How To Build A Ninja Warrior Course In Your Backyard

How To Build A Ninja Warrior Course In Your Backyard – The American Ninja Warrior back-to-back tutorial was a big hit with our boys and the kids in our neighborhood! I knew the guys would love it, but I underestimated how much they would love it! They set up an obstacle course and did it over and over again. The acting drama we need!

We’ve been wanting to add more functionality to the backend for some time. We live on a busy street and the boys have to do more in the back than in the front. However, we didn’t want to add a constant to the field. We’ve designed an obstacle course that the boys can set up however they like, and when they’re done, it can be broken down and stored on the front porch. A complete success.

How To Build A Ninja Warrior Course In Your Backyard

How To Build A Ninja Warrior Course In Your Backyard

See the bottom of the article for storage ideas. It all breaks down on the back porch!

Junior Ninja Warrior: Diy Backyard Obstacle Course

Our ninja warrior course has five main obstacles: a PVC pipe fence (which can also be used to walk under), wooden blocks, stairs and a balance. We added three wooden planks for hand holding. When my parents removed the tree from the workshop, this was what we brought home.

Safety Note: Any activity has inherent risks. It should be a guided activity where the adults make sure the lessons are organized and the children are using their ideas.

We made a PVC fence on 3/4 inch pipe. Each fence requires two T-points and two 90-degree elbows. If you cut a few extra pieces, the kids can rebuild the fence at different levels for different species.

These flexible rocks (built from pallets) are just what kids love! We got this idea from a mother of 6.

Ninja Warrior Camp

My husband hunted on Craigslist and found someone offering pallets for free. The ones he saw were all different sizes, so he just made them! He nailed a 12-inch 2 x 4 to each. The correct placement of the 2 x 4 was slightly different for each pallet, depending on how it was built.

He cut plywood to fit the top of each pallet and tied it with a wooden strap. This distributes the weight of children when jumping and prevents the pallet lines from falling.

The strips are simply pressure-jointed wood, 12 inches wide. We cut the boards into 12 x 12 squares and lay them on edge. It’s very simple and at the same time very fun!

How To Build A Ninja Warrior Course In Your Backyard

Speed ​​is used in 4 x 4 seconds to lift large loads. Be careful – a tree set on the ground is shaky, especially for small children.

Diy: The Ninja Warrior Gym. Several Months Ago, My Wife And I Came…

So for this my husband put wood strips over the 2 x 4s. Three 2 x 4’s are 9 inches tall. It made a huge difference and the balance is perfect. (Notice the tongue sticking out of his mouth – he does that when he’s concentrating!)

Surprisingly, all these functions are easily broken. We take ours to the back porch. PVC fences are completely breakable and these pieces and wood chips are perfect for this big plastic thing.

We collect pallets and lay them flat, and all this does not take up much space on the porch. I’m sure we won’t keep pallets forever. They break down over time and we can either recycle them or put them on the street. I’m a humble dad who built a ninja gym in his kids’ backyard. I created this page to share what I’ve learned along the way.

I have two children: an 11-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son. When my daughter turned 3, we bought a playhouse. It is one of the assembly tools: it comes with accessories such as plastic slides, swings, bolts and ground screws. They provide you with a list of lumber trades – mostly 4x4s, 2x4s, and lumber needed to complete the build. Kawuneeche Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Kit For Kids Ninja Slackline With 10 Accessories Monkey Bars, Ladder, Climbing Rope, Gym Rings, Swing, Monkey Fist For Backyard Training Equipment

I have a small garden so I bought the smallest set I could – they didn’t sell it yet as Playstar only sells the bigger sets these days – but it was and still is a great set for the kids.

A few years ago, kids started watching American Ninja Warrior. Then we found out that there is a gym in our area and the kids are hooked. They asked about backyard ninja sports, but since our yard has a small footprint, we had to figure out how to get the most out of our small yard.

The obvious thing was to create an expansion for the game. When I put it together, the game looked like this:

How To Build A Ninja Warrior Course In Your Backyard


This Dad Made An

This is a very strict formula. If you look closely, you can see that the theater is not set on a concrete platform, but sits on top of it with an earth platform.

For them, the anchor in the toy is not as strong as the real shells, but I found that the structure remained stable even when the children began to pull the swing. In addition to the bottom drama shown here, the slide and 4×4 post for added stability are not visible on the left side.

Because of this, it seemed like a good base for my ninja training. In this article I will outline the steps I took to complete the build.

Important Note: This article is not intended to be a blueprint, as this build is very specific to my game. If you have a Playstar game, your settings may be very similar, in which case you can follow these steps carefully. Otherwise, I recommend reading and borrowing ideas about tools and assembly. Anyway, I’ve tried to include as many step-by-step explanations as possible.

Farm Ninja Obstacle Course

Just thinking about it, I’m not a special guy. I can use a table saw without breaking my thumb, do mostly flat drills, and measure things. If you have at least this ability, building something like this should be within your capabilities.

Monkeys make up most of the ninja. It can be used not only as a fence, but also as a building material for hanging various fences. Finally, they fixed the frame and reduced the vibration.

This building uses black pipe, which you can find in the plumbing section of your local hardware store. Although black pipe is not the cheapest way to build a monkey, it has the advantage of being available in different widths and lengths. In addition, the use of flanges prevents the pipes from rotating, which may not be desirable when making latches.

How To Build A Ninja Warrior Course In Your Backyard

Before buying building materials, you need to plan how to help. This is because the width of the frame is determined by the width of the monkey bars. In other words, you choose the dimensions of your monkey and place the shape around it.

Best Way To Fix Posts In Outdoor Ninja Warrior Course

My Ninja gym is built as an extension of a normal gym, with 4×4 positions more than 5 meters apart. Understandably, this will be the same width as the common 60-inch black and attached flanges. This made my decision easier, but if you’ve been planning the layout for a long time, you’ll want to map out the area of ​​your yard before you start building.

Larger games (5 feet or more) have two advantages. Best of all, it gives you plenty of room to hang at least two rows of hangers. Second, a wider foot eliminates the need

Before you buy your pipe, go to the hardware store with your ninja and check out the available pipes and flanges. Get a different size black tube from your Ninja and make sure it fits. I have found that 3/4 inch black pipe works well, but check with your child before purchasing.

When drilling and installing the plants that hold it all together, you’ll need a friend to help you lift and hold the structure. If you can’t find someone to help, set up scaffolding to hold things in place.

Backyard Ninja Courses For Playground

Note: The steps here do not match the pictures exactly. That’s because I built a ninja

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