How To Start An Ebay Store Without Inventory

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If you know a lot about one type of item, whether it’s kitchenware, purses, jewelry, Pokemon cards, collectibles, or even 80s punk fashion, you can make a decent amount of money with an eBay store.

How To Start An Ebay Store Without Inventory

How To Start An Ebay Store Without Inventory

It’s easy to set up and start selling through an eBay store. Since this site has been around since 1995, constantly improving and fixing problems, it offers more security and monitoring systems than you will find anywhere.

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In addition, eBay is a household name and allows you to sell your items to approximately 135 million buyers worldwide.

Michelle Henry, an eBay shopper, starts her day at her thrift store. He walks over to the bags and scrutinizes them, looking for name brands, special features and limited editions. When you find a bag that you know has resale value, look for signs of wear.

Henry is more of a full-time trader, but said that when he was more serious, he made about $600 a week for 20 hours of work running an eBay store.

“I believe I could have turned it into a living wage if I had put in the time,” Henry said.

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Lauren Walsh’s business is also profitable, so much so that she quit her day job to run her online bead and jewelry store full-time.

Now you get up to 60% profit from your sales. While eBay has its drawbacks, such as relying on third parties for shipping and handling customer service issues, he says the pros far outweigh the cons.

“I have no employees and no rent,” Walsh said. “I don’t have to pay the utility bill or the phone in a separate place. I can work from home, which I love.”

How To Start An Ebay Store Without Inventory

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Henry and Walsh share their top tips for running a successful eBay store, as well as lessons from their early days in business. Are you ready to learn how to start and run a successful eBay store? Here are the steps you need to follow.

Having an eBay store is not the same as running a regular garage sale. Although the site has its roots in auction sales, eBay stores typically operate with fixed prices and items are offered together so that buyers can view their entire inventory at any time.

Since each store shares all of their inventory in one place, you need to stay focused. Choose the type of product you want to sell in your store and stick to it.

Do not consider this decision as a limiting factor. You can sell countless items in any category, so use your imagination. For example, if you sell glassware, it can be expanded to plates and other vintage dishes or plates. Or if you sell Pokemon cards, you can start selling Legos too.

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And sell what you love: your audience will know if you are passionate about your product.

Not sure what to sell? Check out our list of the best selling items on eBay. From remote controls to K-cups, you might be wondering what this list looks like.

Before you can open a store on eBay, you must register as a seller. It’s easy to do and there’s a quick guide on how to get started managing your store.

How To Start An Ebay Store Without Inventory

You must choose a username, verify your email, and link a bank account before you can pay for your eBay sale.

How To Organize Your Ebay Inventory: A Step By Step Guide

You can accept payment through eBay’s “managed payments” system, or you can offer customers the option to pay by credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.

While you can sell on eBay without a store, you can only list 250 items per month for free, you may pay higher fees, and you’ll lose some advertising tools.

Packages range from $4.95 per month for a starter store with 250 listings per month to $299.95 for an anchor store where you can list 25,000 items per month.

Although you can post additional articles, you will be charged for each post that exceeds your monthly list limit.

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In addition to the monthly store fee, you will also be charged a final fee for each item you sell. (This is eBay’s cut.) The fee is a percentage of the total sale amount and 30 cents per order. Fees range from 3% to 15% depending on the item category.

You can customize headers, photo placement, ads, and other visual elements to frame your store in an easy way. Design is king online, and if you create a welcoming environment, your customers are likely to keep coming back.

Be sure to optimize your store name and all item descriptions for search engines. Google will show eBay stores and products, but search engine users won’t be able to find you if your name is fancy or not related to your inventory.

How To Start An Ebay Store Without Inventory

If you sell action figures, for example, don’t call your store “Bill’s Fantasy.” A name like “Best Action Figures, Period” will bring more traffic to your store.

Learn Tips For Selling On Ebay For Ecommerce Beginners

Ready to start adding items to your store? Listing your items on eBay is an important step in attracting customers.

You’ll need to describe what you’re selling, add photos, choose branding and physical details, choose whether to use an auction format or a fixed price format, and finally set a price.

On the listing page, enter the UPC code, ISBN number, or other product identification number (if you have one).

When you enter your product ID, eBay will suggest a match if your product is already in their catalog. Many fields, including the title and description, are pre-filled, saving you a lot of time.

How To Sell On Ebay: Step By Step Guide For Beginners

If the item doesn’t have a UPC code or other number, eBay still makes the process easy. When you start listing your article, the category is usually filled with suggestions based on your title.

You can include up to 24 high-resolution photos per listing. Use as many as you need to give buyers a complete look at the product.

“Buyers cannot pick up, hold, or look at the item in person,” Walsh said. “They need to have images from different angles to help them understand exactly what they’re buying.”

How To Start An Ebay Store Without Inventory

Holding a coin or yardstick next to the item for scale can help show the actual size, so it’s helpful to include these images if the size of the item is important.

How To Sell On Ebay For Beginners: The Definitive Guide

Photograph your product in a well-lit location (lots of natural light is best). Placing the product in front of a piece of white card can also make the item more visually appealing.

Be sure to provide clear details, descriptions, and measurements in your product description. The more information you include, the better.

Use keywords in your description so potential customers can find your item on Google and eBay.

“I think sometimes people overlook the flaws because they’re afraid that buyers won’t buy,” Henry said. “But there is no quicker way to open a case against you than to ignore the guilt.”

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If your item has stains, holes, or other defects, be sure to note them in the description and include a picture.

“I’ve made a lot of money from things that don’t work,” Henry said. “Not everyone is looking for mints in a box, or even working.”

Auction style tokens allow buyers to bid on your item and the highest bidder wins the auction. This can be a great way to create excitement and competition for your item and potentially increase the final sale price. The risk is that the final offer will be lower than you expected (even with the reserve), leaving you with less money. You also cannot cancel an auction after it has ended. The auction lasts from one to ten days.

How To Start An Ebay Store Without Inventory

A fixed price list, also known as a Buy It Now, allows you to set a specific price for your item that buyers can accept or negotiate. This option allows you to control the final sale price. You can list your item at a fixed price for up to 30 days.

How To Sell On Ebay In 2023

Set your prices too high and you risk scaring away potential buyers. Lower them too low and you’ll lose sales.

Most people are looking to buy and sell on eBay. If you’re a seller, consider pricing new or like-new items at 50% of what you paid for them, lightly used items at 30%, and used items at 10%.

Decide on your shipping and return policies and explain them in detail. Communication with buyers is important.

“The transfer policy needs to be very clear and well-researched,” Walsh said. “For oversized or heavy items, shipping costs can vary greatly, so be prepared to check prices early or you could lose your shirt in some sales.”

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Walsh prefers to break down costs so his clients are aware

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