How To Make More Space In Closet

How To Make More Space In Closet – Let’s face it, not all of us are blessed with Carrie Bradshaw-level luxury walk-in closets, so it’s important to come up with storage ideas that help you stay organized while looking good. When the closet is small, it can be difficult to stay organized, so here are some organizational tools and decorating tips to help make it easier. If you think you don’t have enough closet space, or like me, you live in a city apartment with limited storage space, these 30 small closet ideas will make you look twice as old (and you’ve got to focus on your closet instead!). We’ve even included closet storage ideas.

If you have a closet in your room but a closed door makes it feel cramped and cramped, consider converting it to a pocket door or removing it altogether. In this bunk room designed by Dee Murphy, wallpaper and paint separate the bedroom from the closet, but the open door helps open it up.

How To Make More Space In Closet

How To Make More Space In Closet

If you have an uncomfortable and empty corner, invest in large chests or cabinets that can liven it up by giving you extra storage space. This small bedroom rug by Sean Henderson can accommodate corner pillows and more.

Seriously Useful Apartment Friendly Closet Organization Ideas For Renters

This tiny closet by David Kyho shares a home with a washer and dryer, so everything’s organized. Drawers help keep things organized, and two rows of drawers make the most of all the vertical space.

Here is another small closet designed by David Kaihoy in this room. Here are some good tips for small spaces: 1) Glass inside closet doors. 2) Add hooks inside the door for accessories and clothing planning. 3) Use trash cans to organize things.

If your bedroom is too full, make room for it in a linen closet or hallway coat closet. It’s the last one you wore, so you’d better go somewhere else to find them (the same can’t be said for underwear, for example). This en suite linen closet by Joshua Gray is also a shoe baby. How you arrange your shoes can also save space: you can store several pairs on one shelf while placing each pair upside down. Try some kids to keep everything organized.

Designer Ariane Bethea’s bedroom features a fun bed and wild Etsy furniture. Mannequin and mirror give a wonderful atmosphere in the dressing room. Plan and display clothes with a mannequin or use as a mock coat. This is a great way to get organized in an outdoor space like a bedroom when your closet is really small. A path, vine or ancient inspired path.

How To Design A Closet And Maximize The Space

For someone whose small closet is already packed to the brim or who doesn’t have a closet to begin with, a loose wardrobe can be a lifesaver. Also, keeping your closet open will motivate you to keep your clothes neat and organized.

Shoes can take up a lot of closet space, so why not dedicate separate storage for them in another room? Here, Amanda Reynal adds shelves to an entryway bench for extra storage that frees up space in the bedroom. It also makes it easier to follow the no shoes rule.

Build extra storage above the bed! This is even better if you have high ceilings and can use more of your vertical floor space without eating into usable floor space. An open shelf designed by Studio DIIA stores books, house bedding in the upper cupboard and a wardrobe opposite the bed.

How To Make More Space In Closet

A similar wall unit creates a shelf for accessories, a place to hang coats and bags. Designer Tom Scherer painted a white wall organizer to match the farmhouse style throughout the home.

This Messy Primary Bedroom Closet Went From Overflowing To Organized

This closet is flush with the walls and disappears into the master bedroom designed by Shapeless Studio to hold plenty of clothing without physically or visually obstructing the living space.

If your storage area has glass or wire doors, cover them with a beautiful fabric. It will hide all your stored clothes and add some style to your space. If you don’t know how to sew, you can use velcro to attach the fabric. We love floral print designer Anna Spiro’s choice of blue here.

With woven baskets on the upper shelves of this cabinet designed by Gideon Mendelson, we can focus on beautiful finishes and materials and keep rare, non-seasonal essentials out of sight.

Stack baskets to keep shoes, jewelry, accessories, workout clothes, PJs, and more accessible. You can toss a ton into these containers without taking up too much space, like this one from Dorsey Designs.

How To Build A Diy Closet Organizer (with Drawers)

Even if you don’t have a wardrobe, but have a collection of clothes, get organized with custom interior fittings that keep everything behind closed doors. In this bedroom design by Corinne Mathern, built-in appliances provide ample storage and accommodate the irregular ceiling structure. It’s deeper than your typical dresser or closet – a win for small bedrooms.

If you’re short on space, place a small clothes and shoe rack under your hanging clothes. On top of the dresser, things like sugar and magic, hats or jewelry can be stored here.

While shoe organizers are great for your sneakers, they can also be used for larger items like sweaters that you don’t want to lug around. Stacking in baskets is also a good solution. Designed by Regan Baker, the patterns in this space are beautiful. Alternatively, you can use a shelf divider to keep the stack free. The sides allow you to stack your sweaters high without worrying about them falling off and falling to the ground.

How To Make More Space In Closet

This clever little space solution does a lot while taking up as little space as possible. The Juan Carretto doubles with two traditional ceiling-mounted wardrobes, and the space under the recessed lamp doubles as a nightstand.

Great Small Closet Organization And Storage Ideas

Store all out-of-season items under the bed or in hard-to-reach places in your closet. In this bedroom designed by Shari Francis, the dresser has extra space that may not be practical for everyday items, but is perfect for extra suitcases or underwear.

A narrow closet means it’s more difficult to find what you’re looking for, but you can make it easier by installing a task light. Recessed lamps are best when you don’t want to take an upright position, but a small lamp or nearby lamp will also help. This cabinet from Les Ensembles is equipped with a hook recessed light.

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Unfortunately, my lack of organizational instincts combined with design pain. Here it is, my love: Rocky and I moved to a new place last August. Now, almost 5 months later, we love our little house like it’s our own

How To Make More Space In Closet

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