What To Do With My Spare Room

What To Do With My Spare Room – In 2020 we’ve been spending a lot of time at home and the fall days are getting shorter. I knew I had to give something. I always say I hate cold winters. Having been confined to a windowless office for most of my career, I often miss natural light. Knowing that the pandemic winter was going to be dark (literally and figuratively), I decided to rearrange my bedroom to take some space away from the screen and the daily pandemic life. Read on for 12 free space ideas that fit your budget!

Prior to the mini-renovation, this extra bedroom was used for a variety of purposes, including a guest room, photo studio for blogging, random lockers, and odds and ends magnets. It was generally messy unless there were no guests and it was not used often. But this room has the most natural light in the house, and we knew we weren’t making the most of it. So, as the days got shorter, they announced, “Let’s make this room a sunroom!” It’s a good place to go when you want to get a ray of sunshine on the weekend. I decided to push it further and embrace the winter darkness. Places in the world that get little light in the winter were much more accepting of the dark than most Americans (like me) complaining about it. However, darkness has its advantages. Read more to discover 12 free space ideas that fit your budget.

What To Do With My Spare Room

What To Do With My Spare Room

Wanting to make the most of every corner of the room, I started by bringing in a chair and creating a small reading area. During the holidays, this was a party corner in the room. Starting in a corner also made the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčrenovating an entire room less daunting. You can easily create your own workspace by reusing furniture from other parts of your home or by finding inexpensive used items.

The Evolution Of A Guest Room

Sometimes it’s nice to sit in the winter sun and read a book or take a cat nap. We already had a queen bed in the space, but I mixed things up and added an extra king pillow (Amazon Affiliate Link) to the long side of the queen bed and purchased pillows from Community 6 (Affiliate Link). Since we already had the bedding, for under $200 we built a boring bed we only use a few times a year in a space we love to spend time in.

12 Extra Space Ideas on a Budget – No, No Electricity! However, we loved using candles in the winter.

One of the things I missed the most during the pandemic was eating out. Instead of thinking about what I missed, I started thinking about what it would be really nice to visit our favorite local attractions and places we remember from our travels. I love a nice, quiet and intimate space the most. I like the old back compartment that gives you the feeling of having your own little space. I like dark and quiet music. A place where you can talk and listen to each other. A place described as hobbit-like in travel books. So we moved our little tulip table into the sunroom. Some nights I embraced the darkness and ate by candlelight and a quiet Spotify playlist. For the second night, we created a theme that included food, drink and music to fit the occasion. I started Night View at the beginning of the season, mostly related to movies, but this space was a great escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, away from all the screens and the nightly news.

I love a crunchy good time! And that means snacks and small drinks before the main meal, where you can unwind and unwind from the day and get a little break before diving into the dinner dishes. We don’t do this every night, but sometimes it’s fun. Especially on weekends when you need a side dish for your main meal. Sometimes during the week, we’d sit down and talk about our day, listen to music, catch our breath before going back to the real world and watching the evening news. It’s good to have a chance to relax.

Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas To Make It A Multifunctional Space

It was important to keep the sunroom free. No piles of letters on the table! No bags of clothes waiting to be handed over to the flea market! However, I find it helpful to have a clean and calming space for various projects like writing cards or doing small craft projects. It was cleaned regularly to make sure this extra room wasn’t a dump like it was when it was her spare bedroom.

Since this room is in the southwest corner of our house, it has the best natural light. This is something to consider if you have a choice of rooms in your home. The tulip table plays many roles in this space and can also be used as a photo table if needed, so there was no need to completely give up the studio space. I put all my cameras under the bed.

Extra rooms are usually small, so you can do everything while on vacation and stay on budget. I had so much fun at Christmas! I put small trees on tables and cabinets and removed some art to display holiday wall decorations. For Valentine’s Day, I assembled my own simple DIY table movement. I really embraced the holidays during the pandemic. Because the holidays give us a reason to change our decor a bit, taking us out of our normal routine.

What To Do With My Spare Room

How many of you have small collections hidden away and never show them? An attic can be a place to display items that you wish had a place to store and display. If your mood changes, you can easily change it. I currently display some of my favorite vintage glasses and loved having a place for my little tree at Christmas. However, this can be anything: jewelry, art, glass, vintage hats. . .

Ways To Add An Extra Bedroom Without Extending

I enjoyed displaying your favorite vintage glasses and setting up a faux home bar. It’s actually an old setup where I keep my craft and photography supplies. If you have guests for a few days, you can easily turn it into a workshop. We enjoyed displaying our glassware as there was no china cabinet or adequate space to display glassware in the main living and dining area. You can easily turn other furniture into a home bar or buy an expensive car.

I enjoy choosing from a variety of Spotify playlists to set the tone for a date night or write a letter. Now that the days are getting longer, I’ve moved a few candles and brought a flip tab. Music has been a great way to put my frustration to rest, escape, or sing (scream) this year! This is the same as ours if you are looking for an entry-level portable player (click the Amazon Affiliate link).

Finally, the sunroom can be used as a guest room whenever needed. The cushions can be removed from the bed, the bar can be turned into a desk and the table can be moved out of the room. It’s important to make it easy for guests to change their space as needed, but now we’ve made it easy for us to enjoy it year-round too.

Do you know Swedish Hygge? There’s no perfect English translation, but the concept was intriguing as I embraced winter and thought about how to make the most of the cold, dark months. Hygge can include calmness, joy, and contentment. You can’t buy Hygge. It’s more than a feeling, and that means you have to find out what hygge is for you. Scandinavians often embrace candlelight during the winter months. As I began to think of memories of peace and contentment, I thought of the light of a campfire and the warmth of sunlight. I added lots of candles and heat lamps to the sun room. It’s a good idea to take a break from the bright glare of any screen for a while. Comfortable seating areas, soft music, and delicious food and drinks also made it to my list. We made mulled wine overnight. I drank a lot of tea and coffee this winter. The Star Sky sweater was rolled up in the winter and I liked to wear it occasionally.

Advice? Trying To Redo My Spare Bedroom To Be A Home Office/chill Spot For Myself. I Am A Single Mom To A 3 Year Old Boy And Am Starting College This Winter

Finally, most of the large pieces we used in the room were

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