How To Store Winter Clothes In A Small Space

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Between fighting moths and keeping them safe, and packing winter coats correctly will ensure they come out well next season.

How To Store Winter Clothes In A Small Space

How To Store Winter Clothes In A Small Space

It’s time The seasons have changed, we’re out of the green and almost at the end of spring. Hopefully we can ditch our heavier coats for the summer (even though I’m writing this in Melbourne, where you can’t count on the weather).

The 11 Best Containers For Storing Clothes

Before you do, we’ve asked some experts for advice on the best way to store your coats so they’re in tip-top condition when you get to the next winter.

“Not every coat needs to be stored over the summer,” says John Roberts, chief executive of Australian Wool Innovations (parent company of The Woolmark Company). This is because wool has inherent advantages such as breathability and moisture management, which means it can be worn all year round. “But of course, for those who live in areas where the mercury will rise during the summer, some heavy wool coats can really be stored,” he says. Storing wool properly will “last the active use phase of the fabric”.

“Try on a coat or jacket to see if you’re still attached,” says Daniel Niselsenbeck, owner of Shop Bruce, a vintage consignment shop in Melbourne. “If you’re into style or fit, you might consider consigning or donating the item.”

Repair defects such as torn pocket linings and missing buttons before storing. Photo: Atlee Mar Huffsensen/Getty Images/RF Culture

Storing Clothes β€” Rigging Doctor

Essay Studio founder and designer Charlotte Hicks recommends spending time making your coat “as good as you bought it.” He recommends repairing minor imperfections such as torn pocket linings, belt loops or missing buttons. He says it’s important “so things don’t get out of shape” when the piece is packed.

He recommends dry cleaning your coat at the end of the season, “to avoid any residue that will discolor the fabric over time.” He notes that this will “remove odours, which can attract unwanted companions”.

Nielsenbeck likes this. “We recommend a dry clean coat before storage if needed.” If the coat is still in “excellent condition”, it can be “steamed lightly and given enough time to dry”.

How To Store Winter Clothes In A Small Space

Note that wool and other animal fibers contain keratin, which attracts insects, so it is important to ensure that wool, cashmere or mohair coats are kept away from food.

How To Prepare Your Closet For A New Season

When your coat is clean and any repairs have been made, do not file it into a plastic dry cleaning bag. Hicks recommends hanging coats on hangers with wide, rounded ends to maintain a shoulder shape in the off-season. Then cover it in a calico suit bag, with cedar wood balls to repel insects and silver fish. A cedar wood coat hanger should also do the trick.

Roberts agrees that “wrapping your wool coat in a lightweight cotton fabric ensures that your wool keeps its new look.”

Worms should be avoided by hanging the coat in a breathable cotton cloth bag with a few cedar balls underneath. Photo: Lesnihan/Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Avoid vacuum packing coats in airtight bags, Nesselbeck and Hicks both say, as suction can compromise the coat’s shape. If you don’t have enough hanging space, Nisselsenbeck recommends repelling insects with wrap coats, acid-free tissue paper, clear boards and some Huon pine blocks. It says “packing boxes should not be overfilled and we recommend storing them in a weatherproof environment free from mould, moisture [and] moisture”.

Ways To Organize A Bedroom With No Closets

Like wool coats, down jackets or down jackets should be kept clean, but taking a down jacket to a dry cleaner is generally not recommended.

Instead, machine wash your jacket down on a gentle cycle at 30C, select the extra rinse option and avoid the spin cycle. Use a down-specific detergent and follow the directions on the bottle. This is important as traditional detergents can strip it of its natural oils and have a negative effect on the coat (how much it changes) and performance. For hand washing, puffer jackets can be soaked in the sink or bucket for an hour. When the coat is wet, gently squeeze out the excess water to avoid wrinkles.

Before putting your puffer in storage, it is important to dry it thoroughly. This can be tricky – because the bottom absorbs so much water, it can dry out before it really does. It can cause mold if stored wet.

How To Store Winter Clothes In A Small Space

Generally, it takes 24-48 hours to dry depending on the weather. To prevent clumps from forming, it’s a good idea to fluff occasionally as it dries.

Super Creative Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

When the coat is almost dry, break up any clumps by placing it in a tumble dryer on low heat with a few tennis balls or dryer balls. Once you are sure it is dry and safe to store, make sure it is not crushed or tightly packed to avoid damaging the soil. Kathmandu has an online guide if you want to see how it’s done. Get Ideas Photos Kitchen and Dining Kitchen Dining Outdoor Kitchen Kitchen Islands Living Living Room Family Room Home Theater Sunroom Fireplace Study Room Bathroom Bathroom Laundry Powder Room Small Bathroom Bedrooms Bedrooms Bedrooms Nursery Master Bedrooms Storage and Wardrobe Curb Garch Outside Garage Exterior Garage Exterior Outdoor Patio Outdoor Deck Pool All Outdoor More Ideas Grandma Apartment Home Office Home Office Gym Home Stairs Wine Bar Cellar See All Magazines Stories & Tour Guides After TV Discuss Before You Research Find Professionals Popular Professionals Construction & Renovation Interior Design & Exterior Specialty Products & Services Home Builders Designer & Decorators Carpentry & Cabinet Makers Landscape Contractors & Landscape Designers & Cabinet Makers Landscape Contractors & Landscape Remodeling Home Designers Technical & Landscape Designers Building Designers Bathroom Designers & Renovators & Fence Renovators & Gates Pools & Spas Carpenters Design & Build Fireplaces Architects Designers Building Joinery Carpenters & Cabinet Makers Electricians Plumbers Building Supply Contractors & Exteriors Roofers & Home Decorators Stylists & Property Storage Home Storage & Professional Organizers Furniture & Home Decor Artists & Furniture Crafts Restoration & Pattering Pattering & Fitter Pattering. iOS & Structures Fencing & Gates Pathways & Stone Paving, Pavers & Concrete Pool Home Design & Construction Construction Deck Construction Pergola Deck Repair Custom Fire Pit Construction Bathroom Designers & Renovators Bathroom Designers & Renovators Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Custom Vanities Bathroom Heating & Air Conditioning Fireplaces Windows Doors Garage Doors View All Professionals View All Services For Professionals

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How To Store Winter Clothes In A Small Space

In this practical series, we ask the experts to answer your fire questions in the home and garden. Here, stylist, blogger and author Jenna Ruthflood of Ethy Collective shares her expert tips for storing your out-of-season clothes.

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As the weather warms up, it’s time to think about shedding your winter furs and ditching your summer clothes. Although it may take you a few hours or even an evening, the work is well worth it

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