How To Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

How To Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom – When my husband and I bought our little farmhouse, we knew the bedroom closet wouldn’t be big enough for the two of us. So instead of the afternoon face-off, I decided to do something a little crazier, like install an open closet system on one wall of my bedroom, or become a closet minimalist.

But what actually happened was that we lived in a bedroom for three years, which made it feel like we were sleeping in a messy closet every night. Not exactly relaxing at the end of the day.

How To Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

How To Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

Last January I felt very motivated to start across the room and try to create a beautiful closet system. To help make our bedroom a more pleasant place to relax, we swapped out the light green walls that came with the house for a calmer color scheme.

Walk In Closet Organization Ideas — Bedroom Closet Ideas

Step 1: Decide where to place the wardrobe system. I originally built my room on a windowless wall, but that didn’t fit the layout of our room. The reason I decided to put it there was because it gave me more storage space for my clothes.

However, I recently decided to downsize the closet and move the closet system to the opposite wall, incorporating my husband’s closet and window space into the plan.

Will you be storing items on the top shelf? If so, use them to separate the upper shelf brackets from the ceiling. (Leave room to breathe!)

Or if you plan to hang clothes, make sure that longer clothes do not drag on the floor. If you have long skirts, I recommend making the bottom row shorter than the top row so that the long clothes hang from the top rod and hang down with the clothes on the bottom rod.

Diy Ikea Closet Makeover Before & After

If you don’t plan on putting special items on the top shelf, get the coat rack and see what your comfort zone is. Mark the bracket screw holes where you can easily reach them and start attaching the bracket.

Step Three: Align the marks on the bracket with the studs on the wall. Wall studs are spaced approximately 16 inches from the corners or equally spaced 16 inches apart.

Use a stud finder to make sure you have drilled the studs. You must attach the shelf brackets to the posts or they will be unstable. The last thing you want is for your entire wardrobe system to fall asleep!

How To Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

Tip: Use a level to make sure the holes drilled for each bracket are perfectly flush with each other.

How To Build A Custom Diy Closet (with Plywood)

Step Four: Drill the marks you made with pilot holes slightly smaller than the size of the screws. (

The baby loved to be cuddled, so I was holding the baby when this photo was taken! There’s no dry powder on this angelic face, but it’s a very realistic look at how I can achieve so much with babies!

Step 5: Screw the brackets into place, tightening the screws only after making sure the brackets are flush with each other. (You can do this by placing a flat shelf over it.)

Step Six: Use a pipe cutter to cut the rod according to the space allotted. I use aluminum tubing for my rods because they are cheaper than store bought chrome tubing.

How To Turn A Closet Into Built In Shelves

Rotate the tip of the pipe cutter (black) around the circumference of the pipe, driving the blade deeper into the pipe with each turn until the pipe is cut.

At this point, you can either cut the shelf board the same size as the pipe or mark the length so you can cut it at the hardware store where you plan to purchase the shelf material. My shelves are standard particleboard coated with laminate, which is inexpensive and perfect for closet shelving.

Step Seven: I finished the cut edges of the shelf with iron-on tape. Super easy and no cutting required as the straps are the same width as my laminate shelf.

How To Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

Repeat the entire process as needed or as there is enough wall space. I made a partition on both sides of the window. Hey – hangers are like extra insulation, right?

How To Customize A Closet For Improved Storage Capacity

Step Eight: Fill the rods and shelves with clothing and storage accessories. I use white bins on top for loose items like bags, scarves and other rare items, while activewear and knitwear are placed below for easy access.

It was important to me that the system looked good, so I used the same style of baskets for a neat, organized look.

Here you can see how small our bedroom is compared to the bed in the photo. The door on the right is my husband Phil’s closet. I’ll share more space saving ideas I used on the opposite wall in a later post. However, using an entire wall of windows as a closet system is a huge budget-saver!

Creating this open closet system was also a great opportunity to rethink which items in my closet needed to be removed and which of my favorite items could be kept.

How To Make Small Closet Feel Larger

The trick to not filling my bedroom with more clothes than I need now is not to be fooled by empty store shelves. I rarely noticed that the clothes I was wearing were being made, which is a good sign that I should probably be kicked out of the pack. A beautiful closet full of all your clothes, shoes and accessories is my dream. But for many of us, the reality is a smaller closet filled with all our stuff, half stacked on the floor. If clutter is driving you crazy and you’re ready for a change, here are 9 storage solutions you can use to make the most of your small closet.

Clothes hangers and multiple shelves allow you to make the most of every inch of precious closet space.

Having different height rods allows you to hang more clothes, store more clothes and see them more easily than if they were kept in a drawer.

How To Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

Scarves and sunglasses can be hung on IKEA hangers, freeing up space in a box or bin for items that cannot be hung.

How To Best Organize Your Main Walk In Closet

Removing the cabinet doors from the closet gives you a few extra inches of space and makes access easier.

Instead of building your own closet, install a storage system that can be configured in multiple ways and can change as your wardrobe changes.

It’s a great way to store items you need but don’t use so often that you expose them to the elements. Bonus points if you label the contents of the box!

This includes the doors! Hanging baskets and hanging hooks can further expand wardrobe space.

Top 3 Ways To Maximize A Small Walk In Closet

Why stop at just adding shelves or drawers when you can add an organizer to get more space for your stuff! By clicking the “Accept all cookies” button, you consent to cookies being stored on your device to improve site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts.

We’ve tried all sorts of Pinterest tricks to organize our clothes and accessories, we’ve read all the books on how to declutter, but we still can’t seem to get control of our tiny closets. That’s why we decided to hire an expert who knows how to negotiate the tightest of closets.

Then celebrity closet designer Lisa Adams shares her secrets for creating functional and beautiful closet space.

How To Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

Lisa Adam is a Los Angeles-based designer and CEO of LA Closet Design. Her work is sought after by celebrities and influencers.

Small Bedroom Ideas

If you’re a homeowner with the budget to organize a renovation, Adams guarantees an organized closet will start building.

“Thoughtful design means creating space for every item in your closet, so you can easily walk through your wardrobe every day,” says Adams. For example, if you know you have more bags than clothes to clean the floor, consider using more shelves instead of overhead bars.

Glass doors are not a nice addition to the closet. “If you want to keep your clothes dust-free but don’t want your space to feel cramped, glass aprons create a stone-box effect that makes the space feel open while protecting your clothes,” says Adams.

“Put your most-used items at eye level and use higher spaces for less-used items, like suitcases or seasonal clothing,” Adams explains. and the center?

How To Build A Small Bedroom Closet For Added Storage

“Nothing fills a space like clothes stacked on top of each other,” Adams explains. “Not only does it make the space feel crowded,

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