How To Start Your Own Pr Firm

How To Start Your Own Pr Firm – To go alone. How to open your own PR agency. Going solo is the dream of many PRs, but it can easily turn into your worst nightmare. Join Bram and Sarah. How to create your own mind.

Over the past few years, PR professionals have been looking to start their own agencies. But where should aspiring entrepreneurs start and what should you do to make your dream a reality?

How To Start Your Own Pr Firm

How To Start Your Own Pr Firm

In this episode, we speak to Bram Smets and Sarah Griffin, two experts who have taken matters into their own hands. We will talk…

Startup Glasgow Pr Company

At 43, Josephine’s proud father and cycling fanatic Bram launched Broom Smith to help organizations connect strategically.

Broom Smith was the name given to Bram Smetz, the founder of a small but ambitious PR agency, by BBC reporters after four Eurostar trains were stuck in the Channel Tunnel in 2009, when he was Eurostar’s spokesman. In the confusion and in the middle of the night, BBC reporters just couldn’t get his name out. Finally, the trains left the dark tunnel and fast forward to 2019, a new PR agency saw the light.

As a former business director at Ketchum and a former spokesperson for Eurostar, Bram is an experienced PR and communications consultant. He approaches communication problems from a holistic/integral perspective, thinking in terms of solutions and ideas rather than ways.

Sarah Griffin is a strategic communications and PR consultant. He has more than ten years of experience in launching and developing communication programs for cultural organizations, companies, products and exhibitions worldwide.

The Benefits Of Working With A Niche Focused Pr Agency

Working at Camron PR, a global design-driven communications agency, he led the team to launch new art and design fairs, the hugely successful Object & Thing; managed international communications for the Chicago Architecture Biennial, the largest and most important architecture biennial in North America; executed a major campaign to promote Quito, Ecuador with the city’s largest real estate developer; and coordinated partnerships and media campaigns for major retail brands such as MUJI and EQ3.

Prior to Cameron, he worked with the visual arts firm Resnicow and Associates, where he designed and implemented communications campaigns for museums, foundations and arts organizations around the world.

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How To Start Your Own Pr Firm

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How Starting A Business Can Actually Be Cheaper Than You Think

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On the surface, it may seem like the media world has many gatekeepers. So when small business owners consider getting press as part of their marketing strategy, it’s understandable that many look to hire someone with connections in the industry.

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The bad news is that it can be expensive for many small businesses. The good news is that founders can manage their PR as long as they don’t have a bigger budget.

“I read, and I didn’t have anyone to hunt down, but I still managed to get over 100 different press opportunities,” serial entrepreneur Candice Smith said of her previous business, Affinity Subscription Box. turn off This experience eventually inspired him to launch Press PR in France in 2020 and shortly thereafter to make Hustle Accelerator’s PR knowledge available to the founders.

When Jessica Spivak Lowenstein, head of platform at VC firm K50 Ventures, sought to secure press contracts for both the company and its portfolio companies, she first tried an expensive but unsuccessful contract with a contractor. He then told Insider he went through the Hustle Accelerator and was amazed at how doable the DIY approach was. “It’s not as scary as it sounds,” he said.

How To Start Your Own Pr Firm

Spivak Lowenstein and Smith share steps any small business can use to get their name out in the press.

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According to Smith, what every business owner needs to do is understand their PR goals. “Understanding the general direction you want to go and the story you want to tell puts you in a good position from the start,” he said.

These goals should be based on a realistic understanding of the return on PR investment, building brand recognition, loyalty and a pipeline of future customers, not immediate sales and not too broad. “Think about it more strategically than ‘we want to be in the news,'” Spivak Lowenstein said.

“Success isn’t about instant returns, it’s about getting your name out there and getting brand champions,” Smith added. “Don’t get carried away with the idea of ​​a quick win. One of the worst things you can do is chase a single release.

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