What To Use A Small Spare Room For

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What To Use A Small Spare Room For

What To Use A Small Spare Room For

Raise your hand if you’ve ever turned a guest bedroom into storage or a home gym you never use. The bedroom can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, an extra bedroom allows you to receive friends and family when they come to visit. On the other hand, it means you have more room to decorate. But you can complete a small guest room, even if it is a small space.

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Sometimes it only takes a few essentials to make someone feel at home. Think of sufficient light, a mirror, a new bed and some storage space. In addition to the essentials, we’ve also gathered the best tips to make sure your room is worthy of a five-star rating.

No matter how big or small, make sure the guest room table has something essential: a light source like a reading lamp and a catch to throw jewelry or keys.

Add extras to the bedside table, such as water jugs, books or scented candles, but essentials (such as a lamp) should also be there.

Check out the room for extra details that make the room more comfortable: a soft rug to put your feet on in the morning and a mirror to groom your hair before breakfast. A full-length mirror is great, but a small mirror on the wall will at least make guests feel comfortable before they leave the room.

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Storage space is always appreciated when you’re staying in someone else’s house, so consider removing chests of drawers and chests of drawers or adding drawers to make it easier for guests to access. A tray full of essentials such as toothpaste and snacks is also simple but always appreciated. In addition, the extra long bedside table with sideboard serves as both a desk and storage space.

Often times, our room serves double duty, so don’t be afraid to make it an important place by adding shoe storage or a desk. A bunk bed is fine as a single bed if you don’t have much space.

Add the finishing touch that will give your guests a great experience: Quality, fresh linens and toiletries can make your guests feel comfortable, for example.

What To Use A Small Spare Room For

Take fresh flowers and arrange them in a glass vase to place on the bedside table as a welcome and thoughtful note. Bonus: they add a pop of color and a nice scent to the room.

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Don’t forget a guest trash can to dispose of old luggage tags, tickets, crushed snacks, and other items collected during the trip.

Make sure the window treatments reflect the needs of the room. Blackout curtains lined with light-filtering shades provide privacy and darkness for your guests, but also let in light when you need it.

Do you want to go a step further when furnishing your guest room? Don’t be afraid to speak up. For example, choose a bold headboard, interesting wall decoration (try a gallery wall, with tips from designer Emily Henderson) and built-in lighting for a stylish ambiance that ensures that your guests are entertained and not forgotten.

Another clever idea: the door behind the door, useful for towels and clothes. Choose from over door or wall mounted versions.

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If you’re short on space, skip the night steps and let the headboard do double duty. This green velvet headboard has trays on either side for reading materials, glasses or other essentials. Hang a lamp on the wall instead of a desk lamp.

Instead of choosing just one rug, bronze. Add sheep manure to either side of the bed to add coziness in a small bedroom. It will feel good on guests’ feet and warm up the space.

Instead of trying to cram a queen bed into a small room, buy a single bed. If guests aren’t staying, you’ll have more room to hang out and still be comfortable enough for guests staying for a few nights. Add several pillows for extra comfort.

What To Use A Small Spare Room For

If you don’t have room for a standard bedside table, you may not be sure how to add light to the space. Enter the chandelier. Not only does it add light without taking up space, but it also fills the space and adds character.

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A small guest room is not a place to decorate. Keep your jewelry simple and aim for a gift. Small table lamps, vases and paintings are all you need to brighten up a space and give it character.

If you have a small room without much light, get rid of the oldest trick in the book: the mirror. Hanging a large mirror can open up a room and make it appear larger. Bonus: It gives your guests a better place to get ready in the morning.

This bedroom is small, but full of charm. From exposed brick walls to bold curtains, patterned pillows and whimsical artwork – this bedroom proves that light, fun, bold decor can go a long way in a small space.

When you run out of storage space, any empty space becomes more important. Consider having under-bed storage to store essentials (extra towels, toiletries, cosmetics, etc.). You can also provide storage if there are no boxes or drawers for their things.

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No wardrobe? No problem. A wardrobe can give your guests the space they need to hang their clothes while they stay with you, and can also add an interesting design element to the room.

A small shelf or wall-mounted table is the perfect solution for guests who want something to do during their stay. You can store the chair in the closet when not in use to free up space, our life has many needs, but we have a lot of space for us to satisfy people. So if you are lucky enough to have a storage space, give it many functions – from a home office to a recreation area. It’s easy with some simple design steps.

The warehouse can very easily become a dumping ground for any random items. But if you don’t need a full-time home office (or guest room or rec room), it’s important to create a space that you can easily move from one job to another. Our room uses a flat roof, but you can apply these tips to any room.

What To Use A Small Spare Room For

Give your guests extra space when they come and know they have their own quiet space. Turn the bed into a bed, decorate it with bedding and move the coffee table to nightstand mode. Create a sloping ceiling by hanging a small rod from a stylish leather strap to create a place to hang clothes, and add some hooks for extra storage.

Mod Design Guru

Even if you don’t need a dedicated home office, you can certainly benefit from having a dedicated place to pay bills or do paperwork. Save space by placing a small table directly behind the bed and keep things tidy by storing most essentials in a closed box. When the desk is not in use and you prefer to sit on the couch, turn on the reading lamp for some direct light for reading.

Having a dedicated space for creative activities has a way of encouraging you and making it easier to pursue your passions. For the hobbyist, all you need is an easel (which can be easily hung on the wall when not in use), a trolley for supplies, and a place to dry and display your work.

If you want to relax, go to a quiet place for some privacy. A comfortable chair to relax with a cup of coffee is important, especially if it is filled with pillows and cushions. A private library stocked with your favorite books can take you out into the world, while Zen-style decor and soft music can bring you back to downtown.

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