Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom – I’m so excited! We just finished the wardrobe in the farmhouse so there is a brand new small wardrobe for the bedroom. We are moving slowly so I wanted to share with the build where we are.

A few weeks ago, the guest bedroom suite looked like this. It’s just your standard cupboard with double doors.

Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

We’ve been wanting to add another bathroom since we moved in, and this space seemed to make the most sense. With almost all decisions made, construction began.

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We gutted the closet and began the toilet addition by framing the door and adding new electrical.

Wooden panels, a do-it-yourself sink, sink, faucet, mirror and lighting were added to complete one side of the toilet. Toilet plumbing takes some work, so we stopped at remodeling the toilet and started with a new bedroom closet.

Although it is a small area, a lot of thought and planning went into creating the two rooms. We know that to convert a room into a toilet, we need to make room for a small room in the bedroom. We only have 3 closets in our house, one in each bedroom, so we knew we had to add one for storage (and resale).

The home’s previous owner added a walk-in closet (now a powder room) to this room, making it larger than the other closets in the bedroom. There is also a strange dead area in a corner next to the door. Since it’s not too good for anything, we thought it would be the perfect place for a closet.

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It’s smaller than the one in this room, but still has plenty of storage space.

We debated where to put the wall and decided to take it almost to the front door. Every inch counts in a small space and we need as much closet space as possible.

We built the cabinet and ran the electrical wires. We had to move the switch for the ceiling light in the bedroom and added a light and switch inside the closet. A small room in the bedroom doesn’t really need light, but it doesn’t cost much to add it.

Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

Then we added sheet metal and caulked all the holes. Names and I can do a lot of things, but spackling isn’t something either of us can do very well. Getting it right takes a lot of practice, and none of us likes to practice enough. πŸ˜‰

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With the coating and sanding finally done, it was time to decide on the trim options for the two doors. It was difficult because we couldn’t decide what to do. We talked about matching the 70’s trim, but we have some ideas for two doors and the cover is too big.

To sum it all up…trim. Determining which cut to use for a stalled structure. Lame I know, but once we get that sorted we’ll move on to the next problem… which is the door.

We have some ideas of what we want to do, but need to make sure everything works and looks good. We’ll come back to it when we figure it out.

No pretty pictures today, but we are working on it. We’re definitely making progress and it’s exciting to see how it’s transformed into a whole new space. If you want a behind-the-scenes look at the production, you can follow it on Instagram. I usually share daily what’s happening on IG stories.

How To Create A Closet In A Small Space

Good news! We finished the closet and built a cool closet door with an old thrift store find. Check out our mirrored barn door solutions.

See the start of construction, progress and the unveiling of the new powder room. New Cabin Addition DIY Home Building Bathroom Vanity Closet Powder Room Hanging Wallpaper Reveal! After DIY and moving from our new home to share I can finally start organizing clothes and office stuff! Although the existing wardrobe in the bedroom is of adequate size, we prefer separate wardrobes. Fortunately, there was another bedroom next to the entrance that caught my eye as I toured the house. Since I love a cozy living room and home office corner, I decided to create one

: Bedroom, office and dressing room. How did we do it? Assist with collaboration with smart design, DIY-friendly product and modular closets. I hope these DIY closet ideas help you imagine the possibilities.

Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

This post is sponsored by Modular Closets and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make this blog possible.

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If you also have an unused spare bedroom, why not free it up? Without the demo (1) and without losing bedroom status (1) I could see the potential for this weirdo to become more functional (because Resell, you).

I wanted my own quiet walk-in closet with clever storage and space to work or exercise, and this quirky bedroom is right next to my husband’s room…

Yes. 2 double doors (to shallow wardrobe) + 1 door (to closet in master bedroom) + 1 door to laundry closet + 1 door to hallway + 1 door to bathroom + 1 access door to custom oak built-in rear hot tub.

Built-in oak cupboards are also difficult (see below). It wasn’t too deep to hold anything other than nail polish or small bottles of pain killers, it had to go.

Gorgeous Custom Small Closet Ideas

Pros of the room? Amazing views of our wooded lot, walk-in closet/adequate size walk-in closet and close to master bedroom closet. (We can easily connect these cabinets in Phase 2 if we choose.)

I don’t want to line the walls with hanging rods or a bunch of cabinets (good grace, no more complicated doors!) and expect it to be nice and quiet enough to work.

Modular cabinets are the perfect solution for these true renovators! Their site is user friendly with real people to help you design. What a blessing for an anxious person like me who gets overwhelmed easily.

Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

While there are plenty of cabinet configurations with towers, drawers, and accessories to consider, modular cabinets offer just the right amount of options.

How To Turn A Small Bedroom Into A Dressing Room

2. Skip the step of listing what’s in their closet. You want to design a room for your room. Don’t forget to list the categories of clothes in your wardrobe. (For example, where one person may have too many clothes to hang, another may have too many pants and need several closets.) β€” Christina Giaquanto,

I scoured the web for closet inspiration, carefully measured our space, estimated my closet needs, thought about the hanging and shelving space I needed, decided on my desk placement, and shared that information with MC, who could suggest a solution. .

I immediately loved the design of the room and felt energized to prepare the small bedroom for its new identity.

–>Removed the built-in oak and then repaired the 6β€² hole in the wall with new plaster (the hole was right through the mirror). We don’t need an “access door” to the hot tub as they say goodbye.

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As the boxes came out of the modular closets, my husband got a basic workout carrying each one up the stairs. A few nights later he began installing the cabinet (considering it a temporary DIY project) before finishing it the next evening.

How do you decide whether to install the product yourself or hire a professional? Respect what makes you feel good. A modular cabinet system designed to be DIY friendly! We are here to answer any questions. But if you feel more confident and ask for help, don’t worry. Maybe someone in your family or a local handyman can help. But it’s 100% designed to be easy for you to install! – Christina Giaquanto,

I love the new globe/cabinet! Not only can I start organizing things now, I have a nice workspace, toilet area and yoga room.

Make A Closet In A Small Bedroom

Carefully packed boxes of product were carefully delivered inside the garage and nothing was damaged.

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While you can have a lot of fun customizing modules, don’t match or blend towers to make them look amazing. The material is made of high quality wood with high density. I thought I’d work on the modules to make them feel nice and friendly, add trim and play with them…nope.

Although the Shaker design is simple, I love the minimalist, casual look! Standard metal drawer knobs also work for my taste. (You can find a video from space here.)

My office supplies go into the bins you see above the coats…I don’t need anything but a laptop!

The chrome wire pull-out basket and pull-out drawers look dreamy and glide smoothly. Closet accessories like these from Modular Closets make everyday life better and easier!

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Although there is no need to add embellishments

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