What To Look For In An Assisted Living Facility

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One of the most difficult, but important decisions is finding the right assisted living community. In today’s age, assisted living communities are popping up everywhere, and one of the biggest challenges is figuring out which one is right for you.

What To Look For In An Assisted Living Facility

What To Look For In An Assisted Living Facility

When you buy your home or help a child in their college search, there are many things that have helped or will help you make important decisions in life. Before you begin, ask yourself the following:

How To Choose An Assisted Living Community

Once you’ve narrowed down your search by location, it’s important to start doing some research and understand what each community has to offer.

Then, take the time to visit! Before visiting a community, make sure you go at a time when you can see what you want to see. If you want to observe resident life, go during activities or during lunch. Find out from a community representative when you should visit. You feel the community the moment you walk through the front door. Have a place that feels like home? Are the staff welcoming and friendly? Does the staff interact with other residents? Remember your first impression.

It’s up to you if you’re going to move, when to move, and where! Take your time and know it’s worth it.

If the process of choosing an assisted living community seems overwhelming, professional assisted living consultants are available to help you through the process. Contact us today to learn more! Conventional wisdom says that we all want to stay in our own homes for as long as possible. Many of our elders feel this way, but it is not always good for them to do so. How do we talk to them about the realities and risks of staying at home after their health and/or functional capacity declines? How do we convince them that moving to assisted living will benefit their mental and physical health?

What Is A Luxury Senior Living Community?

A professional home care and medical referral system is enough to keep some seniors safe at home for a while. But if they live alone or their partner is frail, they have no one to help them if they experience a medical emergency and can’t press the call button on their wearable. The familiarity and comfort of home is undeniable, but there are certain concerns and disadvantages associated with aging.

For example, fathers have fewer opportunities to socialize as it becomes more difficult to leave the house and friends create their own mobility problems. Household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry become more challenging, so some seniors may stop eating, running errands, or changing into clean clothes. Elderly people experiencing cognitive decline are particularly vulnerable and can fall victim to scams, forget to turn off kitchen appliances and neglect themselves.

Aging is an option for seniors who make the right home adjustments, have a strong support system, and are realistic about their health and functioning. However, many seniors put themselves at risk by failing to meet and recognize their growing needs. Even those who have gone all out to prepare for their golden years will find that their forever home is neither safe nor ideal. What’s more, their family caregivers are trying to ensure their safety and well-being while living their own lives.

What To Look For In An Assisted Living Facility

Part of the problem in convincing parents and sometimes other family members to give the elderly a chance at life is that many people have never been in a modern assisted living facility (ALF). They still see themselves as “ancient retirement homes” from decades ago, and the family’s movement is seen as another step away from freedom and closer to death. This image and mindset is widespread but misleading and harmful to seniors who need support.

Does Your Loved One Need Assisted Living?

Contrast this life with a well-supervised ALF, a stand-alone facility, part of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), or a private board and care home where only a few seniors live. In any of these situations, seniors can thrive. They are not responsible for maintaining the home, so they are freed from the stress of hiring help, handling household projects themselves, or letting the house fall into disrepair. Assisted living means-

. Seniors retain more of their independence in ALFs, thanks to the added benefit of 24/7 access to trained staff if medical assistance or other assistance is needed. Nutritious meals and snacks are available in community dining settings and residents’ apartments. Perhaps most important, seniors have the opportunity to make friends with their new neighbors and have many engaging activities right outside their front door.

For many family caregivers, the benefits of assisted living are clear, and all signs point to mom and/or dad needing a move. After all, your current caregiving responsibilities will only increase as you age. But how can you convince them that it’s time to consider assisted living? Use the following tips to help identify the supportive services and facilities available in assisted living communities that a loved one needs to stay safe, healthy and happy. 10 Tips for Parents Moving into Assisted Living

For some seniors, the entire process can be overwhelming. Leaving a home full of memories is an emotional decision—even for seniors waiting for help—and downsizing when you’ve accumulated a lifetime of wealth is a lot to ask. Be kind, be gentle and try to talk about yourself and not your parents. It will take some time for Mom and/or Dad to settle into their new home, but once the transition period is over they will enjoy the change.

What To Look For In Assisted Living Apartments In Palm Coast

Over the course of two decades, author, columnist, consultant and speaker Carol Bradley Bursak cared for neighbors and six elderly family members. Her experiences inspired her to write Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories, a portable support group book for caregivers.

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What To Look For In An Assisted Living Facility

I will connect you with one of our experts who will call you in the next few minutes. Lantern operates three locations in the cities of Madison, South Russell and Saybrook in Ohio’s Chagrin Valley region near Cleveland. Each is designed with an interior that looks more like a movie set than an assisted living facility. Some of the Lantern’s halls look like a 1940s neighborhood (residents now in their nineties might have lived in their 20s), while others are designed to mimic a downtown shopping district with street lamps and cafe tables.

Assisted Living Home That Looks Like A Friendly Neighborhood In America Helps Treat Memory Loss

CEO Gene Mach had a vision for a different type of senior care while working as an occupational therapist at a large chain of assisted living facilities. In keeping with its vision, Lantern provides the broad range of therapeutic care patients and their families expect from an assisted living facility, but its physical structure is very different from other residential care programs. Using biophilic design, Lantern facilities are specifically designed to support a simple, active lifestyle without disrupting patients’ habits and routines.

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A similar environment has been scientifically linked to correcting some memory loss in patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Lantaru cares for its seniors by offering services not found in many assisted living facilities, including a full-service salon with spa treatments, massage therapy, aerobics, as well as support for residents to maintain as much independence as possible. May be related to daily tasks such as personal care. Amenities include a 24-hour bistro with onsite drinks and snacks, movie theater, fitness center, library and more.

Moving into an assisted living facility is a big step for many seniors in America, and leaving your familiar, friendly neighborhood life behind for a hospital-like environment isn’t easy. Lantern, an Ohio-based company with centers in three cities, offers a cheerful alternative with hallways designed like elegant residential streets with small front porches and rocking chairs. Hallway carpets are designed with grass paths and small ‘water’ features in mind. In the background, recorded birdsong and a high-tech ceiling simulates the changing sky. For residents, it’s the next best thing

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