Things To Do With Wine Corks Pinterest

Things To Do With Wine Corks Pinterest – Project Pinterest is a Sunday morning feature that takes inspiration from and requires us to do well on our project wish list. Sometimes we have great success and sometimes we don’t.

Pins: There are so many amazing pins with wine cork bulletin boards that I can’t narrow my inspiration down to just one. Some pins require you to create a cross design with the caps, others feature the caps in the shape of a star or state, and some are pure art.

Things To Do With Wine Corks Pinterest

Things To Do With Wine Corks Pinterest

The Project: Of course, what caught my eye were the wine bulletin pins that made it easy. They suggested using a picture frame, serving tray, or other sturdy rectangular object as the base for the board.

Wine Cork Candle Holder

After three years of collecting my own wine corks (and those of my relatives), I am with them. However, I didn’t have a frame or a tray, so I set out to find one. I ended up buying a well designed 10×16 inch cardboard box and used the top of it instead of a frame or stand.

At home, I lined up the caps – set aside the right sizes for the project – plugged in my trusty glue gun and got to work.

I didn’t try to create any fancy patterns or designs. I just put the caps on the box.

There are gaps on the outer edge of the top of the box. If there is enough time and patience, I will cut the caps in half along the way to fill them.

Raise A Glass To Recycled Wine Cork Crafts…and A Giveaway!

My board is small compared to others I’ve seen on Pinterest, and that’s by design. It took a lot of time to store all these caps and I didn’t want to use them all in the experiment. Fortunately, I like the final product and use it to display keys and postcards that were once in my junk drawer.

Tip: Take the time to organize your caps and make sure you have enough time to do what you want to do. I ended up using 253 caps – more than expected. The project probably would have taken twice as long if I had ignored this step.

Cost: The box I bought at Marshalls/HomeGoods was $3.18 with tax. I already had the caps, glue gun and glue sticks.

Things To Do With Wine Corks Pinterest

Skills: Not so much. Step 1: Drink the wine. Step 2: Keep the cap on. Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 over and over. Step 4: Start the glue gun.

How To Make An Upcycled Wine Cork Wreath

If you purchase a product or register an account through a link on our site, we may receive compensation. When you browse this website, we may share your information with our social media partners in accordance with our privacy policy. My local food co-op collects them for recycling, but is that fun? I love the challenge of finding clever ways to repurpose them…especially this time of year when more wine is flowing than usual and gift giving is on the brain.

Today I’ve prepared a tutorial/complete post for you to inspire your holiday landscaping enjoyment. So, grab yourself a glass of wine, sit back and get ready to marvel at the latest and greatest winemaking techniques the blog-o-sphere has ever seen…

The first thing you need to know is that corks are a very cool, sustainable and natural product. Have you ever wondered where corks come from? bark

The bark of the tree is shed every nine years. It will not harm the tree. After the bark is cleaned and processed, the caps are beaten. How good is it?

Project Pinterest: Make A Bulletin Board With Wine Corks

You can read the whole story of how corks are made at They have a great illustrated poster that explains the whole process.

Now that you know about the magic behind a cap, it’s time to look at the different types of caps that you can come across. In the picture below you can see four types of corks: synthetic corks (1), single piece natural corks (2) and agglomerated corks (3 and 4).

Composite columns are man-made, so we’ll ignore them for this post. A natural one-piece cap can be high quality from top to bottom… if the bottom has more holes and slits. Glued caps are made from pieces of cork that have been sanded and glued together. The pieces can vary in size from decent pieces to tiny pieces … see the difference between 3 and 4 caps above. Sometimes an agglomerate cap is placed between the disks of the whole cap to produce an elegant cap called “twin peak”. Different types of caps are better for different types of projects, so make sure you know what you have.

Things To Do With Wine Corks Pinterest

Now let’s talk about preparing your caps for molding. Depending on what you are doing, you may need to cut or drill the caps. Cutting caps isn’t difficult, but there are a few steps you need to take to get a good cut. You can cut them in half crosswise or lengthwise for buttons, studs, wooden boards, cards, etc. Or thin strips for signs, jewelry, plates, magnets and more.

Wine Cork Christmas Crafts

To cut them, use a sharp knife and cut one clean section…pressing the blade into the cap and pushing the knife away from you as you push down through the cap. Sawing back and forth or using a serrated knife leaves streaks and edges instead of smooth flat surfaces. Choose the cutting technique accordingly, depending on the desired end result. If you end up with unintended bumps or an uneven surface, try using some sandpaper to smooth things out.

To make long cuts, try standing on one side of the cap and push down to start cutting…then put it down and finish the cut. That way you have less chance of the cap rolling out from under your knife.

When cutting circles, I find that I get the best results when I use attached caps. Some people swear by steaming the caps before cutting, but I haven’t found it necessary to get a good clean cut with agglomerate caps. (If you only have whole caps and find they crumble when cut, try steaming and see if that helps. If not, save them for projects that don’t require cutting.)

Getting exactly the same circles (thickness-wise) becomes more difficult the thinner your caps are. If you absolutely need the pieces to be straight and the same width, try making a simple jig. Instructions for a cork cutting jig can be found at A Constant’s Project.

Best Diy Wine Cork Crafts (ideas And Designs) For 2021

If your craft requires drilling, hold the cap carefully, or better yet, put it in a clamp or a mortise. Marking a piece of tape prevents you from drilling too far if you don’t want to drill into the cap. And as another blogger said, “Don’t drink and drill!”

This necklace was my first cork project. I did this a few years ago, but recently a tutorial was requested…hence the whole reason for this post. It’s super easy to make and would make a fun holiday gift for a wine lover. I am giving the instructions for the necklace as shown, but it is very easy to modify it by changing the length, type of necklace, etc. Have fun with it!

Materials: (7) pieces of cork, nails or towels, pliers, wire cutters, (10) large jump rings, (4) medium jump rings, 8″ bead (cut 2″ long), 11″ chain (cut 5 1/ 2″, 1 hairpin, 1 red bead, 1 hairpin.

Things To Do With Wine Corks Pinterest

Step 1: Using the photo as a guide, line up the cap and chain pieces to get a rough fit for the necklace.

How To Make Wine Cork Wreaths

Step 2: Make holes in your cork pieces with a nail or a pin. Place the holes far enough away from the edges of the cap so they won’t poke or tear the cap.

Step 3: Use pliers to open the large jump rings. Connect the cork pieces to the jump rings by pushing the rings through the punched holes and closing the rings as you go. Continue until you have attached all the head pieces. (How to open and close jump rings.)

Step 4: Add two large jump rings to one of the end posts as shown in the picture. Add a 2-inch bead to each large jump ring and close the ring. Connect the opposite ends of the two beads with one medium-sized jump, leaving the jumps open for the next step. Repeat on the side. the other side.

Step 5: Attach a 5 1/2-inch piece to the open jump rings on each side of the necklace, then close the rings.

Amazing Wine Cork Crafts That Can Make You Money

Step 7: If desired, add a wire bead to the front. (How to make a closed circuit with wire.)

Napkins add personality to any table. These are very easy to make with pieces of cork

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