How To Save Space In Your Closet

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25 closet ways to save space and health A place for everything and everything in its place. Keep your closet organized and your items accessible with these products and ideas.

How To Save Space In Your Closet

How To Save Space In Your Closet

Whether you’re building your dream closet with lots of space or looking to make the most of what you have, organization is key. When your clothes, shoes and other things are put away, not only will your clothes be nice and clean, but you will be able to find what you are looking for easily. Plus, you’ll get rid of things you don’t need. Read on for inspiration to help transform your wardrobe from blah to cute.

How To Organize Your Closet — Closet Organization Ideas

One of the best closet organization ideas that will help you maximize space is to install an adjustable closet system like the ClosetMaid ShelfTrack available on Amazon. This system was voted the Best of Free in our guide to the best cabinet systems, it offers many adjustment options for cabinets ranging from 5 to 8 feet wide. It also allows you to connect the brackets to adjust the height of the pieces and the shelves storage for your favorite things.

If you are looking for storage ideas to store t-shirts, learning the best way to fold them can make a big difference. Properly folded clothes take up more space than irregularly folded clothes. Plus, once your clothes are neatly folded, it’s easier to see what you have and find what you’re looking for without digging a hole.

These clothes racks available on Amazon offer a solution to keep clothes that don’t last long looking nice and clean. The set of 3 zipped storage bags is a top pick in our guide to the best 90 liter storage containers, durable, extra stitched and made of odorless and breathable fabric to store things in. Holding clothes is new.

Give your outfit an update by adding the included accessories. Adding hooks to your closet can help you create your own space where you can dress up your hair and get ready for work or play. Be sure to add comfortable seating to help you take advantage of your new and improved space.

Small Walk In Closet Ideas To Optimize Your Bedroom

Even if your bedroom is well designed, it doesn’t matter if you can’t see inside. Adding LED cabinet lights can help you brighten up the room to find what you need easily. This light, which is the top choice of our experts for the best cabinet lighting, is also switched on to prevent energy waste because most bulbs are left unattended.

The trick to a closed closet is to use a clothes divider like this adorable dresser available on Amazon to separate clothes of different sizes or colors or for different seasons. Just mark the divider with the pattern you want to use, place it on the nearest stick, and use them to keep the curtains together. These parts will also make it easier when it’s time to put away clean laundry. Just find the appropriate tag and hang the shirt in that section.

Hang clothes or jackets while saving space in your wardrobe with these hangers chosen by our experts as the best choice in our guide to the best velvet hangers. The cabinets have a very thin profile that allows you to add more hanging space to your closet. The velor surface of the hangers holds the jacket and tank top in place, while the suit can be slid down to accommodate different width pants.

How To Save Space In Your Closet

If you need a small closet organizer to store your belts, scarves, ties, jewelry, and other items, this accessory hanger on Amazon can be a great solution. With 11 sturdy hooks with a non-slip rubber coating, this hanger keeps all accessories in place and easy to access when needed.

Ways To Organize A Small Bedroom

Another great closet idea is to store your shoes in these neat boxes, one of our expert options in our guide to the best shoe organizers. Besides keeping your closet neat and tidy, these closets will help protect your shoes and keep them clean. They also have a back vent that allows air to flow in and out to reduce odors.

Reduce clutter on your closets by storing seasonal clothes in clean bags. Put the clothes in the bag, then suck the air out of the bag using a vacuum cleaner. This makes clothes that fit in a bag much smaller, reducing the amount of storage space they will need. Once you have bags, you can put them back in the closet or move them to a different part of the house to store them until you are ready for them again.

Not hanging your pants properly can take a toll on your storage space. Folding your pants and rolling them up on the non-slip bars of these wooden pants hangers can help ensure they fit into your closet perfectly while remaining flexible and snug. These sleek and shiny rosewood mats are also a top pick in our guide to the best pants hangers.

Those who are looking for storage ideas to help them create an interesting wardrobe can consider this method. Adding more shelves and drawers can help transform your closet and make sure everything has its place. You can also consider installing hanging curtains to cover the shelves and drawers for extra light.

How To Maximize Your Closet Space, According To A Pro

These storage bins available on Amazon can work well for rooms or tools to keep your things dry and clean. The convenient design allows you to easily search the bin to find what you are looking for without digging. These cabinets also have slim legs that will fit under most beds, allowing you to clear out a lot of your room to get the space you need. In fact, they were voted the best plastic bin in our bedside storage guide.

Use the most empty wall space in the closet with a jacket, because this product was chosen as the best expansion option in our guide to the best clothes. The expanded pine racket features an accordion design that allows it to fit well in a wide variety of spaces. It has 14 pegs to prevent coats, hats, scarves, bags, belts from taking up too much space on shelves or getting lost on the floor.

If you don’t have a cabinet or need to find a way to create more space, consider creating a second “executive cabinet” with this cabinet on Amazon. This DIY closet organizer, which is a special choice in our best closet guide, can provide a perfect hanger with a two-bar design. A power wheelchair makes it easy to move around your room or push it out of the way if you need more space.

How To Save Space In Your Closet

Keep fun things and other small things organized in these five pants. With espresso red and white finish, the dresser can provide a good match for different types of decorations and colors. With its small size, the chest will fit well even in small closets while traveling, while it provides the necessary space to keep socks, clothes, underwear and other personal items neat and organized .

Best Closet Organizing Ideas

If you are looking for a drawer or closet organizer for clothes, these parts can help you. The set of 4 organizers offers small (from 6 to 24 cells) ideal for storing socks, clothes and other good things organized and easy to find. There are seven different fabric colors to choose from to suit different decors and preferences.

One of the ways that many people ruin their bathroom is by not using the toilet to their advantage. One of the wardrobe ideas to use this valuable space is to add some hooks to the door to hold the necklace. Not only will you get all the benefits of space, but you can easily add a necklace to your outfit for the day.

Voted as the best overall product in our guide to the best laundry baskets, this stylish washing machine available on Amazon can help you keep dirty clothes out of the closet. On laundry day, push the door to the washer and dryer or drag the removable fabric bag to the stairs.

If you are looking for a large office organizer for a room that needs more hanging space, this self-closing cabinet organizer may be a good choice. The closed lid keeps the clothes clean and dust-free, yet it opens easily when you need to remove something. This planner will also work well for time management.

Ways You May Be Wasting Closet Space

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