Best Way To Store Clothes In Garage

Best Way To Store Clothes In Garage – Whether you call it a garage sale, yard sale, or yard sale, these sales are a great way to declutter your home and make a little money in the process. I recently hosted my first garage sale. I learned a lot about the dos and don’ts along the way.

I’ve been thinking about a garage sale for a few months now. Right before I started work on the house, I turned our guest room into an office/guest room. Before I could paint, I had to clean the room, and I realized that I didn’t want to put most of these things back after that. We still had all of Carter’s clothes and baby things. Almost 8 years, that’s a lot! This is what our living room looked like with the empty bags of clothes waiting to be opened and sorted.

Best Way To Store Clothes In Garage

Best Way To Store Clothes In Garage

Since we are seriously considering moving to another house in the near future, this was just one step in our process of de-cluttering and getting our house ready to sell.

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Honestly, I swore I would never host a garage sale. I suspected how much work it would be (and I was right!). To say I’m new to garage sales would be an understatement, but I did some research, called some friends who have benefited from garage sales, and ended up with a great sale. Here’s what I learned…

1 | Check the weather, plan accordingly – after a few weeks of normal rain, I checked the forecast for next week last Saturday and saw no rain for 4 days. I also knew I had at least another month without a vacation. At that point I knew we had to switch and sell. On Saturday afternoon it finally rained a little. Only about 15 minutes with a generous sprinkling. Really enough time to drag it all out and get angry! Most of the time though, it was a beautiful weekend and people kept saying it was a great weekend to do garage sales. Have a backup plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

2 | Location, location, location – we live in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood. It’s not a path, so you have to think it to be here. It’s a great place to live, but the street traffic isn’t ideal for a garage sale. Consider asking a friend to hold a garage sale with you if you know someone with an A+ location. If not, make sure you have good signage (see #7).

3| Organization – presentation and organizational issue. Make it easy for people to see what you have without digging. Most people should come and do it once before they decide to stay and check it out. A group that controls things so they don’t have to do much work. Make sure things are clean and well organized. I put all the clothes in the garage. The furniture was on one side of the street, large toys and children’s things were mixed up, etc.

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Tables – we borrowed a lot of tables. Consider hiring them for the day if you can’t pick them up. Things like clothes on the floor make things clean and easy to look at. We’ve organized all the clothes by size and made the labels easier to read to show each age category.

Hanging racks – if you can hang adult clothes, jackets or other items, go for it! I had fabric that I bought on Amazon that I used for adult clothing. I made a small children’s coat stand consisting of two saws and a broom handle. Here’s a great idea with a ladder and two horses to draw on Pinterest.

Blankets – I didn’t have enough tables for everything, so for the toys I didn’t want to put directly on the concrete path, I put a play mat and toys. It also really helped when it started raining as we could pull up a blanket instead of taking them all out to play.

Best Way To Store Clothes In Garage

4| Value – Value everything. Most people don’t want to ask how much it costs. I got a tip from a friend at a garage sale who said she put up a sign that said “all kids clothes $1 unless otherwise noted” and I did and it saved time. I tagged small items that were $0.50 (like others) or some nicer items that were $2-$3 (sweatshirts or stationary tag items). After a few people asked about the pajama sets, I realized they were reluctant to pay $1 each, so I changed my signs to show that the PJ sets were $1.

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For other specially reviewed items, I used these labels for some items that were already f-marked, and then Sharpie marked with tape for others that required further explanation.

If you’re not sure what things are worth, check your local Craigslist listings or Facebook swap groups (see below) to see what’s for sale, or ask a friend who frequents garage sales. Know that many people want to negotiate with you. There were things I downgraded a bit for this reason, but since my motivation was to get rid of things rather than make more money, I rated things as appropriate or in some cases even low and was more likely to stick with them to keep them. the price as I knew they were already worth the sale. This is entirely a personal decision and depends on what your primary sales goal is.

5 | Show me the money – I’ve heard good advice about “locking up” your money instead of using a piggy bank. This made a lot of sense so I could proceed with the sale and not worry about the order. Some people use a fanny pack, but I used a multi-compartment Bagallini travel bag. I was able to separate my accounts to make the transition easier. I started my purchases with three $20s, five $10s, four $5s, ten $1s, and a few quarters. This can vary depending on the price of many of your products. This ended up being perfect and I had no issues with a certain amount.

6 | Ask for help – first, it’s more fun when you’re with people. Whether you’re doing a multifamily sale or not, it’s good to have someone to help you move things, move them inside when it’s raining (speaking from experience), pick up things you need or forget, or fill in for a few minutes if you need to go to the toilet or want to eat something.

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This little munchkin wasn’t much help, but he was fun to have around. He was a bit sad that he was selling some of his stuff (like these tiger slippers) and asked me to take a picture of him with his old stuff. Once I agreed to split the money between each item I sold, that was a lot!

7| Brands – Our brands are one of the biggest traffic drivers for our sales. I had my husband do the dishes for me. The only real clue was “BIG TOE”. If you are driving a car, you may not be able to read an address, but you can follow the directions. Added “Garage Garage”, our address (picture), sale dates and BIG arrows. We purposely left out the time on the signs in case we want to extend our time. We put the signs up at the same time before the sale and put them up when we are done each day. I bought these blank signs in stock at Lowe’s.

8 | Advertising – Gone are the days when everyone used newspaper ads to advertise their sales. (I remember those days during my college career in the advertising department of the Des Moines Register!). Aside from the right brands, online advertising is where it’s at for the most part these days.

Best Way To Store Clothes In Garage

9 | Seasonal – Since I’ve had almost all of my son’s clothes and all of his winter coats since he was born and they were good quality, I thought they would sell well. What I didn’t realize is that people often look for seasonal products. Its shorts, swimwear, sandals and other spring/summer accessories sold well. All autumn and winter products are almost untouched, especially young products. I forgot that these little years and toddlers are hard to guess what size they will be and to buy ahead of time. If you have a lot of fall and winter items, consider this

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