed an exciting and hilarious transformation. Western University Travel, a Houston-based travel company with a global focus on luxury travel, has a dynamic new owner. The Art-Deco building agency, a historic presence in Western University, has undergone an elegant, complete interior renovation with the intention of satisfying even the most demanding preferences and desires of experienced travelers. The whole innovation was conceived, planned and orchestrated by expert contemporary Houston designer Ariana Smetana of artVIA, and the results are truly a sight to behold. Smetana worked closely with the new owner to build the agency’s luxury brand, which incorporates a clean, fresh look and a pop of bold, bright color. Modern and updated in appearance, but comfortable and welcoming, the new space offers a sophisticated environment where travel has never been more exciting to plan.

With stunning larger-than-life murals of famous brands, they introduced the element of wall design into the travel brochure. The agency is now equipped with the latest travel technology to animate and imagine the endless possibilities of luxury travel. Without a doubt, it is evident in the new spaces that they have confidence in creating the perfect itinerary to meet their own needs and wants. They said: I see that he killed the radio star, but does it stop there? The advent of the Internet saw the release of many industries from print newspapers to video stores. In the minds of many travelers, the establishment of dinosaurs has also gone the way of the past.

But not Freedom Trail, a company that has not only weathered the decline of face-to-face retail, but is also thriving in a changing environment.

Travel Agency Office Interior Design Ideas

Freedom Travel has taken on a whole new level of transparency in its recently completed travel center and business offices. The spaces are hybrids of retail and work, allowing consumers to look behind the scenes of the company and ensure that employees always have employees in mind.

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Architecture and design firm CallisonRTKL helped Freedom Trail realize this work of a hybrid airline and retail space. The design begins on the street, inviting passers-by to enter the store and explore the paths that are the paths of life. But it doesn’t stop there.

Customers are also invited to see the work that goes into each Freedom Travel package. The storefront keeps the brand alive and visible, while the back of the open house shows the customer that behind this wall are another 100 people working for them, making their dreams come true.

In the described space, CallisonRTKL has created a destination library similar to a tourist library. Each region of the world is highlighted for easy search and to create a fun browsing experience unique to each customer’s preferences.

“Space Hybrid brings an element of curiosity,” said Benjamin Baioneto, assistant vice president of CallisonRTK. “It’s when you’re in a museum and you pass the door and your eyes gravitate to what’s behind the door.” On the Freedom Walk, you can really get to know him.”

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“This arrangement allows for more effective training and collaboration between customer service and administrative and management staff,” said Tom Pulk, assistant senior vice president of CallisonRTKL. “With the two groups under one roof, managers can easily communicate about consumer trends and preferences, creating a more efficient and profitable process.”

Employees have a clear view of the entire company, to reveal possible career development opportunities. As the portfolio of properties has improved, Liberty Travel also has the ability to offer more amenities, such as large lounges with TV and games for its employees. In this space, employees at all levels of the company can form stronger mutual professional and social relationships, ultimately resulting in greater job satisfaction and lower employee workload.

It is no longer a private office with a secretary. It is an integral part of the brand, and in the case of Freedom Trail, the retail hybrid easily renders the company’s culture, values ​​and aspirations – bringing together the vision, the brand and the team under one roof. With this in mind, CallisonRTKL helped Liberty Travel create a customer-focused retail experience that captures the attention of restauranteurs while serving as a functional office with premium employee benefits. no longer supports older versions of your web browser to keep user data safe. Update to the latest version.

Travel Agency Office Interior Design Ideas

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How A Travel Agency Is Staying Relevant In The Age Of Online Booking

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Travel Agency Office Interior Design Ideas

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