How To Create An Independent Record Label

How To Create An Independent Record Label – Are you an independent artist looking to add credibility to your music? Or are you a music fan who wants to contribute to the success of unknown artists? Or maybe you are a music producer looking to release records from artists you produce? Then you need to know how to start a record company with no money.

In this modern digital age, learning how to start a record business is easier than ever. You can do it almost instantly!

How To Create An Independent Record Label

How To Create An Independent Record Label

In this article I will walk you through the essentials of launching a shiny new record label quickly, efficiently and legally.

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Well, it’s basically what it says on the box – a “label” that represents the artists’ music. It can do business like distribution and find opportunities and invest in them.

There are only 3 major record companies in the UK and they are Sony, Universal and Warner Music. These major labels are so big that they have their own internal distribution, press, advertising and usually huge budgets for artists.

The publisher pays to promote each release, which of course costs money, and reports sales from their bank account to the artist at certain times, usually at least twice a year (end of July and end of December).

All others are considered independent record labels. India generally outsources its advertising, press and distribution to third parties. Their budget can be very small or as big depending on the success of the label. Hugely successful independent labels include Domino Records and Rough Trade.

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In any case, if you are thinking of starting a record label, you are part of the independent record companies.

The first step is to think about what genre of music your label specializes in. It’s important to think about this first because the type of music you want to release will determine your label name and branding.

You might want to be a niche label and specialize in African blues. Or you might want to go wider and play “alternative” music. There are no rules about this, but it’s always best to play music that you personally like.

How To Create An Independent Record Label

Also, the more you can define the genre of your label, the stronger your brand will be. So try to be imaginative and focused instead of just saying you’re a pop label.

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Now you need to come up with a label name. It may sound simple now, but you will soon realize that many good words are taken! You have to come up with something unique that no one else has used. Something you feel reflects exactly the kind of music you want to play.

For example, naming your label “Death Metal Records” when you want to release Bubblegum Pop won’t work! You can search online for record label name generators, see which ones match your music and brand, and then see if they are available.

The best way to check if a name is available is to check the Companies House database (for UK brands). This public database will list all active and recently inactive UK limited companies. Just go to the company database and enter the name you want to use to see if it is available.

If you don’t already have the word you want, this is a great start! However, this does not necessarily mean that the name is not used by someone else as a sole trader or even someone internationally. So Google and social media to see what you can find out. Another good way to find out if someone has hit your name is to check if your desired web domain is available.

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You need to decide fairly early on whether you want to be a sole trader, a partnership or a limited liability company. If you choose to become a limited company, your label will become a separate entity to you and you will need to file accounts with Companies House that are available for public inspection.

The advantage of a limited company is that your label name will be in the register of company houses, protecting your business name. It also protects your personal assets if the business goes bankrupt. Not to mention, it adds credibility to your label and shows potential artists that you are a reputable company.

Or you can simply be a sole trader – it’s just that you do your own thing (or with a partner) and file your self-assessment return every year. However, this means that you are personally liable for all of the company’s debts if the company goes bankrupt. If I were to start a brand new record label, I would personally choose a sole proprietorship or a partnership over a limited liability company. If things start to go well, I would continue to register the company as a limited liability company.

How To Create An Independent Record Label

Branding is essential for any business. First, you need a logo that will be everywhere – on CD/vinyl covers, contracts, websites and social media. This will determine your etiquette.

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The style of the logo depends on personal taste and also on the type of music played. If you look at the various record label logos, you will find that many of them are quite simple. Many label logos are in a square box or circle with the label name in the text.

You may want something simple or something attractive. Either way, you need to start thinking about styles and color schemes to help your designer.

The most logical next step is to create multiple social media accounts. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are absolute musts. You also need to create a Soundcloud account for your label. Make sure you post to these pages once a day and use appropriate hashtags to increase traffic to your accounts.

You will also need a website. Try searching for the domain name (there are many sites that can help you). “.com” sites are often better for record companies because their work is often international, but they tend to be more expensive.

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As a label, your main function is to sell records. So you need a distributor to get your artist records into stores. Most new labels can start with a digital distributor. This ensures that your music is delivered to all major online stores/streaming sites.

Getting your music into stores as a physical product (CD/Vinyl) requires a different type of distributor. Such transactions are more difficult to close because the costs are higher and the risk is higher. As a new label, our advice is to focus solely on finding a digital distributor.

To decide which one to choose, check out our in-depth article on the best music distribution services. Each of these distributors offers to ship your music to almost the same stores in a similar amount of time. Which one you choose depends on the price and which one suits you best, so check them out and see which one you like best. Generally, they all perform the same function.

How To Create An Independent Record Label

If you’re interested in working with us here at Music Gateway, we actually offer digital distribution as part of all of our account types. Check out our free music distribution offer – we’d love to work with you! We can also help with many other things like promoting your music, a demo submission tool to help you organize demos, and more!

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Now that your label is starting to take shape, you should consider hiring a sales representative for your country. There are two trade bodies in the UK that represent the rights and interests of British record companies: the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the Association of Independent Music (AIM). BPI usually stands for major labels and AIM for independent labels. However, as an independent label you can do both.

Registration with these trade organizations can be very beneficial for any new label. First, you get access to free events to learn more about the industry. Plus, they are great networking opportunities too!

If you are a member of the BPI, you are a member of the ‘Brit Awards Voting Academy’. This means you can vote for who wins the Brits Awards (high praise alert!)

They also offer legal advice and can help you with various legal matters. In addition, including your label in their membership catalogs increases the credibility of your business idea.

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You must also register with the relevant royalty collection companies. If your artists earn money from the use of their recordings by having their songs played on the radio, clubs, television or in stores, these royalties are collected on behalf of the artist. There are companies in those

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