How To Make More Space In Wardrobe

How To Make More Space In Wardrobe – It is a terrible mess that two people who love clothes / fashion have such limited closet space. Of course, like most things in life, it is not the end of the world and it is not a solution, but it is difficult to manage. Also, I’m a messy person by nature and I’m sure it won’t change overnight (but if you have any tips or tricks, let me know). However, despite our inability, even the most disorganized among us likes to see a room where every item of clothing is neatly arranged and put in its place. A group of photographers are very satisfied and we are all eager for it.

Unfortunately, my lack of understanding of the process goes hand in hand with my design problem. Here’s what we have to do: My boyfriend Rocky and I moved to a new place last August and we are happy. Now, about 5 months later, we still love our little house as much as we did when we first saw it, except for one flaw: there is only one closet (5’x3’x8′) in the whole place . To be fair, the place itself is small (800 square feet) so there’s no room for another closet, but boy are we feeling challenged by space. Perhaps I don’t need to tell you that this causes unnecessary stress, but more importantly, it causes conflict and conflict for the already troubled girl. Gentlemen, the fun begins.

How To Make More Space In Wardrobe

How To Make More Space In Wardrobe

You may be wondering who is me and who is Rocky, and I hear you. Let’s get to know each other well. Here we are:

Awesome Closet Storage Hacks

Now, before we go further (and now that you can check out those who suffer from design torture), it’s good to have a look at our living room (have we become best friends ???). Enjoy the past and forgive me for the inconvenience after showing you…

Your standard (stuffed) wardrobe is one, so there are things we haven’t seen in months. Part of the problem should be solved by not having a large wardrobe, because hanging clothes after a long day is beyond me (again, a bad person here), but I think we need more help. So, now that you have seen the animal, let me explain our main problems and give some approved EHD specialists.

There are no built-in shelves or hooks, and the main drawer is quite tall, making it difficult to stack clothes without them falling over. Also, it is very difficult to reach something when your clothes are torn. Aside from hanging clothes (and the truth is, we have nowhere to hang anything), this closet has no smart or easy storage options.

1. MALM 3-Chest | 2. SKUBB Shoe Box | 3. Horizontal cube-two shell | 4. 8 Shoe organizer | 5. Over the door 26 shoe organizer shelves | 6. Hanging shoes 10 | 7. Reduce the box in front | 8. 10 Group Package | 9. 5-level pants

Small Closet Organization Trick

We want to add a little dress like no. 1, to store socks, underwear, bathing suits, and possibly other clothes that will fall off (like t-shirts). You may notice that most of these are shoe storage options, but I think they can be used for other purposes as well. As there is no. 2 you can store clothes or shoes easily and even with #4.

We are not done yet. Not even close, my friends. Now I will invite you to my unfinished house. Nothing works here.

AF. Showing thousands of people a picture of my unfinished bedroom, I feel like I’m exposing myself for the world to see. There’s something profound about it, so please know that if you don’t like watching it, I’m 10,000 times less excited than you. But here we are! Now for the next issue…

How To Make More Space In Wardrobe

I’m talking to you about sweaters and dresses. Have you noticed how men tend to have a lot of clothes? This is because they are lucky and can wear clothes and still look good in them. The thing is, I also have a good amount of clothes and sweats (most of them from sports I played in high school) and these things are big and difficult to store. And before you ask, yes we donate clothes, but we also know that donated clothes often end up in landfills. So we decided to stop giving a lot instead of selling or giving directly to people we know. We also try to buy less 🙂

Built In Ikea Kallax Closet Storage {budget Friendly Hack}

Well man it’s been three years, and I think it’s time to make the bed. I went back and forth on whether I wanted to deposit or not, but in the end I decided against it because of our location. It is already like a box, so the box bed is shaped like a broken eye. Instead, I chose a bed frame with enough space to implement some storage solutions. For us, having storage under the bed that we can easily access is key because every time I’ll want to take off a sweater when I’m cold (and I’m also a monster who wears a hood to sleep in if it’s. cold). cold). Here’s what I think:

Easy enough, right? I really like the idea of ​​no. 1 because it is transparent so I can see everything, but I’m not sure I want things to fold exactly. Sounds like a lot of work. No. 2 is something EHD has used before (remember that super fun organizer post??) and I really like how it opens at the top for easy access. It’s the same for 3, so I think we have winners.

It’s a shame that the only time you can wear your favorite clothes is when they’re on your body. IS IT?

I personally like the idea of ​​an open wardrobe so I can see the best clothes and shoes. I am a very visual person, so I think being able to see some pieces will help me get ready in the morning. Here’s what I’m considering:

Organizing Your First Apartment: Closet Storage

1.  Red Oak Folding Clothes | 2. Free standing industrial clothes collection | 3. Levy Clothes Hanger| 4. Price and metal hanging light | 5. Cameron Clothes Hanger | 6. Hang clothes iron

One thing you should know before we move on (and Gus is a good boy) is that every item we own will be replaced at some point. When we moved out of our last place, we cleaned all the things we didn’t need and had to put away or put away. Our previous tenant gave us the couch, Rocky made our coffee table out of a wooden pallet, our dining table came from Craigslist, we got our chairs from Goodwill, and the two dressers we have are gifts too . I think the only thing we bought new were the aprons (both at Target). It sounds like “humble pride” but I’m actually full enough to know that my place is nowhere near “perfect” so I give you the freedom to hate where I am. Don’t worry, we hate it too!

You can already assume that we have a lot of clothes together. I will not deny it. We are fashion conscious people who want to express our personal style, so we invest in clothes (of course more than furniture, which I am trying to change. Bear with me).

How To Make More Space In Wardrobe

I didn’t realize that it might be weird to want to store clothes in the living room, but it’s actually good for us. Rocky wakes up earlier than me, so the ideal scenario is to let him get dressed in the living room instead of our bedroom. He does the same thing now, except now his clothes are draped over several pieces of furniture. It’s just beautiful.

Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas To Kick Clutter

1. Harvey Probber Bar Cabinet| 2. Shelf | 3. Mid-Century Modern Henredon Mr. Chest | 4. Side screen | 5. 1950’s Danmark Hut | 6. Large acorn wood storage cabinet

All of these options are ambitious and out of my budget, but I find it really helpful to look online to get a feel for what I’m looking for when I go to flea markets or search Craigslist. I went with some vertical and horizontal options here because I’m open to either, but let’s be real, #4 has my heart.

Do you guys do that thing where you walk into your house and immediately take off your shoes and create dangerous obstacles in the process? I’m sure I’m not alone here, and if you’ve learned anything so far, it’s that I’m probably the type of person who needs EASY ways to do things so I don’t have to worry about myself and mine. . lovers

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