How To Start A Blog For Money

How To Start A Blog For Money – Have you ever had a conversation with someone and said you are a blogger? If you’re like me, you’ve probably gotten the next question that always seems to be, “How do you make money blogging?” “It’s certainly a valid question – most of us start blogging because we want to share our thoughts and knowledge, but data and knowledge can cost money to make it a little harder to get away. This post is designed to help you discover the best ways to make money blogging for beginners and how to apply these strategies to your website.

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How To Start A Blog For Money

How To Start A Blog For Money

Whether you just started your website a few days ago or you’ve had your blog for a while and want to turn it from a hobby into a business, here are the top 5 ways to make money blogging.

How Bloggers Make Money

Ads are a form of passive income, right? Once they’re installed on your blog, you’ll be making money while you sleep — or at least that’s how many people picture it. 😉

In fact, traffic is necessary to generate a good income. And you won’t get traffic without a good arsenal of quality content that you’ve spent optimizing for Pinterest and SEO.

So yes, you can make money while you sleep with ads, but it takes a lot of upfront work to get enough traffic to make those ads worthwhile.

Many bloggers start implementing Google Adsense on their blog early, which is fine, but you will probably only make one extra change per day.

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How much traffic will they be worth? I would say if you get to about 10,000-15,000 pageviews per month, you can make some extra money. At the time, I had ads on one of my sites with Monumetric (an ad network) and was making about $40-$100 a month.

But the real money comes when you hit 25,000 sessions per month, at which point you can sign up for the Mediavine ad network. This is a fan favorite for bloggers (besides Ad Thrive, but they require 100,000 pageviews per month). Once you get to that level of Mediavine, you’re probably looking at a few hundred dollars a month on their network. This will continue to increase as your traffic grows.

The exception to this 25k rule is if you have a hyperlocal blog and can sell advertising space directly to local businesses instead of relying on an ad network. In this case, you can benefit from advertising with much lower page views.

How To Start A Blog For Money

Takeaway: Focus on the long-term game with Pinterest and SEO to drive traffic to quality content. Build those pageviews to join a good ad network.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by helping other companies sell their products. Basically, they give you a unique link and if someone buys their product through your link, you get paid a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a great option for beginners because you can make money with a small but active audience. As your traffic grows later, these affiliate sales will likely grow as well.

How to get started with affiliate marketing? Try sitting down and making a list of all the products you use on a regular basis and/or the products you are brand loyal to. For example, for many wellness bloggers, this could include workout clothes, sneakers, nutritional supplements, essential oils, nutrition/fitness books, etc.

Then just start googling those brands to see if they have an affiliate program. Most companies run their affiliate programs through affiliate networks, sites that aggregate multiple affiliate programs under one roof. Here are some common affiliate networks you can explore:

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Engaging with affiliate networks can also give you more ideas for businesses to promote because they have multiple brands in one place.

In addition to the big brands and affiliate networks, you might be surprised that many online courses and programs also have affiliate programs. For example, Ultimate Bundles doesn’t offer many bundles of healthy lifestyle e-books and online courses at deep discounts. Affiliates can promote it to their audience for a 40% commission on each sale.

Also think outside the box. Are you a fitness blogger? There might be a good online personal training platform that you could promote. Or are you a wellness blogger talking about essential oils? Maybe another blogger has a detailed e-book for them that you could sell as an affiliate, or an essential oil company has their own program. Think creatively and do your research online to find the best options for your website.

How To Start A Blog For Money

Sponsored content is a little different than affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you only earn money when someone buys a product through your link. But with sponsored content, you usually get a pre-set upfront fee for creating content that features a branded product.

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For example, if you have a health food blog, the company might pay you to use an ingredient in a recipe. Or, if you have a fitness blog, the company might pay you to feature your sneakers in an Instagram photo.

This can happen in the early stages and will happen more often as you become a better blogger. But if you just wait and hope brands come to you, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Brands have hundreds of thousands of bloggers and influencers to look up to. The chance of them falling all over your site is relatively small. This may be the case, but you’ll have better luck with brands if you use the next two methods.

Also, keep in mind that there are many smart people who often try to take advantage of new bloggers. They might say they want to do a sponsored post on your Instagram feed, but they’re just offering you a discount on their products. It is not normal. Advertised content must be at least a free product. (But I encourage you to try to get paid opportunities even early, as long as you have an active audience interested in what you have to say.)

Start A Blog

In this case, you reach out to the brand and give them a good idea for a collaboration. This usually takes more time than option a or c, but I think it’s also the most successful. A live presentation gives you more control over questions/deliverables, payment, and overall you can sell yourself a little better.

This means that sometimes it is difficult to reach the right person. I found links through social media (often the person running the social media business is also involved in influencer marketing) or press releases.

If you’re worried about submitting, be sure to check out this post about making money with sponsored affiliates that has tons of tips for submitting. You might want to create a media kit if a brand wants to see it.

How To Start A Blog For Money

Networks is basically a third party website that aggregates the options of different brands. You apply for these opportunities online and are only notified if you are selected.

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The network takes a cut from the brand, so the prices they offer are lower than what goes directly. But it’s often a way to get partnerships you wouldn’t have otherwise considered, and it makes it easy to apply for multiple opportunities in one place.

For example, I just logged onto SoFab (a network site) and see options for hair dye, soda, probiotics, baby care, etc.

Some networks may require a minimum number of page views to join, while others may be open to anyone. Here are some networks you might want to check out.

Think about why you started a blog. Most likely, it was because you had some kind of information that you wanted to share with others. Now think – is there a way to tap into this information to develop a paid product?

The Ultimate Guide

This is a personal example. When I realized that many other RDs and wellness bloggers were struggling with Pinterest, I developed an online course specifically for those who did well. I try to update every six months and increase updates significantly after that.

Blogging and social media open up a huge online community that you can reach out to. While you’re trying to focus on passive income, don’t underestimate the potential for service-based income either. Especially when you are starting out, services that offer quick income can be useful.

Here are some examples of services that different types of home blogs can provide. Go with the same groups

How To Start A Blog For Money

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