Fun Things To Do With Wine Corks

Fun Things To Do With Wine Corks – Every time you make a wine frappé, some materials are left over, such as an empty wine bottle and a wine cork. Instead of throwing these wine corks away, you can use them for DIY projects to decorate your home. Read tips on how to use leftover corks below, and check back next month to find out how you can use leftover wine bottles!

Plates made from cut wine corks are a great way to reuse leftover corks. Perfect for home bars, parties and more. Click here for a tutorial.

Fun Things To Do With Wine Corks

Fun Things To Do With Wine Corks

While you may need to use the entire wine bottle when making one of our wine bottles, there are times when you need to seal the bottle later, and these amazing wine cork bottle stoppers do the trick! The tutorial can be found here.

Wine Cork Crafts For Kids

This is one of the more elaborate projects on the list, but with this simple video, you can make a wine cork birdhouse in no time. Plus, we’re sure the birds will love it too!

Wine corks and cork boards are made from the same material, so this is one of the most obvious ways to reuse leftover cork. Personalize the eye with a unique frame – an attractive yet functional cork board. Full instructions can be found here , or see this link for a simple cork board.

Don’t forget to spend a lot of money on picture frames, this quick and unique project will allow you to display tons of pictures in your home. Check out this simple tutorial here.

There are plenty of wine corks in your home, but these are our favourites. Personalize your wall with a monogrammed wine cork wall hanging. Check out this simple version here , or if you’re feeling extra creative, you can make it from scratch by following the instructions below. In addition to monograms, you can hang or put this cute ombre cork heart or heart frame on a shelf. The possibilities are endless!

Wine Cork Birdhouse

Do you have extra space on your desk or shelf? Try filling in the gaps with one of the easy-to-assemble decorative cork bands below. This project requires only a few ingredients and can be a great addition to any room.

One of the easiest projects on our list, these wine cork candle ideas are perfect for decoration or as a dinner party centerpiece. Click here for a simple tutorial.

This craft is perfect for creating and making great memories. See how to do it here.

Fun Things To Do With Wine Corks

One of our favorites on the list, this necklace holder is perfect for saving money and space.

How To Make A Wine Cork Heart Trivet • Foodnservice

This easy craft is perfect for weddings, holidays or dinner parties and click here for easy instructions.

Hopefully you have a lot of burgundy because this will use up most of the crafts on this list, but when you’re done, you’ll be left with a beautiful wreath that you can use all year long. . When you’re done, add a personal touch with ribbons or your favorite flowers. Both Design Seifted and Living Savy have simple step-by-step instructions. Choose your favorite design and start creating!

We’d love to see your handiwork! If you make something on our list or make a wine cork that is not on our list, take a photo and share it with us on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see your creations! Are you a wine drinker? Grab some corks to make these really clever wine corks. Out of 20 ideas, you get one to try now!

Do you have recycled wine bottles? What about plugs? Well, dear for recycling, but have you thought about recycling them?

Uncork Some Home Designs

With wine bottles and corks, you can make creative crafts for your home and garden, or give as gifts. On my other blog, Mod Podge Rocks, I have some fun light fixtures you can make out of wine bottles. But what about plugs?

There are tons of craft ideas using wine corks, and I’m sure you’ve come across one or two while browsing Pinterest. Maybe you started collecting wine corks with the hope of creating something interesting.

Well, I have some great ideas for you. But what if you don’t drink wine or don’t want to drink 100 bottles of wine to do something? Here are some ideas on where to find wine corks:

Fun Things To Do With Wine Corks

You may be wondering if there are things to keep in mind when making wine corks. Before you start your project, read these important tips for working with cork.

Wine Cork Pumpkin // Make Your Own With This Easy Tutorial ⋆ Love Our Real Life

If you used cork, it’s a good idea to wash and dry it before using it for crafting. If you buy them fresh, you can skip the cleaning and enjoy them right away!

Speaking of fun, scroll down to see my 20 clever wine cork crafts. Which one will you try first?

Make a corkboard out of wine corks and an old frame. This is a great upgrade project and you can adjust the dimensions to fit any frame!

Learn how to make a wine cork wreath! This easy DIY wreath requires about 100 wine corks and is absolutely gorgeous.

Try This: Wine Cork Bulletin Board

This is actually two DIY projects that Jessica put together. DIY coffee table – vintage white paint with a window full of wine glasses on top. This table doesn’t need a coaster!

I love how these beads turned out. All you need is jewelry, corks, and nail polish!

Learn how to make simple barricades using heat and waterproof wine corks. It can easily be made as a DIY decoration or gift.

Fun Things To Do With Wine Corks

Create a DIY cork monogram to display around your home. You can also make one for everyone in the family. These would also look great in a man cave or basement bar.

Wine & Dine: 10 Easy Projects For Leftover Wine Corks

This dish rack looks great in any kitchen and makes a great DIY gift for the wine lover. There is a jar in the middle that holds everything together, so technically you can do this project for free.

Here is another idea for the bulletin board. For this, instead of the cork sides, the corks are facing outwards. The outside of the board looks like the metal bars of a wine barrel!

This DIY pillow is trendy and cheap to make. In this tutorial, Amy will show you how to make this easy wine cork craft.

Cork is an excellent material in the bathroom because it is waterproof. Learn how to turn your burgundy rugs into stylish rugs for your bathroom.

Best Diy Wine Cork Crafts (ideas And Designs) For 2021

These Wine Cork Toy Magnets are colorful magnets made from recycled wine corks. These little clips are a great addition to your fridge!

This wine cork keychain is a great idea for custom wine bottle corks. Maybe the wine you drank at your wedding or when your husband proposed?

Learn how to make a DIY wine cork stamp with this great tutorial! Perfect for indoor crafts for the kids.

Fun Things To Do With Wine Corks

Use your corkscrew kit and make your own cork board! This cute craft can be attached to the wall, doorknob or fridge (using magnets).

How To Easily Cut Wine Corks Evenly

This has to be the easiest idea on the list! No glue needed, just drop the wine corks into the space between the two glass jars.

Here’s a cost-effective way to label plants in the garden! Tie a cork to a bamboo skewer and write his name.

Learn how to make a wine cork skeleton for Halloween decoration! This is an easy and budget friendly holiday project.

, Kristi made these fun pineapples out of wine corks with her kids. They would make cute magnets!

How To Keep Fruit Flies Away With A Wine Cork

As the bathroom rug says, wine corks are waterproof, so they’re great in the kitchen. This is a great idea for a backsplash!

Make a wine cork pumpkin for a simple and unique fall decoration! These are easy for all skill levels.

A pineapple is a symbol used to welcome people to your home. This colorful wine cork art is perfect for a foyer and would be great as a summer decoration.

Fun Things To Do With Wine Corks

Make wine cork reindeer with this easy tutorial – perfect for a Christmas ornament, decoration or place setting.

How To Make A Diy Wine Cork Bath Mat

Did you like these wine cork projects? I want you to check out the other cute ideas: you open the cork, pour a glass, and then immediately think, “What to do with wine corks and empty wine corks?”

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