How To Decorate On A Tight Budget

How To Decorate On A Tight Budget – My readers and friends have asked me many times how to decorate our home on a budget and also where to start in their homes. While Pinterest is overflowing with budget decorating tips, I still have a question. I wrote about this blog post years ago today and now I feel the need to rewrite this post because a lot has changed since then and I have learned a few new things.

So, since I get asked so often, I figured I should give my two cents on the subject. You all know that I love to decorate on a budget because I have to. It is very easy for someone with a lot of money to go to designer stores and buy their hearts out. It would be so much fun if I could buy this.

How To Decorate On A Tight Budget

How To Decorate On A Tight Budget

Decorating on a budget is now a habit, and even if I have the money, I want to spend it elsewhere and decorate as cheaply as possible. (I also wrote a blog post about how to decorate and for a teenager on a budget, see below).

Pin Image How To Redo Your Kitchen On A Super Tight Budget

You might also like my 10 favorite IKEA decorating tips and tricks, because we all know that IKEA is pretty cheap.

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Although anyone who frequents the Internet knows that Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores and auctions are the places to start decorating your home on a budget, many people still use their finds or salvaged items. Look at the smelly and scary places in their home design. Some people don’t want the “vintage look” and prefer a more modern approach, which you can get by being thrifty and buying second hand.

I’ve heard so many times “I’ll never find someone as good as you”, it’s not true. You just don’t know. Just open my local market and check out some examples I found at the end of this post.

Small Bedroom Decoration Ideas On A Budget

And what if you don’t have the money to spend on the essentials I mentioned above? There are many people who cannot do even this, and sometimes it is difficult to find the budget to buy all the materials you need for that cute DIY project you saw on Pinterest that should be so cheap.

Where do you start if you have financial difficulties, but still want to own a beautiful home? Here we begin…

First, I started going through everything in my room and cleaning everything. It can do serious wonders and show you that some things are better or that you can recycle some.

How To Decorate On A Tight Budget

You may be wondering what this has to do with decorating, but for me a good cleaning works wonders and you start with a clean slate. Then, when the room is clean, I give it a cleaning from top to bottom. Really good cleaning. I mean toothbrush and magic diaper eraser. I do, I’m not even kidding. I use a toothbrush, Windex or in a really bad case Clorox spray toilet cleaner, no joke, this is my favorite. Dry the walls, moldings and floors with old towels. You won’t believe the difference it makes.

How To Decorate A Powder Room For Less Than $50

If you plan to paint the walls, this is still necessary in my opinion. Be sure to visit the Paint Off section of your local home improvement store for discount paint, and if you have a Restoration Hardware store, you can also check out some inexpensive paint that is donated. You may be lucky.

My favorite is a fresh coat of white paint if you’re not sure which way to go. I use Valspar’s Eggshell Ultra White 7006-24.

Take pictures of everything. List the items you want to sell with photos. This can give you some money for decoration.

Print photos of items you want to keep or add them to your phone’s favorites for easy access so you can refer to them when looking for more decor.

Fall Decor Inspiration For A Tight Budget

Don’t stop or buy matching bedroom, living room or dining room sets. A stacked look never happens with a matching set.

If you have a matching set, consider breaking it down by selling some of it or moving some of the pieces to other rooms.

Lists are always great and help a lot. Make a list of what you need and what you’re looking for so you don’t end up with a bunch of stuff that just clutters your room. (I still struggle with this)

How To Decorate On A Tight Budget

As I said above, sell what you no longer want. It is impressive that sometimes I earn extra money by selling junk from our house.

Home Decor Ideas On A Budget: Adorn With Less

Please be patient with this section as some items do not sell quickly. If they don’t sell after a few weeks, give them away.

Works wonders too! If you just clean and play with your furniture, you may feel happier with what you have or have an idea of ​​what you want. Especially if you still need to decide which pieces of furniture and sizes you need.

This tip is definitely at the top of my list. My favorite switch parts haven’t been replaced in years. I was walking around the house or changing. This is also covered in my blog post about transitioning to a different decorating style over the years.

I’ve been blogging since 2012 and the basics in our house have been the same since then. You think I can’t be proud of that? This shows that you don’t need to buy new things all the time. Instagram and Pinterest usually feel like you always have to buy new things to keep up with trends.

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget Of 500 Rs

Do you want a new desk instead of a Queen Anne style desk? Yes and I’ve been looking for a while but I can’t buy what I found or it’s not the right size. I like the alternative I came up with with the existing desk.

Are you wondering what I mean by this? Sometimes in my head, I really want something and compromise with myself. It can sound like a conversation in my head: “Okay, you can take the part, but that means you have to work with other things in the room…” conversation. It may sound childish, but it works for me. I’m talking about something.

If you renew, you must search every day! Save your searches, tell your friends what you’re looking for when they see something. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gotten a text from a friend to show me something free or cheap that they think I’d like.

How To Decorate On A Tight Budget

This goes with all the points mentioned in this blog post. Good design can happen quickly when you have all the money, but a look that fits on a budget only comes when you’re not in a rush.

Budget Christmas Decor Ideas

We know that a post about cheap decorations shouldn’t include the word splurge, and it shouldn’t. My splurges aren’t even the most expensive. For me, vanity is something that I really like and really want and can’t find cheap elsewhere. I had to save up for purchases and maybe sell something I didn’t really like.

My staples in our house are our couch, bed, chandelier, coffee table, giant basket, and rugs, but if you’re lucky enough to find these items on the cheap, they can be anything else. other I have many other stages that I have passed almost nothing.

I’ve had the sofas above since 2012 and they go well with a variety of decor accessories and styles. They were good, but unfortunately they are no longer available.

Chairs from Target only $120 each – table saved $25 – plant hangers and macrame I made myself – all end tables are thrift store and painted two white – table lamps 4 each saved – the large vases of copper are a $20 savings and the Basket and giant Rosary beads on the curtains are also – the large mirror is from HomeGoods – the cheap pillows are from H&M.

How To Decorate A Studio Apartment On A Budget

In the living room photo above: I’ve had a flat bottom rug since 2015, which means it’s served us well.

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