How To Prepare For Phone Interview With Hiring Manager

How To Prepare For Phone Interview With Hiring Manager – Phone interviews are usually the first step in the interview process. Companies use it to narrow down the pool of candidates and get to know you better. Phone interviews can be intimidating because you can’t pick up on how your interviewer is reacting or any physical cues… are they engaged? Will they laugh at your joke? But with proper training and technique, these fears won’t even be on your radar. Before you get on the phone for your next interview, check out these tips and tricks to crack the call and move straight to the next round.

Before you call, take some time to research the company – check out their website, recent events, social media accounts, etc. Find out what the company actually does, the products or services they offer and the industry they operate in. Don’t hesitate to follow your interviewer on LinkedIn, it doesn’t hurt to find a common connection or put a face to a name. Take the time to prepare answers to any questions you may be asked, or “Why do you want to work for us?” “Tell me when you faced a problem and how you overcame it” or “Tell me your strengths and weaknesses.”

How To Prepare For Phone Interview With Hiring Manager

How To Prepare For Phone Interview With Hiring Manager

Plan ahead where you are going to take the phone call and make sure it is a quiet place with good reception. Avoid places with background noise or other people. Starbucks might be a great place to grab a coffee, but not so much for a phone interview. Even better if you can call from a landline. Do not wash dishes or watch TV while talking at home. Focus on the call and eliminate distractions.

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Take advantage of the fact that you can’t see through the phone during the interview. It’s helpful in a pinch to include your resume and job description, brief company information, or anything else you want to highlight. That being said, don’t read your scripted information word for word.

Just because it’s on the phone and you’re sitting in ten-year-old pajamas doesn’t mean you have to throw your professionalism out the window. Spacing is fine. When you’re trying to think of an answer, it’s better to pause and think for a few seconds than to say “hmm” or “uhhhh” for 5 seconds. If you didn’t hear what they said or need clarification, don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat it. Be sure to say your words too. Eating, drinking or chewing while talking is strictly prohibited. To avoid interrupting the interviewer, pause for a moment to make sure the interviewer has finished speaking before you begin.

Just because an interviewer can’t see that big smile on your face doesn’t mean they can’t pick up on your tone. Be upbeat and enthusiastic when talking to them. It’s easy to sound bored or disconnected on the phone, so make sure you’re really paying attention and genuinely care about what they’re saying. Even if they don’t see it, dressing up and sitting straight at your desk or standing up will help you feel more engaged and make you look more professional.

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For some reason, I remember every job interview I’ve had in my adult life. Maybe it was just too much sweat or the answers I swore sounded good in my head.

How To Prepare For Phone Interview With Hiring Manager

For many people like me, the interview is the most stressful part of looking for a new job. You never know what you’ll get from the interviewer, and there’s always that question you forgot to prepare for.

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Even if you can’t control the questions or the environment, there are plenty of interview preparation tips that will help you crack your next interview.

If you’re wondering how to properly prepare for an interview, here are some things every hiring manager looks for and some ways you can impress them.

Bring a folder or portfolio with your resume, work samples, and extra copies of letters of recommendation or references. You may be interviewed by multiple people, so everyone can see that you focus on your accomplishments.

It’s also important to make your resume unique. Review and update it to ensure it matches the credentials and skills required by the organization.

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Other things to bring to the interview include a list of questions to ask the interviewer and something to write down.

When preparing for an interview, learn as much as possible about the company and/or brand.

“Go to the company’s website, social media channels and LinkedIn page to read about the company’s history, goals, leadership and current news,” said Michelle Anjoli, career coach. “You can Google the company and read any of the featured articles over the last few years.”

How To Prepare For Phone Interview With Hiring Manager

Doing your research will give you context on how the position will contribute to the company’s goals. You can use this information to anticipate potential questions and prepare answers.

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You’ll want to research the skills and responsibilities required for the position so you can clearly communicate how your experience relates to each. Finally, research comparable salaries for the position on sites like Glassdoor and so you’re prepared to negotiate your starting salary when the time comes.

If you do your research, you’ll be able to prepare questions that will give you more insight into the company and the expectations of the position. Asking thoughtful questions is important not only to impress the interviewer, but also to gauge whether this is the company and the position you want to be involved with.

These questions are not just to prove that you are a good candidate. If you get a chance, they will help you decide on a job.

“Don’t ask any question that can be answered by looking at the company’s website because you need to know the information from your research,” Njoli said.

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One of the different tips for interview preparation is to answer common interview questions. Practice pays off, and many interviewers can tell the difference between a trained candidate and an unpracticed one.

You should be able to briefly tell the interviewer about yourself. Prepare quick answers to the following questions:

Rehearsing answers to common questions means that if a question takes you by surprise, you can say something if you need time to find the right answer. If you feel the conversation is drifting, these responses can help steer the conversation in the right direction.

How To Prepare For Phone Interview With Hiring Manager

From the list of skills required for the position, select the ones you are not confident about and find an online course to improve your skills.

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“Additional training and certifications keep a candidate at the forefront of the hiring process,” said Nicole Gallicchio, CEO of TurningPoint HCM. “Candidates can get free and affordable training to showcase their skills and get a big leg up again in the competition.”

Some courses in programming, design, social media, internet marketing and public speaking are helpful. Websites that offer free or low-cost online courses on these topics:

Letting your interviewer know that you went the extra mile and took online training to improve your qualifications for the position will definitely impress them.

Image: Unsplash | John Schnobrich figures: career builder. (2018, August 09). According to a recent CareerBuilder report, more than half of employers have found content on social media that isn’t recruiting a candidate.

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