How To Add Closet Space To A Small Bedroom

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Regardless of the current closet situation, running out of space seems to be a common problem. Between seasonal pieces, tons of shoe options, and tons of accessories, it’s no wonder we’re all wishing for bigger and better closets. But the truth is, if we have more space, we like to fill it.

How To Add Closet Space To A Small Bedroom

How To Add Closet Space To A Small Bedroom

It’s not about limited space, it’s about rethinking what we do with the space we have. You’d be surprised what a few smart storage solutions and expert organizational tips like using slim hangers, not forgetting doors, and maximizing vertical space can do for your current closet situation. Ahead, here are 10 ways to work with what you have, because what you have is more than enough.

The Ultimate Guide To Closet Organization

Jimmy Seifert is a cabinet and linen buyer at The Container Store in Dallas, Texas. He has been working in the company for 7 years. She is currently one of the product development and supply leads for The Container Store x KonMari with Marie Kondo.

The first step to maximizing your closet space is to assess your current situation and determine organizational goals for your closet items.

“Regardless of the size of your room, you’ll find a lot more space when you figure out the best way to organize it,” explains Seifert. “Find solutions like using stackable containers that maximize vertical space or finding ways to use the floor and door.”

Regardless of the size of your room, you’ll find a lot more space when you figure out the best way to organize it.

Small Walk In Closet Ideas

If your clothes are bursting through the closet door, Seifert tells us, “space-saving velvet hangers are the way to go to maximize your space.” And honestly, looking alike will instantly enhance the look of your room.

If you love wooden hangers, you know that they can be bulky and take up a lot of space. The good news is that The Container Store has just released a brand new, first-of-its-kind slim wood hangers in six different finishes, and they’re made from sustainable materials.

Your closet doors do more than hide the clutter behind them. Do yourself a favor and use the space behind to your advantage. Whether you need more storage for shoes, hats or accessories, Seifert recommends considering over-the-door storage for extra organization.

How To Add Closet Space To A Small Bedroom

You’ll be surprised how much vertical space you have hanging on your walls. “You can maximize vertical space with hanging bins and shelves,” says Seifert.

Weekend Diy Walk In Closet

She also recommends hanging drawers and drawers, which are a great way to utilize unused vertical space. Every square inch is another opportunity to create storage space.

If you’re the type to replace your shoes every day, by the end of the week they’ll pile up. Seifert says the first step is deciding whether you’re a “hitter” or a “setter.” If you’re a kicker, he offers a camera system.

“If you want to take off your shoes at the end of a long day and leave them where they landed, you need a little system because it allows you to take your shoes directly into the storage solution.” If you’re fitter, she recommends taking off your shoes and putting them on a shoe rack or shelf.

If you know you like to untie your shoes at the end of the day, embrace that quality and make changes to keep it organized over time.

Space Saving Closet Ideas For Getting Ready Faster

Your unique styles of shoes require a long-term storage solution to protect them from dust and keep their shape. Seifert recommends investing in shoes with a simple toe cap.

“Whether you keep a few pairs of flats in the corner of your closet or have an entire room dedicated to sneakers, they’re the best way to keep your shoes in tip-top shape,” she says.

When it comes to maximizing closet space, it’s best to think outside the product label. For example, items designed to organize shoes can easily be repurposed to accommodate your favorite accessories.

How To Add Closet Space To A Small Bedroom

“Because of their small size, many claws are ideal for hanging in a shoe bag,” says Seifert. Get creative with your organization and you’ll be surprised how much you can fit into even the tiniest of closets.

Small Closet Organization

The way you fold your clothes determines how you approach your things and how much space you take up. Thanks to the system of folding and storing things in drawers, cooking is more efficient.

Seifert told us to consider the KonMari folding method, which allows you to make the most of your drawers and see everything at a glance, as opposed to how your clothes are stacked on top of each other.

Stacking on top of each other makes it difficult to access the parts you need. Instead, line them up with the crease facing up.

Seifert tells us “rolling towels or laundry is great,” and we can think of rolling bulky items like scarves and sweaters. Folding is not always the solution, they collapse when you stack them on top of each other. While she admits that the 10-compartment hanging shoe bag is a simple way to store paper towels, it seems like the perfect place to store scarves and sweaters.

Closet Organization Ideas For Saving Space And Sanity

When your closet is full of items you won’t wear for months to come, they’re just taking up valuable real estate. Instead, Seifert tells us, it’s best to hold off for the off-season or special occasions.

“Try using an under-bed form,” she says, “it’s a great solution for storing seasonal items and keeping them organized and out of the way of your closet.” Use them for wrap coats in summer and beach accessories in winter. Although I am very anxious! We just finished a farmhouse bathroom makeover, so it’s a whole new little room for a bedroom. We are making slow progress so I wanted to share with the build where we are.

This is what the guest bedroom closet looked like a few weeks ago. It’s just your standard wardrobe with double doors.

How To Add Closet Space To A Small Bedroom

We’ve been wanting to add another bathroom since we moved in and this space just seemed to make a lot of sense. With almost all decisions made, construction has begun.

Stylish And Efficient Small Closet Ideas

We gutted the closet and began the toilet addition by framing the door and adding new electrical.

Wood paneling, a freestanding sink, sink, faucet, mirror and lighting were added to complete one side of the bathroom. The bathroom plumbing needed some work, so we stopped building the bathroom and started with a new wardrobe in the bedroom.

Despite the small space, a lot of thought and planning went into creating both spaces. If we want to turn the closet into a vanity, we know that we need to make room in the bedroom for a small room. We only have 3 closets in our house, one in each bedroom, so we knew we had to add one for storage (and resale).

The home’s previous owner added a closet (now a powder room) to this room, making it larger than the other closets in the bedroom. There’s also a weird dead spot in the corner right next to the door. Since it wasn’t very good, we thought it would be the perfect place for the room.

Put Small Closets To Work — Ríorganize

It’s smaller than the one in this room, but still has plenty of storage space.

We debated where to put the wall and decided to take it almost to the front door paneling. Every inch counts in a small space and we need as much closet space as possible.

We disassembled the cabinet and ran the electrical wiring. We had to move the bedroom ceiling light switch and added the light and switch inside the closet. A small bedroom closet doesn’t really need a light, but it doesn’t cost much to add one.

How To Add Closet Space To A Small Bedroom

Then we added the plate and drilled all the holes. Hubs and I can do a lot of things, but jumping isn’t something either of us are good at. Achieving this requires a lot of practice and none of us are willing to practice it. 😉

Small Closet Organizing Ideas For Girls

With the final coating and sanding done, it was time to decide on the finish options for the two doors. It was difficult because we couldn’t decide what to do. We talked about matching the 70’s trim, but we have some ideas for two doors and the trim is too much.

To sum it all up… cut short. Determine which lining to use for closed construction. Lame I know, but once we get that sorted we’ll move on to the next problem, which is the door.

We have some ideas of what we want to do, but we need to make sure everything works and looks good. We’ll come back to it when we figure it out

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