What To Do With A Spare Computer

What To Do With A Spare Computer – If you’re stuck with an old and outdated computer, you might as well make the best out of a bad situation. IFP / featurepics.com

Despite everyone’s assumptions, us geeks don’t always know the latest and greatest technology. If you’re stuck with an old, slow, broken computer, there are a few things you can do to improve the situation. Here are our top 10 favorites.

What To Do With A Spare Computer

What To Do With A Spare Computer

10. Upgrade Your Hardware (If You Can) Obviously, the best way to speed up an old, slow computer is to upgrade the hardware. This is not always possible on laptops or some desktops, but you should always upgrade the RAM and hard drive. RAM can give you a useful boost in some areas, but upgrading your hard drive to a solid-state drive is the best refresh you can do for an older machine. It boots faster, apps launch faster, and it feels like a brand new computer. See our guide to upgrading your PC for more information.

Consider A Retro Pc Build For A Fun Nostalgic Project

Your processor and video card cannot always be upgraded (due to physical or financial limitations). However, if you are more adventurous, you can get more benefits by overclocking your hardware. We have already covered how to overclock Core i series Intel processors and Intel Atom, but you need to search the web for guides for all CPU models. If you’re a gamer, overclocking your video card with a program like MSI Afterburner is easy and a great way to get more performance in your games.

8. Do regular maintenance Before you do anything drastic, you should check your engine and make sure nothing is slowing it down. If you know it’s a disease of aging, make sure you do regular maintenance on your computer (whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or Linux). It may not run very fast, but it always ensures that it runs in tip-top shape. Every bit counts when computers are so old and inefficient. You can try reinstalling your OS from scratch, but with proper care, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t.

7. Use fewer bad programs. If you’re still using Adobe Reader, Norton Antivirus, or (shudder) iTunes, switch to something less crappy and you’ll see a difference in the way your computer performs. We’ve rounded up the best options and alternatives for Windows and Mac software. In almost every case, you not only need a good product, but you also need something fast for your computer. If you have options – in the case of iTunes, for example – use something lighter (say foobar2000 for music). The less you load your computer with bloated programs, the better.

6. Speed ​​up the programs you use the most Sometimes, good programs are not optimized to run very fast. If your browser runs slowly, for example, choose one that is built for speed and move its cache to the RAM disk by limiting the size of its history (this is only easy if you upgrade your RAM to maximum capacity. ). Of course, make sure you don’t overload it with too many extensions and plugins.

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5. Using Older Programs If less intuitive options and speeding programs aren’t an option, there’s nothing wrong with using an older program. Missing the minimum system requirements for Photoshop CS5? Find a copy of CS4 on eBay and see if you can use it. Don’t have the power to run a big game like Skyrim? I’ve heard Morrowind is even better (not to mention cheaper than Blaze). Running older programs isn’t always a good idea – newer programs are usually faster if your computer meets the minimum requirements.

Safe — but sometimes, especially games, using a little old stuff can make your life miserable.

4. Upgrade your external hardware New computers offer more than speed – they offer great external hardware, whether it’s a absorbent trackpad, speakers you can listen to, or built-in speakers. Built-in SD card reader. Sometimes, the best way to make your computer feel better is to get better external hardware. If you really hate your trackpad or keyboard, find a better one and use one instead (it makes a difference when I use a mouse instead of a trackpad on my netbook). Don’t like speakers? Get better headphones instead. Upgrade your CD burner from that old, slow model, or get an external drive to free up some space on your internals. External hardware doesn’t necessarily make your computer faster, but it does make you want to pull your hair out a little—so you can make a bad situation better.

What To Do With A Spare Computer

3. Get next year’s features now If your computer doesn’t support next year’s shiny new operating system, don’t despair — you can still get great features today. If you’re using a Mac, we’ve explored how to get all the features in Mountain Lion today, and Windows users can easily recreate Windows 8 with the Ribbon add-on for Windows Explorer, a great file copier like TerraCopy and. One of the many Metro clones, such as a stand-alone program like Mosaic or a desktop overlay like Rainmeter.

Ways To Turn An Old Laptop Into A Desktop

2. Install a lightweight operating system If none of the above tricks help, one of the best things you can do is to completely install a new operating system. It will certainly shake up your workflow a bit, but with enough commitment, you can use one of the many flavors of Linux to speed up your computer. If you’re already familiar with Linux, I wouldn’t recommend ArchBang, while beginners might be better suited to something like Lubuntu or Chrome OS. For more ideas, check out our readers’ tips on the best lightweight operating systems.

1. Recycle or Recycle If all else fails, you may decide it’s time to bite the bullet and buy a new computer. If you do, see if there’s at least one way you can use that old computer—we’ve got tons of tips for repurposing old computers for any room in the house. Alternatively, it could be a great networked FreeNAS box for storing files, backing up your other machines, and streaming 24/7. If you want to dispose of it, make sure you recycle it properly – there are many places where you can easily do that. Editors independently select and review products. If you make a purchase through affiliate links, we may earn commissions that help our efforts.

Demand for computers increased during the pandemic, as people moved to work-from-home systems, leaving many old computers sitting around unused.

You may be tempted to trash your old computer. But if that laptop or desktop was made in the last decade, you’d be surprised how much more useful life you (or others) could create.

How To Set Up Your New Computer

You need to make some lighting upgrades; Adding more RAM and a bigger new storage drive can benefit some (okay, maybe) of these plans. In many cases, a computer requires Internet access and/or the ability to access software written to a USB flash drive to install on an old junker. Here are a few options.

Do you want to try new things? There’s nothing fresher than a freshly installed operating system on your old computer – even an old computer feels young again.

Most alternative OSes (translation: not Windows or macOS) are based on Linux, known as “distros”. Popular examples include Ubuntu, Mint (opens in new window), Elementary OS (opens in new window) and Manjaro (opens in new window). You’ll find interfaces similar to Windows, and it has software packages like LibreOffice (the free, open-source equivalent of Microsoft Office). Most PCs with 4 GB of RAM or more work fine, but check the required specifications.

What To Do With A Spare Computer

You can also try making your own Chromebook version. This is usually a laptop running Google Chrome OS; It makes the Chrome browser and Google cloud services and storage central to the OS. You can download and install Chrome OS Flex (opens in new window) on older PCs or older Macs (opens in new window); It also runs from a portable flash drive.

Great Things You Can Do With An Old Computer

When you stream on ServiceAddict, music, podcasts, and videos are stored locally. You want access to everything on PCs, game consoles, tablets and phones. For this, you need a media server.

“Theater software” like Kodi makes this possible. Install the server software on any device running Linux, Windows or macOS; Jailbroken iOS devices; connected Android devices; And Raspberry Pi too; There are “remote control” apps for iOS or Android users who don’t want to go broke(n).

Plex (above) has more

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