How To Clear Up Space On My Iphone

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How To Clear Up Space On My Iphone

How To Clear Up Space On My Iphone

Apps, photos, playlists and videos can be integrated quickly. We help you free up some space on your iPhone.

My Icloud Storage Is Full 5 Tips For Freeing Up Icloud Storage

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May is over, it’s time for spring cleaning. iPhone storage is one place you might not think to clean. Apps, photos, playlists and videos can be added quickly, and that’s all our phones can fit. From downloading apps to uploading important stuff to the cloud, there are a number of steps you can take to maximize your phone’s capabilities.

The best way to store locally is to invest in a cloud storage service like Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox to store your data. However, there are also settings you can adjust to make sure you’re getting the most out of your iPhone’s storage capacity. With iOS 16, your iPhone will also be able to recognize duplicate photos, making it easier to keep your photo library lean and organized.

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Is Your Icloud Storage Full? 5 Tips On How To Free Up Space

To get the most out of your iPhone, you first need to know what’s inside the device. Take a look at what’s killing your hosting and see where you should start. Launch Settings, tap General, and scroll down to iPhone Storage. Select this option to see a breakdown of the files and media types on your iPhone. Apple also provides some location suggestions, such as reviewing videos stored on the device, as shown below.

See what’s eating up your iPhone’s storage in the menu. Screenwriter: Lisa Eadicicco /

Photos are the biggest culprits for taking up space on your iPhone. But instead of the original versions of the iPhone menu, if you are short on space on your device, there is an option that allows you to save thumbnails locally on your device. These high-resolution photos and videos are stored in iCloud and can be downloaded as needed. To make sure this is enabled, open the Settings app. Next, scroll down to the Photos section and make sure there is a blue tick next to the Optimize iPhone storage option.

How To Clear Up Space On My Iphone

Make sure your iPhone is as efficient as possible when saving data. Screenwriter: Lisa Eadicicco /

Eliminate ‘iphone Storage Full’ By Limiting The Messages App

The best way to free up space on your iPhone is to delete data you don’t want to keep on your device. However, that doesn’t mean you have to cut back on your photo library. Instead, try saving to a third-party cloud storage service like Google Photos instead of your device. It’s a quick way to free up more storage space without having to deal with old memories.

But before you delete anything, make sure the photos you want to save are backed up or sent to Google Photos. If your photos and videos aren’t backed up to other services like Google Photos, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive before they’re deleted, they’ll be permanently deleted. This guide will walk you through how to export your entire iCloud photo library to Google Photos, but keep in mind that the free option is no longer available.

If your photos are already stored in iCloud, you may wonder why you should use a separate cloud service. This is why deleting photos from your iPhone also deletes them from iCloud, so you might want to use another service to delete photos from your device.

Another great way to declutter your iPhone is to delete apps you no longer use. If you don’t know where to start, look at which apps you haven’t used in a while. Open the iPhone menu, tap General, and go to iPhone Storage. You’ll see a list of apps that shows how much space each app is using and when you last used it. Scroll through the list and try to uninstall apps that you haven’t used in a while.

How To Free Up Space On Your Phone Fast

Remove apps you haven’t used in a long time. You can see when you last used a particular app in the iPhone menu. Screenwriter: Lisa Eadicicco /

If you don’t want to completely uninstall an app, you can download it instead. Disabling it allows you to keep the data and information associated with the app, so you can always reinstall it and quickly pick up where you left off. Return to the list above by opening Settings, clicking General, and selecting iPhone Storage. Tap an app in the list and select Download App. You can set your iPhone to do this automatically. To do this, open Settings, tap App Store, and make sure the Download unused apps switch is turned on.

Photos, videos, and apps don’t block iPhone storage. Getting rid of old documents can be very useful. You can set your iPhone to delete your message history. To do this, open Settings, select Messages, and tap Save Messages under Message History. From there, choose whether you want to save text messages on your iPhone for 30 days, a year, or forever.

How To Clear Up Space On My Iphone

You might have videos and music stored offline in various apps on your phone, and luckily, there’s an easy way to find and delete those files. Launch Settings, select General, then select iPhone Storage. Find an app where you’ve downloaded offline content, such as Netflix. You will then see stored information about the app, such as its size and buttons to remove or uninstall.

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If you’ve downloaded the video offline, you’ll also see a section for that content under the Remove Apps button. Place your finger on the downloaded video and slide it to the left side of the screen to delete.

You can easily delete video and music files stored in the app to free up space on your iPhone. Screenwriter: Lisa Eadicicco /

While removing apps and media makes a big difference, if you’re serious about the site, you can try clearing your browser cache. However, this may slow down your iPhone a bit when browsing the web, so it’s worth a try if you’re low on storage and have slow browser performance. But note that this will remove you from the sites you are logged into.

Clear Safari’s cache to improve performance and save some space. Screenwriter: Lisa Eadicicco /

How To Fix System Data Filling Your Iphone’s Storage

If you’re using Google Chrome, tap the three dots at the bottom of the screen, select History, then tap Clear Data. A checkmark should appear next to three categories: Browsing History, Cookies, Website Data, and Cached Images and Files. If you only want to clear browsing data for a specific time period, tap the time range option at the top of the screen before tapping Clear Browsing Data at the bottom.

Looking for more iPhone ideas? Check out our guide to iOS 16. Also, you can clear iPhone cache as below. It shows a white circle with a black border around the stripe. It says “Click here to go to the top of the page”.

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How To Clear Up Space On My Iphone

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The next time you upgrade your iPhone, you won’t have to worry about running out of space again thanks to the increased capacity available in newer models.

But now if you

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