Best Way To Store Clothes In Small Space

Best Way To Store Clothes In Small Space – It’s a chaotic monster where two wardrobe/fashion buffs have limited closet space. Of course, like most things in life, it’s not the end of the world or a deal breaker, but it’s hard to deal with. Plus, I’m a sloppy person by nature, and I’m pretty sure that won’t change overnight (but if you have any tips or magic spells, let me know). But despite our lack of natural ability, even the most disorganized among us love to see a closet where every piece of clothing is neatly laid out and in its place. Tidying up your closet is incredibly fun, and we all crave it.

Unfortunately, my lack of organizational instincts stems from my anxiety about design. Here’s the bottom line: My boyfriend Rocky and I moved to a new location last August and had a great time. Now, about 5 months later, we still love our tiny house as much as when we first saw it, except for one design flaw: there is only one closet (5x3x8 feet) for the whole house. To be honest, the place itself is small (800 square feet) so there really isn’t room for another wardrobe, but damn it, we don’t have enough space. I guess I don’t need to tell you that this causes unnecessary tension, but most of all it causes confusion and confusion for a sloppy girl. Guys, the fun is just getting started.

Best Way To Store Clothes In Small Space

Best Way To Store Clothes In Small Space

You may be wondering who I am and who this Rocky is, and I hear you. Let’s move on to the real aquatin. We are here:

Tips For Organizing Small Closets That Will Double Your Storage Space

Now, before we go any further (and now that you can imagine the faces of the victims of the designer agony), just take a look at our closet (did we just become best friends?). Pay attention to the “before” and please forgive me for not being able to show a satisfactory “after”… more details:

This is your standard (stuffed) one-door closet, so there’s stuff in there that we haven’t seen in months. Part of the problem can be solved by buying a larger closet, as hanging clothes after a long day is beyond me (again, a disorganized person here), but I think we need more help. Now that you’ve seen the monster, let me get to the bottom of your biggest concerns and offer EHD-approved professional solutions.

There are no built-in shelves or hooks, and the top shelf is very high, making it difficult to place clothes without them falling off. It’s also very hard to reach anything when the suit explodes. Aside from the fact that we can hang our clothes (and the fact is, we don’t have a place to hang everything), there are no intuitive or easy storage options in this closet.

1. Chest of drawers MALM | 2. Shoe box SKUBB | 3. Horizontal cube with two shelves | 4. Organizer for shoes for 8 containers | 5. Shoe organizer with 26 shelves above the door 6. Hanging shoe organizer with 10 compartments | 7. Lower front box 8. 10 closed hooks | 9. Trouser rack 5 floors

How To Organize A Lot Of Clothing In Very Little Closet Space

We want to add a small chest like #1 to hold socks, underwear, swimwear, and possibly other folded clothing (like t-shirts). You may have noticed that many of them are for storing shoes, but I think they can be used for other purposes as well. Like No. 2, you can easily store clothes or shoes, No. 4 too.

We haven’t finished. Not even close, folks. Now welcome to my very unfinished house. Nothing comes here

True Showing a picture of my unfinished bedroom to thousands of people makes me feel like I’m showing the world my nakedness. There is something very personal about this, so know that if you are uncomfortable looking at this, then I am 10,000 times uncomfortable thinking about how you look. But here we are! Now let’s move on to the next problem…

Best Way To Store Clothes In Small Space

I’m talking to you, hoodie and jacket. Have you noticed that men wear a lot of sweatshirts? This is because they are lucky enough to wear sweatshirts and always look great in them. The thing is, I also have a bunch of hoodies and tracksuits (many of which are related to the sport I played in high school) and these things are huge and hard to store. And before you ask, yes, we donate clothes, but we also know that donated clothes often end up in landfills. So we decided to stop giving away so much and instead sell or donate directly to the people we know. We also try to just buy less ๐Ÿ™‚

Two People, One Tiny Closet

Well, it’s been three years now and I think it’s time to buy a bed frame. I thought for a long time if I wanted a bunk bed but ended up giving it up due to the layout of our apartment. Now it’s very square, so a square tablet is visually suffocating. Instead, I opt for a flat frame with enough space underneath to accommodate multiple storage solutions. It’s important for us to have a convenient place to store things under the bed, because sometimes I want to pull on a sweatshirt when I’m cold (and I’m also a monster who wears a sweatshirt to sleep when it’s cold). That’s what I think:

Simple enough, right? I really like idea #1 because it’s transparent and I can see what’s inside, but I’m not sure I’d like to fold the material all the way. Seems like a lot of work. #2 is what EHD has used before (remember that very nice post about organization?) and I really like how it opens up at the top for easy access. Same goes for #3 so I think we have our winners guys.

Too bad the only time you can show off your favorite clothes is when you wear them. or that

Personally, I love the idea of โ€‹โ€‹an open wardrobe so I can see my prettiest clothes and shoes. I’m a very visual person, so I think certain things help me get myself together in the morning. Here are the ones I mean:

Clothing Storage Ideas If You Don’t Have A Closet

1. Red oak folding clothes rack 2. Freestanding industrial clothes rack 3. Lovi clothes rack 4. White and bright metal hanger 5. Cameron wardrobe 6. Metal clothes rack

One thing you should know before moving in (other than Gus is a very nice guy) is that every piece of furniture we have is going to be replaced someday. When we moved out of our last apartment, we threw away all the furniture that we did not need at all, and what was left was either spare or spare. The sofa was given to us by a previous tenant of our apartment, our coffee table was made by Rocky from a wooden pallet, our dining table was taken from Craigslist, our chairs were found at Goodwill, and both of the chests we received are also Free. I think the only thing we bought new was the nightstands (both from Target). It sounds “humble” but I actually make up for it by knowing that my place isn’t even close to “finished” so I give you the freedom to hate it for what it is. Don’t worry, we hate him too!

You probably already guessed that we have a lot of clothes. I don’t deny We are fashionistas who like to express our personal style, so we invest in clothes (obviously more than in the furniture I’m trying to change. Bear with me).

Best Way To Store Clothes In Small Space

I won’t forget that storing clothes in the living room may sound strange, but it actually works perfectly for us. Rocky wakes up much earlier than me, so if he gets dressed in the living room and not in our bedroom, that’s perfect. This is what she does now, only when her clothes are thrown over various pieces of furniture. It’s just wonderful.

No Closets? No Problem. Here’s How To Live Without Them

1. Bar cabinet Harvey Probber | 2. Bookcase | 3. Mid-Century Modern Male Art Chest 4. Cane Cabinet | 5. Danish Sideboard 1950s 6. Large Oak Storage Cabinet

All of these options are desirable and out of my budget, but I find searching the web very helpful so when I’m at flea markets or browsing Craigslist I have an idea of โ€‹โ€‹what I’m looking for. I’ve chosen a few vertical and horizontal options here because I’m open to both, but to be honest, #4 has my heart.

Do you do this when you enter a house and immediately kick off your shoes, creating dangerous obstacles? I’m sure I’m not alone here, and if you’ve already learned something, it’s that I’m probably the type of person who needs easy ways to clean up, so I don’t put myself or my loved ones at risk. .

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